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Some inaccuracies: Leo is a LION, not some "cat" or "kitten" so please STOP portraying it like one. Just like you wouldn't call Aries a "lamb," Taurus a "cow," Scorpio a "spider" and so too describe Leo as what it actually is.
Also, stop referencing the irrelevant "Wizard of Oz" to describe Leo. Would you use "Mary's Little Lamb" to describe Aries or Anasi Spider to describe Scorpio? So too Leo deserves the same respect. If one wants to use a "myth" or "story" to describe Leo, use its actual myth: Hercules and the near invincible Nemean Lion! Not the stupid Cowardly Lion that is only a very recent story and especially when you're not using any other humiliating stories or fables to describe the other Zodiac signs.
So too experienced astrologers should know better and stop using double-standards for Leo.
Finally, modern astrologers should stop confusing sociability and a desire to express oneself with the flawed misconception that one of the most powerful signs of the Zodiac and its only natural predator needs any "attention" or "validation" from anyone. A lion does not need the opinion of sheep. The Sun does not need the planets to revolve around it to know it's a star. The planets need the Sun. So too it's the same with Leo.
Leo's traits are: powerful, dominant, combative, fierce, feral, strong-willed, athletic, energetic, courageous, and aggressive. Like the LIONESS she is. Get it straight.

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