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brief as follows:--for the last four removal of the restrictions on comweeks' sale in London ; first week, merce, continue to be gradually 1,700 bales; second, 12,000; third, brought forward, and there is every 30,000; fourth, 7,100:-at Liverpool, reason to expect highly beneficial first week, 25,000; second, 21,700 ; consequences from their adoption. third, 38,350 ; fourth, 9,900:-the The following is a bill, (as amended) sales at Glasgow during the same to authorise his Majesty, under cerperiod have been nearly 10,000 bales, tain circumstances, to regulate the making in the whole the enormous duties and drawbacks on goods imquantity of above 155,000 bales; ported or exported in foreign vesthe arrivals at Liverpool in the same sels: period have been 75,000 bales. So great a demand, the reason of which, authorise the importation of Goods in Fo

His Majesty may, by order in council, however, does not clearly appear, reign Vessels, on payment of the same duties naturally caused a rise in the prices; as British Vessels. -Proof to be first given, and the demand, as might have been that, in such Foreign country, goods imexpected, having subsided, a decline ported in British vessels pay the same du• has taken place. Coffee and Sugar ties as if in vessels of the country.-Duties have been in good demand, and the may be raised on goods imported in vessels prices improving; but they have again belonging to countries where higher duties declined a little for the last week or are imposed on goods imported in British ten days. The Indigo sale at the vessels, than when imported in vessels of the India House has not turned outexactly country-Duties to be levied as other duas was expected, the finer sorts being again imposed.(Clause A.) Foreign ves.

Such duties may be removed, or sold at 1s. per pound lower. The sels of less burthen than sixty tons, exemptCompany has declared a sale of ed from the obligation of taking on board a 6,900,000 pounds of tea, for 2d Sep- pilot to conduct them into British ports. tember. The measures determined on Orders in council under this Act to be laid by the government for the gradual before Parliament.

LITERARY INTELLIGENCE. The following works are in the press : The Third Edition of Sir Astley Cooper's

The History of Wells Cathedral and Work on Dislocations and Fractures of the Antiquities. Illustrated by 16 Engravings, Joints. An Appendix will contain a Re. by J. Le Keux, &c. from Drawings by G. futation of almost every statement made in Cattermole; forming the eighth portion of a late critical Publication, on a subject Mr. Britton's Cathedral Antiquities of treated of in the former Editions of the England.

above Work. A Picturesque Voyage round Great Bri A Translation of Les Hermites en Pri. tain, containing a Series of Views, illus- son, of Monsieur Jouy, the French Adtrative of the Character and prominent dison. Features of the Coast. By W. Daniell, Travels through Part of the United ARA. Volume the Seventh. In Imperial States and Canada, in 1818 and 1819. By 4to.

John Morison Duncan, AB. In Two Sketches of the Lives of Correggio and Vols. post 8vo. Parmegiano, with Notices of their principal A new and handsome Edition of the Works ; beautifully printed in small 8vo. Works of the Rev. John Harrison, viz. with a Portrait.

Sermons on Christ Crucified and Glorified, A Series of Picturesque Views of Edin- and on the Holy Spirit, now first Collected, burgh, Engraved in the best line manner. with a Life of the Author. In Three By W. H. Lizars, with a Succinct Histo. Vols. 12mo. rical Account of Edinburgh. In Royal A new Edition of the Lime-Street Lec4to. Part I. To be completed in 17 ture Sermons, beautifully printed in One Monthly Parts, each containing 3 Plates. Volume, 8vo.

Rivington's Annual Register, for the A History of Modern Italy, offering a Year 1822,

to be published in the course of Compressed Version of M. De Sismondi's the present Year. In One large Vol. 8vo. invaluable Histoire des Republiques Ita

A Manual of Pyrotechny, or a Familiar liennes; and completed from Muratori, System of Recreative Fireworks. By a and other original Authorities. In 8vo. Pseudonymous. One Volume, 12mo. Adratus, a Tragedy, with Amiabel, or

A new Edition of the Life of Dr. James the Cornish Lover, a Metrical Tale found. Beattie, by Sir W’illiam Forbes. In Two ed on Fact, and other Poems. By R. C. Volumes, 8vo, with a fine Portrait.

Dallas, Esq.

WORKS LATELY PUBLISHED. Fine Arts, Architecture, fc. guage; including the Fundamental Prin· Views in Provence and on the Rhone, ciples of Etymology, Syntax, and Prosody, engraved by W. B. Cooke, &c. as 11 By T. O. Churchill. 12mo. sheep. 58.

The New Mercantile Assistant, General lustrations of an Itinerary of the Rhone. By John Hughes, AM. of Oriel College. Cheque Book, and Interest Tables, with No. II. royal 4to. 8s. 6d.

Calculations for the purposes of Commerce, Young's Catalogue of the Pictures of By W. Wright. 8vo. Is. the late John Julius Angerstein, Esq. royal of Conversations on the subject of Confirma

The Lady of the Manor, being a Series 4to. 31. half-bound. Large paper, 61. 6s.

An Illustration of the Architecture and tion, intended for the use of the middle and Sculpture of the Cathedral Church of Wor- higher ranks of Young Females. By Mrs. cester, on 12 Plates, each 10 by 12 inches, Sherwood. 12mo. 78. earefully engraved in the line manner, from

Part I, of a new and beautifully printed Drawings, by c. Wild, and accompanied edition from the Glasgow University Press by an Historical and Descriptive Account of Damm's Greck Lexicon to Homer and of the Fabric.

