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GRAMINEE (cont.):—

Poa aquatica (L.) Reed meadow-grass.
jtuitans (Scop.) Floating meadow-grass.
maritima (Huds.) Creeping sea meadow-grass.
distans (L.) Reflexed meadow-grass.
compressa (L.) Flat-stemmed meadow-grass.
pratensis (L.) Smooth-stalked meadow-grass.
trivialis (L.) Roughish meadow-grass.
alpina (L.) Alpine meadow-grass.
laza (Hoenke.) Wava meadow-grass.
memoralis (L.) Wood meadow-grass.
annua (L.) Annual meadow-grass.
casia (Smith.)
Briza media (L.) Quaking grass.
Festuca ovina (L.) Sheep's fescue-grass.
heterophylla (Lam.)
elatior (L.) Pall fescue-grass.
Bromus hordaceus (L.)
Phragmites communis (Trin.) Common reed.
Elymus arenarius (L.) Upright sea lyme-grass.
Triticum cristatum (Schreb.) Crested wheat-grass.
repens (L.) Creeping wheat-grass. Húsa-puntr.
caninum (Huds.) Fibrous-rooted wheat-grass.


Polypodium vulgare (L.) Common polypody.—Allmannagjá.
fontanum (L.) Thingvellir.
arvonicum (L.)
phegopteris (L.) Beech fern.
dryopteris (L.) Oak fern.
Woodsia ilvensis (Br.) Oblong woodsia.
Aspidium lonchitis (Sw.) Holly fern.
thelypteris (Sw.) Marsh fern.
filiz mas (Sw.) Male fern.
Cystopteris fragilis (Bernh.) Brittle bladder fern.—Skjalfanda.
Asplenium septentrionale (Sw.) Forked spleenwort.—Laugardalr.
trichomanes (L.) Maiden-hair spleenwort.
Jilic famina (Bernh.) Lady fern. Burn, buskni.

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Lycopodium clavatum (L.) Club moss. Isna-bróthir. Common every-
annotinum (L.) Interrupted club moss.
selaginoides (L.) Lesser Alpine club moss-Copse near

alpinum (L.) Savin-leaved club moss. Jafni. Common

selago (L.) Fir club moss. Vargs-lappi, Skolla-fingr.
dubium (L.)

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Equisetum arvense (L.) Corn horse-tail. Ellting—Very large, Uthlith.

sylvaticum (L.) Branched wood horse-tail.—Copse near Laugarvatn.

limosum (L.) Smooth naked horse-tail. Tjarna ellting.— Withimyri.

palustre (L.) Marsh horse-tail.

hyemale (L.) Dutch rushes. Eski-gras.

pratense (Ehr.)

The list above is tolerably complete. I have given the spots where I gathered my specimens. I have put the English names to those plantswhich are found in the British Isles. For those plants which I did not collect myself, I am indebted to Hooker's Journal, 1813; Zoega's Flora Islandica; Preyer u. Zirkel, Reise n. Island; Dr. Lindsay's Flora of Iceland, in the Edinburgh New Philosophical Journal, July, 1861; and to Dr. Hjattalin's Icelandic work of the plants of the island, published in 1830. I have not given any account of the mosses and algae, as I gathered none myself.

