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To: Authors of Original Papers and Communications in the present Volume are Dr. John Bostock; James Burney, Esq.; J. B. : E. F. G. H.; J. B. van Mons; Mrs. Agnes Ibbetson; W. Saint, Esq.; Mr. B. Cook; Mr. J. Acton; Mr. R. B. Bate; James Staveley, Esq.; Sir George Cayley, Bart.; Mr. G. J. Singer; R. Z. A.; W. N. ; M. le Comte de Bournon, F. R. and L. S.; Mr. Robert Lyall; Mr. P. Barlow; J. F.; Mr. Robert Bancks.

Of Foreign Works, Prof. F. R. Curaudau; M. Gay-Lussac ; M. Thenard; M. Alex. Brongniart; Prof. Lenormand; M. Hassenfratz; M. Haüy ; M. Rampasse; Prof. Picot; M. L. Cordier; M. Descotils; P. A. Steinacher; M. Bouillon-Lagrange; M. Vogel; M. Fourcroy ; M. Vauquelin; M. Cuvier; M. Chaptal ; M. Berthollet, Jun, ; M. Klaproth ; M. Bucholz; M. Berthier.

And of British Memoirs abridged or extracted, Humphry Davy, Esq. Sec. R. S. F. R. S. Ed. and M. R.J. A.; Capt. W. Bolton; Capt. H. L. Ball; Mr. John Tad : Mr. W. Barlow ; J. G. Children, Esq. F. R. S.; Wm. Henry, M. D. F. R. S. V. P. of the Lit. and Phil. Soc, and Physician to the Infirmary at Manchester; Jamee Rennel, Fsq. F. R. S.

The Engravings consist of I. Captain Bolton's improved Jury Mast; 2. Captain H. L. Ball's Method of Fishing an Anchor; 3. Captain Ball's improved Anchor; 4. Mr. J. Tad’s Method of causing a Door to open over a Carpet; 5. Mr. W. Barlow's Wrench for Screw Nuts of any Size; 7. The Sting of the Nettle, highly magnified, in its natural State, emitting its Poison, and when broken; 8. The Awn of the Indian Grass, used in Captain Kater's Hygrometer; 9. The Leaf and Stem of the Sensitive Plant, showing their Structure; 10. The Spiral Wire and its Case greatly magnified; I 1. Luminous Meteors, seen during a Thunderstorm, by James Staveley, Esq.; 12. Diagrams to illustrate the Theory of Aerial Navigation, by Sir George Cayley, Bart. ; 13. A Machine that will ascend into the Air of itself by mechanical Means; 14. A Machine with which a Man may raise himself into the Air; 15. Figures illustrating the Crystallization of Endellion, by the Count de Bournon; 16. Diagrams for a Demonstration of the Cotesian . Theorem, by Mr. P. Barlow; 17. Various Delineations and Sections of Grafts and Buds, from original Drawings after Nature, by Mrs. Agnes Ibbetson; 18. Branch of a Portugal Laurel, from which the Bark had been accidentally separated; 19. Different Structures of several Kinds of Wood. TABLE

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