Pindar, to be completed in eight Parts,

4to. 108. 6d. and 8vo. 78. 6d. each boards. History and Biography.

Part III, of Isaac Wilson's (of Hull) Marshall's Naval Biography, Vol. 1, of Ancient and Modern Literature. Is. 6d.

Catalogue of Books-in every department in 2 Parts. II, 108. boards. James's Naval History of Great Britain, Thomas Roughley. 8vo. 12s.

The Jamaica Planter's Guide. By Vol. III, 8vo. 14s. Memoirs of the late Rev. John Escreet,

Four Letters from the Rev. W. Allen, MA. with extracts from his Letters, Diary, GCB. &c. on the Poems of John Clare,

to the Right Hon. Admiral Lord Radstock, &c. ' By Thomas Webster, MA. 12s. The Manuscript of 1814, a History of

the Northamptonshire Peasant. Foolscap

8vo. 38. 6d. Events which led to the Abdication of Napoleon, written at the command of the Em

A Greek and English Lexicon. By peror. By Baron Fain, Secretary of the John Jones, LLD. 8vo. 11. 108. Cabinet at that epoch. 12s.

Original Memorials, or brief Sketches

of Real Characters. 48. Royal Memoirs of the French Revolution. 98. 6d.

Historical Illustrations of Quentin DurThe History of the Anglo-Saxons, com

ward, selected from the Memoirs of Philip

de Comines, and other authors. 12mo. 78. prising the History of England, from the earliest period to the Norman. Conquest. 2 Vols. 8vo. 24s.

H. K. White's Remains .complete in By Sharon Turner, FAS. Third cdition. 3 Vols. 8vo. 21. 5s.

Description of an Electrical Telegraph, The Annual Register, or a view of the

and of some other Electrical Apparatus : History, Politics, and Literature of the Francis Ronalds. 8vo. 6s.

with Eight Plates, engraved by Lowry. By Year 1822. 1 vol. 16s. Memoirs of John Aikin, MD. By Lucy View of the Druidical System of Educa

Drunopædia ; or a New and Interesting Aikin, with a selection of his Miscellaneous tion, elucidating the Obscurities in which Pieces. 2 Vols. 8vo. 11. 4s.

the early Parts of British History are inMisccllancous.

volved. By the Rev. Jonathan Williams, Flora Domestica, or the Portable Flower AM. 8vo. 48. sewed. Garden, with Directions for the Treatment of Plants in Pots, and Illustrations from

Novels and Tales. the Works of the Poets. Ovo. 128.

Italian Stories. Translated by Miss The Berwick New and Improved Gene. Holford. Foolscap 8vo. 58. boards. ral Gazetteer, or Compendious Geographi. Precipitance : a Highland Tale. By a cal Dictionary, brought down to the present Lady. 2 Vols. 12mo. 128. í bds. period, with 26 Maps from the latest au Self Delusion. By the Author of Dothorities, in 3 Vols. 8vo. 21. 25.

mestic Scenes. 2 Vols. 148. boards. The Youthful Travellers; or, Letters Popular Tales and Romances of the chiefly Descriptive of Scenes visited by Northern Nations. 3 Vols. small 8vo. some Young People during a Summer Ex. Il. 58. 6d. cursion. 18mo. half-bound, with Plates. Influence and Example, or the Recluse : 28. 6d.

a Tale.

By the Author of Dangerous Characteristics, in the manner of Roche. Errors. Foolscap. 6s. foucault's Maxims. Foolscap. 45. 61. First Affection : an Oxfordshire Story. A New Grammar of the English Lan- 2 Vols. 12no. 12s. AUG. 1823.


Poetry and the Drama.

The Christian armed against Infidelity, Siege of Valencia, and other Poems. By for the Defence of all Denominations of Mrs. Hemans. 98. 6d.

Religion. 12mo, 5s. Sylva : Poems on several Subjects. By of Canduct. In a Course of Sermons. By

The Lord's Prayer, considered as a Rule Chandos Leigh, Esq. 8vo. 7s.6d. A Collection of Poems, chiefly Manu- the Rev. Alex. Dallas.

" 12mo. 4s. 6d. script, and from various Authors. Edited for the Benefit of a Friend, by Joanna

Voyages, &c. Ballie. 8vo. 11. Is.

Journal of a Tour in France, in the Hazelwood Hall: a Village Drama, in Years 1816-17-18. By Frances Jane Carey Three Acts. By Robert Bloomfield, Au. 8vo. 148. thor of The Farmer's Boy. Foolscap. 38. Rambles Abroad; or Observations on

The VIth, VIIth, and VIIIth Cantos the Continent, made during the Summers of Don Juan. 8vo. 9s. 68. Foolscap, 78. of the Years 1816-17-18, in Excur, 18mo. ls.

șions through Part of the North of France, Faust, a Drama, by Goethe ; and the Low Countries, along the Rhine, and Schiller's Song of the Bell. Translated by the Prussian Frontier. 8vo. 148. Lord Francis Leveson Gower. 8vo. 128. Journal of Ten Months' Residence in

New Zealand. By R. A. Cruise, Esq. Theology.

Captain in the 84th Regiment of Foot, For the Oracles of God; Four Orations. 8vo. Is. boards. -For Judgement to Come; an Argument A Description of the Scenery of the in Nine Parts. By the Rev. Edward Irv. Lakes in the North of England. By W, ing, AM. