The Expedition Into Affghanistan: Notes and Sketches Descriptive of the Country, Contained in a Personal Narrative During the Campaign of 1839 & 1840, Up to the Surrender of Dost Mahomed Khan

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Wm. H. Allen & Company, 1842 - Afghan Wars - 428 pages

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Page 398 - There be three things which are too wonderful for me, yea, four which I know not: " the way of an eagle in the air; the way of a serpent upon a rock; the way of a ship in the midst of the sea; and the way of a man with a maid.
Page 435 - Thomson's Lunar and Horary Tables. For New and Concise Methods of Performing the Calculations necessary for ascertaining the Longitude by Lunar Observations, or Chronometers; with directions for acquiring a knowledge of the Principal Fixed Stars and finding the Latitude of them.
Page 410 - Moolahs, carrying banners, and who had been assembled on the cry of a religious war. In short, we were, in all directions, surrounded by enemies. These last actually came down the Hills on the 22nd, and attacked the part of the camp occupied by His Majesty Shah Shoojah, and his troops ; but were driven back with considerable loss, and banners taken.
Page 412 - ... in houses, and in desperation kept firing on all that approached them. In this -way several of our men were wounded and some killed, but the aggressors paid dearly for their bad conduct in not surrendering when the place was completely ours. I must not omit to mention that the three companies of the 35th N.
Page 410 - A few minutes before 3 o'clock in the morning, the explosion took place, and was completely successful. Captain Peat of the Bombay Engineers, was thrown down and stunned by it, but shortly after recovered his senses and feeling. On hearing the advance sounded by the bugles (being the signal for the gate having been blown in), the Artillery under the able directions of Brigadier Stevenson, consisting of Captain Grant's Troop of Bengal Horse Artillery, the Camel Battery under Captain...
Page 412 - Infantry, under Captain Hay, ordered to the south side of the fort, to begin with a false attack to attract attention to that side, performed'" that service at the proper time, and greatly to my satisfaction.
Page 425 - I was led to believe that it had actually been done from seeing in front of the gate that had been destroyed, the outline of an arch filled up with brick masonry. The true entrance turned to the right, and would have been discovered by advancing a few paces, and that in perfect safety, for the interior was secure from all fire.
Page 421 - HM's 13th Light Infantry, without their belts, and supported by a detachment of the same Regiment, which extended to the right and left of the road, when they arrived at the ditch, taking advantage of what cover they could find, and endeavouring to keep down the fire from the ramparts, which became heavy on the approach of the party, though it had been remarkably slack during the previous operations. Blue lights were shown, which rendered surrounding objects distinctly visible ; but, luckily, they...
Page 423 - The enemy appeared so much on the alert, and the fausse-braye was so much in advance of the gate, that we never contemplated being able to effect our object by surprise. The only question was, whether it ought to be done by day or night. It was argued in...
Page 312 - How is it possible that the delights of those lands should ever be erased from the heart? Above all, how is it possible for one like me, who have made a vow of abstinence from wine, and of purity of life, to forget the delicious melons and grapes of that pleasant region ? They very recently brought me a single musk-melon. While cutting it up, 1 felt myself affected with a strong feeling of loneliness, and a sense of my exile from my native country; and I could not help shedding tears...

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