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Enter Arragon, his train, Portia. Flo. Cornets.
The Caskets are discover'd.

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8) — —how much honour Picked fom the Chaff and Ruin of the Times, To be new ...], Mr. Warburton very justly observed to me upon the Conclusion and Disagreement of the Metaphors here; and is of Opinion, that Shakespeare might have wrote;

To be new vanned.

i. e. winnowed, purged: from the French Word, wanner; which is derived from the Latin, Pannus, ventilabrum, the Fann used for winnowing the Chaff from the Corn. This Alteration, as he cbserves, restores the Metaphor to its Integrity ; and our Poet frauently uses the same Thought. But as Shakespecre is so loose and licentious in the blending of different Metaphors, I have not ventured to disturb the Text, I will

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