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gantly printed, with fac-similes of seals, careful examination of the Rev. Thomas &c. 2 vols. 8vo. 21. 16s. boards.

Belsham's Calm Inquiry, and of other ** For the convenience of illustra- Unitarian works on the same subject. tion, a very small number of copies are By John Pye Smith, D. D. Vol. I. 14s. printed on large paper, price 41. 4s. Lectures on the principal Evidences boards.

and the several Dispensations of Revealed A series of Essays on several most im- Religion ; familiarly addressed to young portant new syuters and inventions, persons; with select references to some particularly interesting to the mercan- of the most valuable treatises on each tile and maritime world, snip-builders, subject. By W. Roby, 8vo. 8s. fiue underwriters, &c. By Abraham Bos

paper, 10%. quet, Esq. late one of his Majesty's Com- A complete Survey of Scripture Geomissaries of the Masters. royal 8vo. graphy: containing an Historical AC10s. 6d.

count of Primitive Nations, and of all Histrionic Topography; or, the birth- the countries and people mentioned in places, residences, and funeral monu- sacred history. To which is prefixed, jaents of the most distinguished actors. an introductory essay concerning the Illustrated by engravings, executed by origin, occasion, character, and meanJ. and H Storer, and by historical and ing of each book or writing in the Holy descriptive notices, written by J. Norris Bible; wherein also the most difficult Brewer. 8vo. 12s.

subjects of the Mosaic history are clearOn the Satery Lamp for Coal Miners; ly and fully contrmed by physical reawith some Researches on Flame. By sons and proofs, deduced from the preSir Humphry Davy. 8vo. 8s.

sent improved state of science; with a The Musical Tour of Dr. Minim, list of texts, versions, paraphrases, and A. B. C. & D. E. P. G. With a descrip- targums, in all languages int, which the tion of a new-invented instrument, a holy writings have been translated or new mode of teaching music by ma- converted. By Thomas Heming, of chinery, and an account of the Gulla- Magd. Hall, Oxon. Illustrated by a set baic system in general. 12mo. 2s. of maps and a chart of the world.

Royal 4to, Si. 10s, half-bound

*** The Survey of Srpture GeoThe Elements of Conchology accord

graphy is sold separately from the Ato

las, price ll. boards, and 11. 5s, half. ing to the Linnæan System, illustrated

bound. by 28 plates, drawn from nature by the

Plain Remarks on the Four Gospels, Rev. E. I. Burrow, A.M. F. R. S. F. L. S. Member of the Geological Society. Se

adapted to the use of the poorer classes,

and chiefly designed for the benefit of cond edition.

schools and families. By the Rev. POETRY James Slade, M. A. Vicar of Bolton,

12mo. An Elegy. Supposed to be written in

and Prebendary of Chester.

3s, 6d. a Field of Battle. 8vo. price 2s.

More work for Dr. Hawker, in a ReFashionable Fudges in London; or,

ply to his Misrepresentation of the GosSketches of Public Characters, a Poem,

pel of Jesus Christ. By the Rev. Tho. with historical and explanatory notes.

Smith, of St. John's College, Cambridge, By Benjamin Flaccus, Esq. &c. 8vo. 6s.

and Master of Gordon House Academy, The Recluse of the Pyrenees; a

Kentish Town, Middlesex. 8vo. Poem. Inscribed to H. R. H. Prince

Nautical Essays : or, a spiritual View Leopold. 8vo.4s. 6d. sewed.

of the ocean and mar time affairs : with The Warning Vo.ce; a sacred poem,

reflections on the battle of Trafalgar in two cantos ; addressed to infidel

and other events. By the author of the writers of poetry. By the Hon, and

Retrospect, &c. 12mno. 5s. Rev. Edward John Turbour, A. M. 4to. 3s, 6d. sewed.



Narrative of a Journey in the interior The Scripture Testimony to the Mes. of China, and of a Voyage to and from siah :

: an Inquiry with a view to a satis- that country, in the years 1816 and factory determination of the doctrine. 1817; containing an Account of the taught in the Holy Scriptures concern- most interesting Transactions of Lord. ing the person of Christ, including a Amherst's Embassy to the Court of Pe30




A Lis the valu Priats, Esq.wb 1816. 8v

Ford ( a curious books, Is.

Lý To recently published,

* pinas By R. H. Bonn yeastle, Cora Lin the Corps of Royal Engineers mt Finaro. Il is

Tisde: 28 the Cingue Ports >

o fizes of all the Cher Gais. * of Antiquity. sy. iteet Heaters te Stargate, Brsea.

tamat, Sandvich, Dorer, it. Imney, içe, eachelsea, ane

, encased with bestera vermuck, and antiquaras des

e els particulars of the metus ratus and petual benes De rat sented. The best

3. Baries, and te er

* Dege With vipo. on : 45 elegant entre Tri z ist 18s. 6d. Der 1. Dans beta Tourist teams ja Fars, and Scotland: ta oli a árecies 19 > & ravi arcis of a s e sise rets and - star of notice pe berrals, foss

e sets in

sta cegotirs 113&ELS > ani on cloures

உவா's Yes Pictur
swanger', Ga de toro
***s; accurately desere

ss of masement, ex
treet Fourthy of acties:
se of the environs on the
amous restes from Era

mnts to trarie
rated by maps. per
resto edition, revised
ebe present time. & de

Adricet Helps towa own Charac nister of the

Outlines illustrated h the logic, or the Universit Jardine, A. Logic and R 8vo. 12s.

A Sequel to Chambaud, trocht, and ot practical guidt into good Frenc grammatical ne ton. 12mo. 3s.

