The Cronicles of Scotland [ed. by J.G. Dalyell].

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Page 462 - First and chiefly, since the time I came into this realm, I taught nothing but the Ten Commandments of God, the Twelve Articles of the Faith, and the Prayer of the Lord, in the mother tongue. Moreover, in Dundee, I taught the Epistle of...
Page 353 - Claims was accused at this tyme i of lese majestic, and being convict thairof, was brunt vpoun the castle hill of Edinburgh; and in this meane tyme the maister of Forbes was convict and justified for crymes of treasoun, who swore vpoun the scaffold that he was innocent of these crymes of treasoun, quhairof he was convict; but he knew weill it was the innocent slauchter of the laird of Meldrum, that had brought him to that poyrit.
Page 343 - I sould have leved vpoun the borderis in disphyte of king Harie and yow baith; for I. knaw king Harie wold doun weigh my best hors with gold to knaw that I war condemned to die this day.
Page 307 - Tillibatie, fearing ane conspiracie, he spurred his hors, and fled towardis the castle of Dunbar, thinking to have wone away, becaus he was weill horsed. Bot being ane stranger, and not knawing the ground weill, he laired his hors in ane mos, and thair his enemies cam vpoun him, and slew and murthered him verrie vnhonestlie, and cutted aff his head, and carried with thame.
Page 423 - ... sundrie games, for he was brought vp in the warres of France, quhilk learned him the feattis of armes, and to exercise his pith to the vttermost. For the earle of Lennox was ane strong man, of personage weill proportioned in all his memberis, with lustie and manlie visage, and vent verrie strechtvp in his passage: quhairfoir he appeired verrie pleasant in the sight of gentlwomen. As for the earle of : Bothwell he was fair and quhitlie, sumthing hinging shouldered, and went sumthing fordward,...
Page 348 - King, heiring of this bonspeill of bis mother, was weill content. So thair was laid an hundreth crounes and ane tun of wyne pandit on everie syd. The ground was chosin in St Androis ; the Scottis archeris was thrie landit gentlmen and thrie yeamanes, to witt, David Weimes of that ilk, David Arnott of that ilk, and Mr Johne Wedderburne, viccar of Dundie. The...
Page 367 - seiklie," yet, " frae the tyme shoe saw the King of Scotland, and spak with him, shoe became so enamoured with him, and loved him so weill, that she wold have no man alive to hir husband bot he allanerlie.
Page 555 - In this meantyme, my lord duik seidged the castle of Sempill, with four thousand men; and wan the same. That day the Frenchmen cam to Glasgow, to have maid support to my lord Sempill. Sua the Frenchmen war disappoyntted of thair purpose, but on no wayes wold the protestantis fight with thame, because the Inglismen. war cum in Scotland for thair support. Vpoun the 28 day thairof, the wholl lordis and barrones that war on this syd of Forth, passed to Stirling, and be the way kest doun the abbey of...
Page 312 - ... in his awin handis: quhilk when the king hard of his preheminencie, he was weill content to leive correctioun at the scooles, and pas to his lordis at libertie, sua he was horsed and furnisched in all thingis perteining to ane prince, and syne brought him furth of the castle of Stirling, to the Abbey of Holirudhous ; and thair he tuik vp hous with all office men requisite for his estate, and changed all the old officeris, both thesaurer, comptroller, secreitar, Mr maissar, Mr household, Mr stableris,...

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