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Dramatis Perfonae.

SATURNINUS, Son to the late Emperor of Rome, and after

wards declared Emperor him felf. Bastianus, Brother to Saturninus, in love with Lavinia. Titus Andronicus, a noble Roman, General against the Goths. Marcus Andronicus, Trii'une of the people, and Brother to Titus. Marcus, Quintus, a

Sons 10 Titus Andronicus.
Young Lucius, a Boy, Son to Lucius.
Publius, Son to Marcus the Tribune, and Nephew to Titus

Chiron, Sons to Tamora..
Demetrius, )
Aaron, a Moor, beloved by Tamora.
Captain, from Titus's Camp.
Æmilius, a Meflinger.
Goths, and Romans.

Tamora. Queen of the Goths, and afterwards married to Sature

ninus. Lavinia, Daughter 10 Titus Andronicus. Nurse, with a Black-a-moor Child.

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Serators, Judges, officers, Soldiers, and other Attendants.
SCENE, Rome; and the Country near it.


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SCENE, before the Capitol in Rome.

Enter the Tribunes and Senators aloft, as in the sea

mate. Enter SATURNINUS and his Followers, at one Door; BASSANIUS and his Followers, at the other, with Drum and Colours.

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Wore the imperial diadem of Rome :
Then let my father's honours live in me,
Nor wrong mine age with this indignity.

Baf. Romans, friends, followers, favourers of my If ever Bailianus, Cæsar's son,

(right, Were, gracious in the eyes of Royal Rome, . Keep then this passage to the Capitol, And suffer not dishonour to approach Th’imperial feat, to virtue consecrate, To juitice, continence, and nobility: But let desert in pure election shine; And, Romans, fight for freedom in your choice. Enter MARCUS ANDRONICUS aloft, with the Crowne

Mar. Princes, that firive by factions, and by Ambitiously for rule and empery! [friends, Know, that the people of Rome, for whom we stand A special party, have by common voice In election for the Roman empery, Chofen Andronicus, sirnamed Pius, For many good and great deserts to Rome. A nobler man, a braver warrior, Lives not this day within our city-walls. He by the Senate is accited home, From weary wars against the barbarous Goths; That with his fons (a terror to our foes) Hath yoked a nation strong, trained up in arms. Ten years are spent since first he undertook

even beneath that of the Three Parts of Henry VI. The ftory, we are to fuppofe, 'is merely fictitious. Andronicus is a surname of pure Greck derivation : Tamora is neither mentioned by Ammianus Marcellinus, nor any body else that I can find. Nor had Rome, in the time of her Emperors, any wars with the Goths that I know of: not till after the translation of the empire, I mean, to Byzantium. And yet the scene of our play is laid at Rome, ard Saturniaus is elected to the empire at the Capitol.

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Enter a Captain. Cap. Romans, make way: the good Andronicus, Patron of virtue, Rome's belt champion, Successful in the battles that he fights, With honour and with fortune is returned, From whence he circumscribed with his sword, And brought to yoke the enemies of Rome. Sound Drums and Trumpets, and then enter MUTIUS

and MARCUS: after them, two Men bearing a Coffin covered with black; then QUINTUS and LuCIUS. After them, TITUS ANDRONICUS; and then TAMORA, the Queen of Goths, ALARBUS, CHIRON and DEMETRIUS, with AARON the Moor, Prisoners ; Soldiers and other Attendunts. They fet down the Coffin, and Titus speaks. Tit. (2) Hail, Rome, victorious in thy mourning

weeds! Lo, as the bark, that hath discharged her freight, Returns with precious lading to the bay From whence at firit the weighed her anchorage; Cometh Andronicus with laurel boughs,. To re-falute his country with his tears; Tears of true joy for his return to Rome. Thou great defender of this Capitol,

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in my mourning weeds. i. e. Titus would say; " Thou, Rome, art vi&torious, “ though I am a mourner for those fons which I have “ lost in obtaining that victory." But I have not ventured to disturb the text; because, on a second reflection, mourning weeds may relate to Rome for this reason; the scene opens with Saturninus and Ballianus canvassing to be elected to the Empire : and consequently the state might be in grief for their last Emperor just deceased.

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