Great Satan's Rage: American Negativity and Rap/Metal in the Age of Supercapitalism

Manchester University Press, 2008. 7. 15. - 240페이지
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Great Satan's Rage looks at how rap and metal--the two most pervasive popular music forms of the 1990s--have been highly engaged with America's role in the world, super-capitalism, and their own role within it. This has especially been the case when genres have crossed over as an effect of cross-racial forms of identification and desire, marketing strategy, political engagement, opportunism, and experimentation. It is how examples of these forms have negotiated, contested, raged against, survived, exploited, simulated and performed "Satan's Rage" that is the subject of this book. The book offers a highly original approach in relating rap/metal to critical theories of economy and culture, introducing a new method of cultural analysis based on theories of negativity and expenditure.

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저자 정보 (2008)

Scott Wilson is Reader in Cultural Theory at Lancaster University.

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