A collection of inventories and other records of the royal wardrobe and jewelhouse; and of the artillery and munitioun in some of the royal castles, M. CCCC. LXXXVIII-M. DC. VI [ed. by T.Thomson].

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Page 357 - And that the crown, sceptre, and sword of state, the records of Parliament, and all other records, rolls and registers whatsoever, both public and private, general and particular, and warrants thereof, continue to be kept as they are within that part of the united kingdom now called Scotland ; and that they shall so remain in all time coming, notwithstanding the Union.
Page 243 - Thre lyves of Alexr the greit and utheris nobles. The decameron of Bocas. The mirrour of human redemptioun. Boece de consolation. The gardin of plesance. Tua volumes of Lancilot de laik. Ane greit volume of eronica cronicorum.
Page 161 - FIRST twa auld Caippis of blew dames droppit with floure delice of gold with the foirbreiftis maid in hiftories. Alfua ane cover of the alter with the underpand all of frefit claith of gold, with blew and dividit equalie in bredis of claith of gold figurit with reid freinjeit with...
Page 338 - And on each of them a great pearl half inch in diameter which appear between the four arches and the bonnet is turned up with ermine Upon the lowest circle of the crown immediately above the ermine there are eight small holes disposed two and two together on the four quarters of the crown in the middle space betwixt the...
Page 244 - Historic of the tyme present be sanct Fontene. The offices of Cicero. The triumphe of faith. The triumphe of Pallas. The oratioune in the prayeris of the auld cardinall of Lorane.
Page 245 - Errores amoreuses. [Elegiis] upoun the deid of Joachim de Belly. The armes of the marques Dalbuif. Dictionar in Frenche and Latine. Ane uther dictionar in Frenche and Latine. Ane Turk buik of paintrie. The sege of Troy in Italiane ryme.
Page 247 - The praise of foly in Frenche. Four homoleis anent the images in France. The intertenyment of helth. The treatie of the sacrament be Petir Martir. The ansuer to Johnne Calvynis epistle.
Page 340 - ... Scots bonnet holding in his right hand a cross or Saltire, a part whereof is broke off and in his left elevat a book open On the blessed Virgin's left hand Saint Andrew's right hand stands another statue seeming to represent Saint James with the like apostolical garment and a hanging neck superadded thereto And upon his head a little hat like to the Roman pilium In his right hand half elevat a book open and in his left a pastoral staff the head is broke off And above each statue being two inches...
Page 242 - Catologue of Sanctis in Frenche • Giron Curtas • The thrid volume of Titus Livius • The Werkis of Allane Charter • Ane Oratioun to the King of Franche of the Quenis awin hand write...
Page 337 - ... circle. NOTA This is said to be the ancient form of the Crown of Scotland since the league made betwixt Achaius King of SCOTS and Charles the great of France the specifick form of our Crown differing from other Imperial Crowns in that it is hightened or...

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