Catholic Record Society Publications: Records series, Volume 5

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The Society, 1908 - Catholics

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Page 366 - ... dicit, quod ipse in nullo est inde culpabilis et inde de bono et malo ponit se super patriam etc.
Page 367 - ... the lower part of her body, be laid upon the ground, lying directly on her back: and a hollow shall be made under her head and her head placed in the same; and upon her body in every part let there be placed as much of stones and iron as she can bear and more; and as long as she shall live, she shall have of the worst bread and water of the prison next her; and on the day she eats, she shall not drink, and on the day she drinks she shall not eat, so living until she die.
Page 212 - ... been in Pauls. The Father answered that he would not confess that neither, because he could confesse nothing unto them but they would still infer further matter upon it, and seek to get from him more than he knew. Vpon this he was hanged by the hands against a wall many hours together, and Topcliffe left him hanging and so went abroad. After he had been a long while absent one of his seruants perceiuing the father to be in a swoon, or in some danger to give the ghost, called him hastely home...
Page 328 - Your Paternity should regard the situation in this light. The constancy of the Catholics is such as is always admired in a people naturally inclined to piety, but the fury and cruelty of the enemy is not to be regarded as a disgrace on the nation, but as the outcome of the pestilent heresy, which does violence not only to religion, but to the laws and restraints of nature.
Page 118 - Clerke was willed to call them to the barr, and soe to arraigne them, who begane first with Allfeilde. The indictment redd, he was demaunded whether he were gyltie of the matter conteyned in that Indictment. To the which he would make noe answere and prayed that he might be hard speake; and therevppon he vsed a certen ffrivolous speache, conteyninge noe matter, the effect whereof was that the cause in question was such, that the same owght to be tryed before learned men in divinitie and not before...
Page 283 - Church," and the blood of Abel made an outcry against Cain, and in the Apocalypse the souls of the murdered for the word and testimony of Jesus expostulate for revenge. I, knowing that the children of darkness are wiser in their generation than the children of light...
Page 286 - A minister offered to dispute with them by the way, but a horseman came up and pushed him away, crying, ' Begone, knave, Mr. Boste has shown himself a true gentleman and a true man.
Page 304 - One request I particularly make : it is that you would contrive by all possible means to dispose of some of them to the relatives of your friend Robert S., for I remember that at one time they were very keen about that particular quality of goods, and kept a factor [?a priest] who was occupied solely in searching for such gems.
Page 232 - Come now, confess your crime, promise to go to church, and the Queen's pardon will be begged for you.' ' Right heartily do I thank thee,' then answered Bird ; ' if by going to church I can save my life, surely all the world will see this, that I am executed solely for faith and religion, and nothing else. It was just this that I wished to elicit from you. Now I gladly die.
Page 119 - Quenes highnes foundacion ; and nowe had he so vnnaturallie and beast lie behaved him selffe that he was become the first that ever was arraigned of ffelonye of any that ever passed those Colledges by the space of these fiftie yeres and moore. And then saied the Recorder: "Ye knowe that Christ paied trybute to Cesor and Commaunded that Cesor should be obeyed, and that eche man should yeld to Cesor his dewties. And that St. Paule, in the end of the Acts, was accused for Religion by the Jewes, and...

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