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Enter Silvius and Phebe. Look, here comes a lover of mine, and a lover es hers.


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The Carrol they began that bour,
M/ith a hey, and a ho, and a hey nonino,

How that a life was but a flower, -
In the spring time, &c.

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S C E N E changes to another Part of the Fores?.

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(13) Truly, young Gentleman, though there was no great Matter in the Ditty, yet the Note was very untuneable.] Though it is thus in all the printed Copies, it is evident from the Sequel of the Dialogue, that the Poet wrote as I have reform'd in the Text, untimeable. Time, and Tune, are frequently misprinted for one another in the old Editions of Shakespeare.

| Vol. II. P - You

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jaz. There is, sure, another flood toward, and these . couples are coming to the Ark. Here come a pair of very strange beasts, which in all tongues are call'd fools.

Clo. Salutation, and greeting, to you all !

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