A Key to PC cises, 12mo. 2s.

Conversations for those who ha' a tutor, as well a in schools. By

The Pronouncit neral Readers' As ciation of difficul Scripture proper 11 eminent modern science; distinguis notorious, who has theatre of Europe w years; and geogi places. To which a French words and




I. The Border Antiquities of England and Scotland; comising Specimens of Architecture and Sculpture, and other Ves res of former Ages, accompanied by Descriptions. Together th Ilustrations of remarkable Incidents in Border History, and ginal Poetry. By Walter Scott, Esq. 2 Vols. 4to. pp. 437. ates 95. Price 91. Large Paper, 131. 135. 1814-17. *ERE it possible that a distinct knowledge could be

obtained of all the remarkable forms into which human ty has been modified, in the long series of ages, and in all

of the world, a great majority of the intelligent and inog class would probably be eager for the exhibition to be

, however unlikely that any of them should live long zh to see the vast disclosure completed. it it might not be altogether absurd to question the wisdom nch a desire. Is any thing, it might be asked, really .ng to the means and materials already possessed for forming sfactory judgement of the nature of Man? Do not all his ies, bis passions, his principles, stand perfectly manifest

us? entering on a history twenty times more ample than all resent information of the past, could the inquirer, even if ssed of the secret of the elixir vitæ, to assure him of a course es to study it through, expect to descry any one feature e human nature, which is not already familiarly apparent ? we not facts enough to shew how man will act in any circumstances ;-in other words, how any given causes ct on him? Does not our present compass of view display inder all imaginable forms of social institution; and might t, from the exbibition of his qualities under half of these ications, have confidently divined how those qualities I appear under all the otbers? If the dark empire of super

has contained more vanities, impostures, and abominaL.X NS.



a case.

Church, Northamptonshire. 7. Door pronunciation
way and parts at large of the same. 8. topher Earn
View of the Crypt of St. Peter's Church, approved porn

nouncing D The History and Antiquities of the grammar. Is Abbey Church of St. Peter, Westmin- Profitable ster; including Notices and Biographi- or, Familiar cal Memoirs of the Abbots and Deans of instruction wit that foundation. By Edward Wedlake 18mo. 2s. hac Brayley. With graphical Illustrations The Metan (consisting of plans, views, elevations,

Education; sections, and details) by the proprietor,

Aunt Mary's John Preston Neale. Vol. I. imperial bound. quarto, 71. 45. royal quarto, 41. 16s. Ipswich Ren

from the Holy BIBLIOGRAPHY.

to the improv

for instructing A List of the Numbers and prices of

hy Richard Dy the valuable Library, and collection of

folio leaves. Se Prints, Drawings, &c. of W. Roscoe, Esq. which were sold at Liverpool in

Arithmetic in 1816. 8vo. 7s.

in which every Ford (of Manchester) 's Catalogue of a curious and valuable collection of

mercantile com books, Is. 60.

easy and cone

decimals, includ EDUCATION.

mensuration, an

algebra. By Je Adrice to the Teens; or Practical School, Marga Helps towards the formation of one's

Square. 38. boun own Character. By Isaac Taylor, Mi. Theory and Pri nister of the Gospel at Ongar, 12mo. 5s. adapted to the car

Outlines of Philosophical Education, remarks on bills illustrated hy the method of teaching the nature and the logic, or first class of philosophy, in other information the University of Glasgow. By George for business. BY Jardine, A. M. F. R. S. E. Professor of thor of Arithmetic Logic and Rhetoric in that University. tice, 1s. 6d. 8vo. 12s.

The Juvenile Clo A Sequel to the French Exercises of

to the Child's Chambaud, Hamel, Perrin, Wados

parts, methodically trocht, and other Grammars ; being a ed to the capacit practical guide to translate from English

have made some into good French. On a new plan, with By B. W. Putsey grammatical notes. By G. H. Popple- sical and Mathemat ton. 1 2mo. 3s, bound.

ring. 2s. bound. A Key to Poppleton's French Exercises, 12mo. 2s. 60.

MEDIC Conversations on Algebra ; designed for those who have not the advantage of

On the Nature and a tutor, as well as for the use of students

tapus and Hydrophob in schools. By William Cole, 12mo. 78.

servations on a natural

diseases in general. The Pronouncing Instructor; or, Ge

M. D. J.icentiate of neral Readers' Assistant in the pronunciation of difficult Greek, Latin, and

Queen's College of Phy Scripture proper wames; the names of lin, Member of the Roy eminent modern artists, and men of ciety of Edinburgh, &e. science; distinguisbed characters and

MISCELLANEOUS notorious, who have appeared on the theatre of Europe within the last thirty A Concise Description years; and geograpbical names of Grammar Schools it places. To which are added, Latin and Wales. By Nicholas ( French words and phrases, with their M. R. L. A. & F. & S. S...

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rever. .

itb see ir Homme The X ..B.C. tou do

sode 110. ait ITIL

land and Scotland; comSculpture, and other Ves: y Descriptions. Together its in Border History, and sq. 2 Vols. 4to. pp. 437.

133. 1814-17. + knowledge could be forms into which human

series of ages, and in all of the intelligent and in

r for the exhibition to be i them should live long jeted. I to question the wisdom might be asked, really ily possessed for forming of Man? Do not all his stand perfectly manifest

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s more ample than all Id the inquirer, even if to assure him of a course descry any one feature y familiarly apparent? i man will act in any how any given causes mpass of view display istitution; and might - under half of these how those qualities ark empire of superures, and abomina

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