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Ans S. bogsveigis (F.A. II.) Story of Án the Bow-bender.
Asmundar S. kappabana (F.A. II.) Story of Asmund the Hero-slayer.
Egils S. einhenda (F.A. III.) Story of One-handed Egill.
Eiríks S. visförla (F. A. III.) Story of Eirik the Far-travelled.
Frä Fornjóti (F.A.I., II.) Story of the Old Giant and his kin.
Frišthjófs S. (F.A.. II.) Story of the stalwart Frith-thjof.
Gautreks S. Konungs (F.A. III.) Story of King Gautrek of West Gothland.
Göngu-Hrólfs S. (F.A. III.) Story of Ralph the Walker, ancestor of
William the Conqueror.
Grims S. losinkinna (F.A. II.) Story of Grim with the Bristly Chin.
Hálfdanar S. Brönufóstra (F.A.. III.) Story of Halfdan, Bran's foster-son.
Hálfdanar S. Eysteinssonar (F.A.. III.) Story of Halfdan, Eystein's son.
Hälf's saga (F.A. II.) Story of King Half and his warriors.
Hemings Tháttr (Analecta Norroena). A Northern version of the story of
Herrauss S. (F.A.. III.) Story of Herrauth.
Hervarar S. (N.O. III.) Story of Hervár and King Heithrek.
Hjálmters Sok Olvis (F.A.. III.) Story of Hjálmter and Oliver.
Hrólfs S. Gautrekssonar (F.A.. III.) Story of Hrolf, son of Gautrek.
Hrólfs S. kraka (F.A. I.) Story of Hrolf Krake and his warriors.
Hrómundar S. Greipssonar (F.A. II.) Story of Hromund, Greip's son.
Illuga S. Gríðarfostra (F.A. III.) Story of Illugi, Grith's foster-son.
Retils S. haengs (F.A.. II.) Story of Salmon Ketill.
Langfečgatal. Genealogy of heroes.
Norna-Gests S. (F.A. I.) Story of Norn-Gest.
Orvar-Odds S. (F.A. II.) Story of Odd the Arrow-darter.

Bagnars S. lobbrókar (F.A. I.) Story of Hairy-breeched Ragnar and his sons.

Sögubrot (F.A. I.) Fragment of stories of ancient Danish and Swedish
Sörla S. sterka (F.A.. III.) Story of Strong Sörli.
Sörla Tháttr (F.A. I.) The deeds of Sörli.
Sturlaugs S. starfsama (F.A.. III.) The story of Toiling Sturlaug.
Tóka Th. (Forn. V.) The Deeds of Tóki, a northern Rip van Winkel.
Thisreks S. (Christ., 1853). Story of Thidrik of Bern and his heroes.
Thorsteins S. bajarmagns (Forn. III.) Story of Thorstein the Farm-keeper.
Thorsteins S. Vikingssonar (F.A.. II.) Story of Thorstein, the Viking's son.
Upplendinga Th. (F.A.. II.) Concerning the Upland kings.
Völsunga S. (F.A. I.) Story of the Völsungs.


Armanns S. (out of print). Story of the mountain gnome, Armann, near
Asu-Thérsar Th. (Forn. VII.) Story of Thorth, lover of Asa.
Aučunar Th. vestfirzka (old Norsk Leseb. of Munch U. Unger). Story of
Bandamanna S. (N.O. X.) Story of the Banded-men. See Chap. XVI.
Bârsar S. Safellsáss (N.O. XXVII.) Story of Bárth, the Snoefell goblin.
Berg-btsa Th. (N.O. XXVII.) The deeds of the mountain-dweller.
Bjarnar S. Hitlalakappa (N.O. IV.) Story of Björn, hero of Hitdale.
Brandkrossa Thăttr (N.O. V.) Story of a cow which swam from Iceland to
Droplaugarsona S. (N.O. II.) Story of the sons of Droplauga.
Egils S. Skallagrimssonar (Reykjavík, ed. Jón Thorkélsson, 1856). Story
of Egill. See Chap. III.
Eiríks Th. rausa (G.M. I.) Deeds of Erick the Red, discoverer of Green-
Eyrbyggja S. (Copenh., 1787.) An abstract was published by Sir W. Scott
in Ill. North. Antiq.
Fareyinga S. (Copenh., 1833.) Story of the Faroe Isles.
Finnboga S. (Akureyri, 1860.) Story of the sturdy Finnbog.
Flodmanna S. (Forn Sögur of Möbius, 1860.) Story of the Floamen.
See Chap. XXIII.
Fästbraethra S. (N.O. XV.) Story of the Foster-brothers, and the visit of
one to Greenland.
Gests S. Bārkarsonar (N.O. XXVII.) Story of Gest, son of Bárth the
Snoefell gnome.
Gisla S. Surssonar (N.O. VIII.) Story of Gisli, Sūr's son, the outlaw.
Grettis S. Asmundarsonar (N.O. XVI.) Story of Grettir the Strong. See
Chaps. I, IV, VII, XV. I hope, one of these days, to bring out a
translation of this noble saga myself.
Graenlendinga Th. (G.M. I.) Concerning Greenland.
Gunnars Th. Thiérandabana (published with Laxdoela S.) Story of Gunnar.
Gunnlaugs S. (Analect. Norroena.) Story of Gunnlaug with the Serpent's

