Collectanea topographica et genealogica

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Page 203 - ... decease of John all to revert to William and Alice his wife and the heirs of William. 47. At Westminster in the quinzaine of St. Michael between William Bogell and John Peny querents ; and Robert Hymerford and Alianor his wife and John Hymerford and Alice his wife deforciants ; for six messuages, a mill, three hundred acres of land, forty acres of meadow, two hundred acres of pasture, ten acres of wood, and twenty acres of alder in North Cory. Robert and Alianor acknowledged the right of William...
Page 41 - Argent, on a chevron sable, an otter's head erased of the first, for Balfour.
Page 81 - King Henry the Eighth, hunting near Malmesbury in Bredon Forest, came with all his Court Train, unexpected, to dine with this Clothier. But great housekeepers are as seldome surprised with guests as vigilant captains with enemies.
Page 272 - Barony, but simply states it to be in Abeyance ; and the Committee of this House, after Argument before Lord Loughborough, the then Lord Chancellor, came to the Resolution, which was afterwards reported to the House, " That it appears to this Committee that the said Barony remains in Abeyance between the Co-heirs of the said William descended from his Sister Joan;" which Resolution was received and adopted by this House. My Lords,. such being the Grounds upon which the Rights of the Co-heir in the...
Page 114 - ... chapel. It was afterwards removed ; by whose authority, and to what place, is not exactly known : but it is considered not improbable that it was transported to the church of St. Germain-en-Laye, and there buried under the monument erected by George IV. Some additional light will probably be thrown on thia subject, in a work on the Stuarts now in course of compilation.
Page 215 - ... whose lustre bright Yeilded all hers a long and sweet delight ; Noble by Birth by vertue more : in deed More fruitfull then she was in fruitfull Seed. Much fuller then of yeares shee was of Grace And now of Glory then of Grace shee was. At Aldershott, ob. 1606, set. 27 :— • LADY ELLEN TICHEBOBNE. Who lived (and now is dead) a life prepared for dying, Who dide (and now she lyves) a death prepared for lyving. So well she both profest, That she in both is blest. Felix eorum memoria quibus nee...
Page 226 - The above lines are on a small brass plate on the wall of Crondall Church, Hants. They are engraved under the representation of a partially shrouded skeleton. The use of the word imp, as applied to the human race in general, is new to me.
Page 102 - All his majesty's subjects of the kingdom of England and dominion of Wales are, both by their allegiance and the act of pacification, bound to resist and repress all those of Scotland, as had, or should enter upon any part of his majesty's realm.
Page 76 - By experience it was found y* a comon medicine called Decoctum sacrum was of excellent use, few dying of y8 feavour who made use of y* remedy. 1703. Memdum, y* on Saturday ye 27th day of Nov. about 2 a clock in ye morning, there arose a terrible hurricane wch did unspeakable damage all over England, but few places suffered more yn ye Parsonage here. For there was one long barn blown down, all ye rest of ye barns, outhouses, stables, and ricks of corn were unthatched, ye whole dwelling house uncovered,...
Page 81 - This Stumpe was the chef causer and contributer to have thabbay chirch made a paroch chirch. At this present tyme every corner of the vaste houses of office that belongid to thabbay be fulle of lumbes to weve clooth yn, and this Stumpe entendith to make a stret or 2.

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