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On WHITSUNDAY, 1689. at Lant

betb Chapel .

JOHN XVI. 8. And when he (the Comforter) is come; he

will reprove the world of sin, and of righteousness, and of judgment.

HE Mission of the Holy Ghost

(which we this Day commeT

morate) was the Final Confirmation, and Completion of the

Christian Religion; which perfected the Mystery of the Redemption of Mankind; and at the same time set the last Seal to the Truth of it. Our Saviour had indeed long before gathered a Select Number of faithful Apostles and Disciples; but VOL. II,



can scarce be said to have founded a Church, till he poured out the Holy Ghost upon them.

Till then their Notions of the Intention of Christ's coming into the World were dark and obscure, their apprehensions of the Nature and Constitution of the King. dom to be founded by him, false and frivolous; and as they certainly knew not what form of Faith to profess; so they dared not profess it openly. Their religious Meet . ings were yet in Secret; and no Attempts yet made to form a Church, by Conversion of Jews and Gentiles. Their Thoughts were not so much fixed upon the Remembrance of what their Master had done and fuffered, as upon the Expectation of somewhat more to be done by him; that is, upon the hopes of the Comforter which he promised to them. They wanted yet those Perfections of Mind, which might qualify them for the Execution of their designed Office; that Zeal and Charity which might 'animate and direct all the Members of the Church; that Knowledge and Understanding, which might fit them for Pastors and Teachers, in the absence of their Master.

All these Advantages were abundantly conferr'd, these Necessities supplied by the sending of the Holy Ghost, as upon this Day. Then they received internal Light, a full understanding of the Mysteries of the Mefsias, a clear Knowledge of all that had been

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