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Republished in 1969 by Gregg International Publishers Limited

1 Westmead, Farnborough, Hants., England

Printed in offset by Anton Hain KG, Meisenheim/Glan

Western Germany

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DAVID GARRICK was born at Hereford in the year 1717. His father followed tbe military profession and bad at the time of bis death been advanced to a Majority in the Army. Our Author received the first Rudiments of bis Education at tbe Free School at Litchfield, which be afterwards compleated at Rochester, under the celebrated Mr Colson, since Matbematical Professor at Cambridge. On tbe gtb of Marcb 1736, be was entered of the Honourable Society of

Lincolns-Inn, being intended for tbe Bar; but whetber be found tbe study of ibe Law too beavy, saturnine, and barren of amusement for bis more active and lively disposition, or tbat a genius like bis could not continue circumscribed witbin the limits of any profession, but that to which it was more particularly adapted ; like tbe Magnetic needle pointed diTectly to its proper centre, or perbaps botb, it is certain that be did not long pursue the Municipal Law; for in tbe year 1740, be quitted it entirely for tbe Stage. Having performed a noviciate at Ipswich, be made bis appearance at Goodman's Fields; and October 19tb 1741, acted Richard III. for the first time. His acting was attended with tbe loudest acclamations of applause ; and bis fame was so quickly propagated tbrougb the town, ibat ibe more establisbed Tbeatres of Drury Lane, and Covent Garden, were deserted. These Patentees, alarmed at the great deficiency in the receipts of their bouses, and at the crouds which constantly filled the Tbeatre of Goodman's Fields, united their efforts to destroy the new raised seat of Tbeatrical empire ; in consequence of wbicb, Garrick entered into an agreement with Fleetwood, Patentee of Drury Lane for £. 500 a-year. The fame of


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