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130 Brookborough, Francis Armstrong, Thomas Barbor. : :
131 Enniskillen, William Ferguson, William Douglas."
192 Balinamallard, Matthew Tobias, Blakely Dowling. .
133 Ballyshannon, Robert Crozier, John Clendinnen. . ,
134 Newtown-ftuart, Joseph Armstrong, William Little, John

Higan : Thomas Kerr, Supernumerary.
135 Londonderry, Samuel Wood, Lawrence Kane.
136 Coleraine, Matthew Stuart, David Gordon, Daniel

Mc. Mullen. 137 Dungannon, John Kerr, Samuel Alcorn. 138 Armagh, ... Andrew Hamilton, Sen. James Mc Kee. 139. Tanderagee,

John Malcomson, Thomas Brown, John

Mc Arthur, ... 1,40 Belfast, James Mc Mullen, William Armstrong.. 14i Lisburn,

Guftavus Armstrong, Jofeph Hennin. 142 Downpatrick, James Rennick, Daniel Pedlow, John

Crace, Supernumerary. "
143 Newry, John Crook, Charles Mayne,
Missionaries for Africa, Archibald Murdock, William Patien.*

Nova Scotia, New Brunfvick and Newfoundland. .

William 'Black, 'General Allifant. .
Halifax, . . James Mann. .

Isaac Lunsford.

Daniel Fidler. "*.

John Mann. ..
pots . .!
Horión, . Tbeodore Harding.

James Boyd. "
St. John's, William Jellop.
Frederilton, William Grandine. . .:
St. Stephen's, Duncan Mc Coll.

Benjamin Wilson.
Newfoundland, William Thorelby, George e Smith.

Dr. Coke superintends the West-India Millionaries.
Antigua, i John Baxter, William Warrenner.
St. Christopher's,, Thomas Owens, Thomas Dumbleton, Richard

§ Brownell.
*** Dr. Coke laid before the Conférence an account of the fail-
ure of the colony, intended to be established in the Foulah Coun.
try in Africa : After mature consideration, the Conference unani-
mously judged, 'that a trial should be made in that part of Africa
on the proper missionary plan. The two brethren above mention-
ed, having voluntarily offered themselves for this important work,
the Conference folemnly appointed them for it, and earnestly re-
commend'them and their great undertaking to the public and pri.
vate prayers of all the members of the Methodist Connection.


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John Kingston.
St. Vincent's, Richard Paitison.

James Alexander.

Thomas Hallett. Jamaica,

John M'Vean, William Staniforth. Tortola,

Edward Turner, Thomas Ilham. Honduras-Bay, William Filh. N. B. John Harper, and Richard Andrews, are removed to

the Continent of America. MEMORANDUM for the time of CONFERENCE. Some years ago I wrote the following Rules for my own con. duct during the time of the Conference; but never let any one see them till this Conference. When I shewed them to Mr. Benson, he said they ought to be put in the Minutes for general good. I intended reading them first; but in the multiplicity of business, forgot it. But as the Preachers to whom I shewed them, were all of the same mind, I have ventured to comply with their desire.

. S. BRADBURN. 1. Be tender of the character of every Brother'; but keep at the utmost distance from countenancing lin.

2. Say nothing in the Conference but what is stri@tly necessary and 10 the point.

3. If accused by any one, remember recrimination is not ac. quitance ; therefore avoid it.

4. Beware of impatience of contradiction: bc firm ; but be open to conviction. The cause is God's, and he needs not the hands of an Uzzah to support his ark The being too tenacious of a point, because you brought it forward, is only feeding self. Be quite easy, if a majority decide against you.

5. Use no craft or guile to gain any point. - Genuine fimplicity will always support itself. - But there is no need always to say all

6. Bow or think itfelf. Begain any poit you.

6. Beware of too much confidence in your own abilities; and never despise an opponent.

7. Avoid all lighiness of Spirit, even what would be innocent any where else. Thou, God feest me! Directions concerning the attendance of Preachers at the

Conference. 1. We confirm the Rule recorded in the Minutes of the last Conference, Question 23. p. 24. Rule 7. namely, “The District Committees respectively shall from year to year fix upon the Preachers, who are to attend the Conference: and the expences of their going to, and returning from the Conference shall be defrayed by their respective Circuits. 2. “ No Circuit shall be left without a Preacher during the time of Conference,


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And if any Preacher, so left in a Circuit; shall during the meetof the Conference, leave fuch Circuit, he shall be fufpended till the next Conference. Large Minutes, p. 88.

The Conference appointed Mr. Mather and Mr. Pawson to fue perintend the examination of the Books in London, and to print å statement of the Book-Account for the information of the Preachers.

N. B. Melf. Mather and Pawson have a discretionary power to call in any of the Preachers appointed for London to assist them . in this work.

Some regulations being judged necessary, in order to prevent improper publications, the maiter was candidly.examined, and the Conference came to the following conclusions:

1. That, as the Preachers are eminently one body, nothing should be done by any individual, which would be prejudicial to the whole, or to any part thereof. Therefore no Preacher shall publish any thing but what is given to the Conference, and printed in our own press. The Book-Committee to determine what is proper to be printed.

2. That, as a reward for his labour, whatever shall be approved of by the Book-Committee, and printed, the Author shall have one hundred out of every thousand of the Books whether great or small. And if published in the Magazine, he shall have a reasonable allowance; the Conference being judges.

