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Enter Biondello, Lucentio and Bianca, Gremie walking on one side.

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Enter Petruchio, Catharina, Vincentio and Grumio, - ‘with Attendants. *

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Win. Is Signior Lucentio within, Sir Ped. He's within, Sir, but not to be spoken withal. . Pin. What, if a man bring him a hundred pound or two, to make merry withal P Ped. Keep your hundred pounds to yourself, he shall need none as long as I live. Pet. Nay, I told you, your son was belov’d in Padua. Do you hear, Sir f to leave frivolous circumstances, I pray you, tell Signior Lucentio that his father is come from Pisa, and is here at the door to speak with him. Ped. Thou liest; his Father is come to Padua, and here looking out of the window. Win. Art thou his father * Ped. Ay, Sir, so his mother says, if I may believe her. - Pet. Why, how now, gentleman why, this is flat knavery to take upon you another man's name. " . . - Ped. Lay hands on the villain. I believe, he means to cozen somebody in this city under my countenance.

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