Haensa-Thoris S. (Is. I.) Story of Hen Thorir.
Halls Th. (G.M. III.) Deeds of Hall in Greenland.
Håvarsar S. Isfirthings (N.O. XXVIII.) Story of Håvard of the Ice-frith.
Hrafnkels S. Freysgoba (N.O. I.) Story of Hrafnkell, priest of Frey, and
his horse Freyfaxi.
Holmverja S. (Is. II.) Story of the isle defenders, Hörth and Geir.
Hrafns S. sweinbjarn (G.M. II.) Story of Hrafn; relating to Greenland.
Islendingabók (Is. I.) The book of Icelanders.
Jökulls Tháttr Büasonar (Is. II.) The deeds of Jökull, son of Bái.
Kjalnesinga S. (Is. II.) The story of the Kjalurnes-folk.
Kormaks S. (Copenh., 1832.) Story of Kormak.
Kumlbúa Th. (O.N. XXVII.) Deeds of the Mound-dweller.
Kristn, S. (Bisk. I.) Story of the establishment of Christianity in Iceland.
Kroka-Refs S. (out of print.) Story of Crook-Ref.
Landnámabók (Isl. I.). Icelandic Domesday-book.
Lardala S. (Copenh., 1826.) Story of the Salmondale folk.
Leifs Th. (with Foereyinga S.) Story relating to the Faroe Isles.
Ljósvetninga S. (Isl., 1830; out of print.) Story of the people of Light-
water Lake.
Magnus S. eyjajarls (with Orkn. S.) Story of the life of S. Magnus;
relates to Orkney.
Njáls S. (an edition of the text will shortly be published in N.O. It has
been translated by Dr. Dasent, under the title of “The Story of Burnt
Orkneyinga S. (Copenh., 1780; an English translation will be published
shortly.) Story of Orkney.
Orms Th. Storolfsson (Forn. III.) Deeds of Orm, son of Storolf.
Sigmundar Th. Brestissonar (with Foereyinga S.) Relating to Faroe Isles.
Sturlunga S. (Copenh., 1820; out of print.) The great saga of the Sturlung
Svarsdaela S. (Isl., 1830; out of print.) Story of the folk of Greensward
Tosta Th. tréspjóts (G.M. II.) Story of Tost with the wooden spear.
Thorbjarnar Th. Karlsefnis (Antiquit. Americ., 1887.) Story relating to
the discovery of America.
Thérèar S. hrethu (N.O. XXVII.) Story of Thorth the troubled. A frag-
ment only.
Thérèsar S. hrethu (N.O.VI.) Story of Thorth the troubled, a descendant
of the other Thorth.
Thorfinns S. Karlsefnis (G.M. I.) Story of Thorfin of manly race; relates

to Greenland. Thorgrims S. pristha (N.O. XXVII.) Story of Thorgrim and Viglund the courtly. Thorhalls Th. Slkofra (out of print.) Story of Thorhall Beer-cap and his law-suit.

Thorsteins S. Sièuhallssonar (Analect. Norr.) Story of Thorstein, son of Side-Hall.

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