3. That any Preacher who has books on hand, may sell them ; but if another edition of any book be wanted, he shall give it to the Conference, as though it were a new manuscript.

N. B. Several of the Preachers, whose writings have been highly approved of, agreed to the above regulations, merely to restrain improper persons from publishing; the peace and honour of the. Connection outweighing with them every other confideration.

The Building of Chapels is referred to the District-Meete ings, with this caution, That no Chapel shall be built but where it is absolutely necessary, and where two thirds of the expence are subscribed. See Large Minutes, Q. 70.

If men will build of their own accord, without the consent of the Diftri&t, we are not answerable for consequences. N. B. This rule does not affect those places where buildings are begun, or where we are already engaged, as in Manchester, Sheffield, &c.

In order to simplify the Account of our Annual Expenditure, it was agreed, 1. That all Doctors bills shall be discharged in the Circuit. And if the Stewards cannot pay the Quarterage of the Preachers, their Wives and Children, the deficiencies shall be paid by the Conference.

2. Let no demand for a Preacher's Board, whether he be lick or well, be ever brought to the Conference.

VOL. XIX. O&tober 1796.

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To prevent unruly or unthinking persons from disturbing our people, it was ordered, That no man, or number of men, in our connection, shall circulate letters, call meetings, or attempt to do any thing new, till it has first been appointed by the Conference.

To avoid being entangled in Law, it was enacted, That 110 District-meetings, Preachers, or People whatsoever, shall involve the Conference in a Law-suit, or have any demand on the Conference for the expences, or any part of the expences of a Law. fuit; more especially concerning Chapels or Preaching-houses, without the consent of the Conference previously obtained.

To support the Missions in the Welt-Indies, and Newfoundland, it was agreed, That a general collection be made by the Preachers in every Town in England, where Dr. Coke has not made application, within six months before the meeting of the Con. ference; and the money so collected, be deposited in the hands

he regulato, but fore the con

As the regulations respecting the Sacrament have not been strictly aliended to, but some complaints have arisen on both sides, to remedy which in future, the Conference agree, 1. That those Societies who have the Sacrament allowed according to the Rules of Pacification, shall have it duly administered ; and that if the Superintendent will not adminifter it himself, he shall provide some other Preacher, who is properly qualified, to do it; so that ihe people may not be deprived of their privilege. ; 2. That every Preacher shall attend, with the utmost exactness, to that Rule in the Pacific Plan which states, That no Preacher thall, directly or indirectly, endeavour to excite 'any Society to desire to have the Lord's Supper. Nor on the other hand, strive to set any. Society against that Ordinance ; but leave the people every where entirely free. · It was likewise enacted, That the Lord's Supper be administered to the members of our society only, or such as receive a note of admission from the Alfstant, which note must be renewed quar. terly. And if any Leaders, Stewards, or Trustees, refuse to be re. gulated by this rule, the sacrament shall not be administered where this is the case.

Inasmuch as sundry questions have been agitated in the course of last year, respecting divers things in our plan of discipline, such as the adımission or exclusion of Members, the appointment or change of Leaders and Stewards, and the reception of local and travelling Preachers,

Our rules, or custom, respecting these particulars, are as follow :

1. As to the admiffion of Members, the rule by which we have been accustomed, and still intend to walk, is contained in the large Minutes of Conference, Question xvi. p. 12. “ How

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' 517 " fhall we prevent improper persons from insinuating into the • Society ??

A. 1. “Give tickets to none till they are recommended by a • Leader, with whom they have met at least two months on triál:"

2. Give Notes to none but those who are recommended by "! one you know, or till they have met three or four times in " Class.”

3. “Give them the Rules the first time they meet. See that " this never be neglected.”

2. As to the excluson of Members, our rule is fixt, and our custom expressed in the rules of the Society, where it is said,

“ These are the general rules of our Societies; all which we " are taught of God to observe, even in his written word, the " only rule and the sufficient rule both of our Faith and Practice, “ And all these we know his Spirit writes on every truly awakena " ed heart. If there be any among us who observe them not, “ who habitually break any of them, let it be made known unto “ them who watch over that soul, as they that must give an ac

“ count. We will admonish him of the error of his ways: we · « will bear with him for a season. But then if he repent not, he “ hath no more place among us.”

3. As to the appointment and change of Leaders and Stewards, our rule is not to appoint or change any Leader or Steward with out consulting the Leaders and Stewards.

4. Respecting the admission of persons to be Local Preachers, Let the Afliftant regularly meet the local Preachers once a Quara ter, and let none be admitted but ihose that are proposed and approved at that meeting, and if in any Circuit this be not practica. ble, let them be proposed and approved at the Quarterly Meeting.

5. With respect to persons that purpose to travel, Let none be recommended to be received on trial, but such as have first been mentioned at the Quarterly Meeting in Marci), and approved of at the District Meeting following, - 6. Respecting Collections, it was enacted last year and we now confirm the Rule, that the money collected in each Circuit for the yearly Collection, for Kingswood School, and the Preachers Fund, be entered in the General Steward's Book, in their respective Circuits. To this we add, That from henceforth, all the disbursements shall be published in detail in the yearly Minutes of Conference as they are this year.

7. As we desire to have every proper information on whatever concerns ourselves or our people, we will gladly receive intellie gence not only from the Leaders and Quarterly Mectings, but Irom any individual Member of Society, as well as the District. meeting as at the Conference, provided always the l'ostage of


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