Reports of Cases Argued and Determined in the English Courts of Common Law, [1845-1856]: Heretofore Condensed by Thomas Sergeant and Thomas M'Kean Pettit, Now Reprinted in Full, Volume 10

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Page 99 - accepted in the world, governed by one supreme head and King, having the dignity and royal estate of the imperial crown of the same, unto whom a body politic, compact of all sorts and degrees of people, divided in terms and by names of spirituality and temporally, been boundeu and owen to bear, next to God, a natural
Page 391 - The cause came on to be tried before WILDE, CJ, at the sittings in London, after Trinity term, 1849, when a verdict was found for the plaintiffs, subject to the opinion of the court upon the following case:— This is an action brought by order of the court of review in
Page 99 - thought, and is also at this hour, sufficient and meet of itself, without the intermeddling of any exterior person or persona, to declare and determine all such doubts, and to administer all such, offices and duties, as to their rooms spiritual doth appertain : For tho due administration whereof, and to keep
Page 611 - liament made and passed in the sixth year of the reign of His majesty, King William the Fourth, intituled " An act for making a railway from The London and Croydon Railway to Dover, to be called The South Eastern Railway," by a certain indenture then made between the plaintiffs of the one part, one
Page 293 - Kingdon now moved for a new trial, on the ground of misdirection. and that the verdict was against evidence. It having been conceded at the trial, that the defendant was not chargeable upon an acceptance " per procuration," it is equally clear that he could not be liable,
Page 913 - that, if, in any action commenced after the passing of this act in any of Her Majesty's superior courts of record, in covenant, debt, detinue, or assumpsit, not being an action for breach of promise of marriage, the plaintiff shall recover a sum not exceeding
Page 819 - sect. 1, viz. a society which " shall not, and by its laws may not, make any dividend, gift, division, or bonus in money unto or between any of its members ;" and that the occupier of buildings used for the purposes of the society, was, under the above statute, exempt from poor-rate. That was acted upon in The Queen v. The Overseers of Manchester,
Page 497 - being in contravention of any of the provisions relating to railways, contained in the act passed in the eighth year of the reign of Her Majesty, Queen Victoria, intituled 'An act for the registration, incorporation, and regulation of joint-stock companies:' and, further, the said provisional directors shall be at liberty, and have full power, to enter into any bargains,
Page 99 - in Easter term last, moved for a rule to show cause •why a writ of prohibition should not issue to the Dean of the Arches, and to the Archbishop of Canterbury, to prohibit them from requiring the Lord Bishop of Exeter to institute the Rev. George Cornelius Gorham to the vicarage of Brampford Speke, and also to prohibit the
Page 923 - the value of the twenty-nine tons of iron removed from alongside the plaintiff's wharf,—leave being reserved to the defendants to move to enter a verdict for them, if the court should be of opinion that no property in the iron passed by the sale from Parker to the plaintiff.

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