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A good but not great book. The high point is his description of "hangman" a manifestation of the main charters stutter. As dyslexic I strongly relate to having to choose other words and dodging words that a disability gets in the way of. I strongly recommend this for anyone trying to learn how each transactional cost in communicating is increased and how a disability tries to frustrate even the simplest of interactions.
For pure fun is other books, Cloud Atlas and Bone Clocks blow this away.

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Such a departure from the exotically detailed contemporary Japanese setting of Number9 Dream and the historical-to-science-fiction-future sweep of Cloud Atlas! This novel is firmly situated in a little town in 1980's England and is accompanied by a soundtrack of popular music that was instantly recognizable to me. An exquisitely detailed and convincing coming-of-age story, of course gorgeously written. I was delighted to encounter Madame Eva de Crommelynck (Vivyan Ayrs' daughter) again! The whole time I was reading it I was dreading another wrenching conclusion like Number9 Dream's, but this novel (although quite harrowing in spots) ends on a somewhat redemptive note despite the divorce of the narrator's parents. Whew. 

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This is a wonderful well written book.

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