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In my opinion, Finkelstein and Silberman are either dishonest when it comes to assessing much of their archaeological findings or they are deliberately trying to get people to doubt that the stories in the Bible are actually true. They, for example, mention that Adam Zertal found the altar of Joshua which dates back to Joshua's time, but they chose not to mention the archaeological evidence found at the site. All they say is that it is disputed, even when it is clear that the archaeological evidence found at the site dates back to Joshua's time. Also, their dating system is confusing. Contrary to what they have written in their book, Bible believers do not accept that Ramesses II was the pharaoh of the Exodus. It is clear, when using the biblical chronology, that Thutmoses III was the pharoah of the Exodus and that the Exodus occurred in ca. 1446 BC. Thus, their dating method and explanations are confusing and really proves nothing, in my opinion. 

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It is a pleasure to have this very readable book available.....When the authors examine the Stones and the Foundations on the ground, these two form a thread of truth that enlarges our understanding of the Old Testament........As they bring parts of the Old Testament text to the fore, they remind us of the difficulty in interpreting the old Hebrew ---without vowels---, and the care with which we must look at the modern text. A similar unearthing is occurring in Persia where, under Cyrus the Great, interactions occurred between Zoroastrians and Hebrews. ...___... See ++ A HISTORY of ZOROASTRIANISM, Vol 2 ++ ISBN: 9004065067. ..._______... Also in ++ THE BOOK OF JOB ++, ISBN: 0060969598 the author Stephen Mitchell explicitly and beautifully shows the reader how difficult a translation of written text can be. 

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