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House and Theological & Miscellaneous Bookstore, No. 53 Cornhill, Boston, keep a very extensive assortment of BIBLES, Books in Divinity, and in the various branches of Literature, School Books, Cheap Religious Tracts, Toy-Books, and American & English Stationary, which they sell on liberal terms. Among many others, they have published the following


interesting subjects-a new and complete edition, in three vols. Price 7 dols.

President Davies was one of the most pious, orthodox, and affectionate preachers which have ever appeared in our country. His sermons are an excellent specimen of practical piety. Perhaps no discourses can be found, more calculated to interest and benefit all classes of readers. He must be an hardened sinner who can read them without shame, and grief, and terror. He must be a singular christian who can rise from their perusal, and not find himself at once humbled, consoled, and quickened. It is devoutly to be wished that these discourses of our illustrious countryman, could be introduced into every family of the United States. ESSAYSon the INSPIRATION

Of the Scriptures of the Old and New Testament. By Dick & PARRY.

This work contains an able illustration of a very interesting subject, which probably has not sufficiently occupied the attention of christians. It is here attempted to show what is meant by inspiration, and in what

sense the sacred writers were inspired. BELIEVER's POCKET COMPANION;

or, the one thing needful to make poor sinners rich, and miserable sinners happy. By W. Mason. 50 cts.

This little work, as the pious anthor observes in the preface, is designed to stir up and quicken believers in looking to Christ, coming to him, and abiding in him ; or, in the apostle's words, to be putting on the Lord Je

sus Christ.” Fuller's Calvinistic and Socipian Systems,

examined and compared, as to their moral tendency, in a series of letters addressed to the friends of vital and practical godliness. Price 1,12.

This excellent work is very seasonable at this period--and the celebrated John Newton speaks of it ihuss I have helped the sale of Mr. Fuiler's book: I recommend it upon all occasions; and, I believe, all who have, bought it upon my word, have thanked me. Though we are church-folks, and some of my friends are rather more churchish than myseif, and though Mr. Fuller is a Baptist, we seem all of a mind, that it is one of the most valuable publications we have seen. It is not only a seasonable but a master. ly performance. I wish it may be a model for future controversial writers. It is well wiitten, expressly to the point, and in my judgment, conclusive."

Price 1,12.

Valuable Books published by Lincoln & Edmands.



on various subjects On the importance of the rising generation-Christ formed in the soul, the foundation of hope, &c. &c.


panion : or, an evangelical preparation for the Lord's Supper. In which are shewn the nature of the ordinance, and the dispositions requisite for a

profitable participation thereof. MASON'S REMAINS, containing a variety of devout and useful sayings on divers subjects, digested under proper heads.

Dr. Watts thus wrote respecting this work : “ I am pleased when you inform me, that you design to print a new edition of the “Select Remains." I have thought that this seloction of short sentences is very proper to attend Christians of the middle rank, either in the parlour or kitchen, in the shop or workhouse, and for that end I have been a frequent purchaser of them to

distribute in families and among private christians.' BUCK'S TREATISE ON RELIGIOUS EXPERIENCE;

in which its nature, evidences and advantages are considered, under various particulars—the Young Christian's Experience, the Aged Christian's Experience, Happy Experience, Dying Experience, &c. &c.

1,00 BAXTER'S SAINT'S EVERLASTING REST, printed on a large and fair type.

1,12 SOLITUDE SWEETENED; a valuable and interesting

work, by J. Meikle, Surgeon of a British Man-of-war, containing 147 Meditations on religious subjects, written on board ship.

1,00 PAWTUCKET COLLECTION OF CONFERENCE · Hymns. By David Benedict, A. M. Second Edition. 25 ct3.

Dr. Baldwin's Works on Baptism.

Viz. The Baptism of Believers only, and the Particular Com

munion of the Baptist Churches, explained and vindicated. In three Parts.

Price 1.12 cts. A Series of Letters, in which the distinguishing sen

timents of the Baptists are considered. In answer to a publication, by the Rev. Dr. Worcester, of Salem, addressed to the Author, entitled “Serious

and Candid Letters.' Price 75 cts. Christian Baptism, as delineated in the New Testament, in a Letter to a friend. Price 12 cts.

Also, By Elder Caleb Blood, The Points of Difference between the Baptists and Pe.

do-Baptists, candidly stated in a Familiar Dialogue. Price 50 cts. CHRISTIAN BAPTISM.-A SERMON, preached in

Caicutta, by Mr. JUDSON, Missionary in Burmah ; in which are stated his reasons for embracing believers' baptism. This able discourse has passed through a second edition, and is worthy the perufal of every at. quirer after truth.

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