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and that he (the marquis) considered himself peculiarly happy in having an opportunity of witnessing a display of his grace's vocal powers.

Come, therefore, duke," added she,

" the instrument and a favourite air

of yours are in readiness :--suppose we begin.”

The first part of the marchioness' speech had, if possible, increased the duke's embarrassment, for which, when in some degree relieved by the conclusion, the endeavoured to apologise.

His grace is certainly an admirer of, and considerably proficient in Italian music; but, on the present occa

sion, all the fine women in the uni

verse could not have prevailed upon him to sing a single note.

He was, therefore, once more compelled to exert his apologetic abilities, and asserting, that a spasmodic affection prevented him from complying with the request of the marchioness, he withdrew, and muttering curses against the authoress of his confusion,

he ascended his vis à vis, in which, no

doubt, he fully vented his spleen.

It is almost needless for us to ob

serve, that the impression made upon the duke's mind by this affair, prevented him from soon again making

attempts of a similar nature; and, in

deed, we do not find that any of the

wedded fair have since been troubled

by his gallant advances.


Another Dress-maker-And ar Eulo

gium upon a certain Earl.

STILL his predilection for the softer sex remained unabated, as will appear by two adventures, neither of which redound eminently to his credit.

The house of Mrs.

in a cer


tain square, is decidedly one of the first dress-makers in London, and we will not hesitate to say, one of the

chiefest hot-beds of vice within the

precincts of that metropolis.

A young lady, in the employment of the said dress-maker, who, like the unfortunate Stella, possessed more virtue than was necessary for sustaining her reputability with her mistress, had sufficient charms to catch the eye of old Q, who pays a monthly visit to the house of Mrs., not, as it may be supposed; for the sole purpose

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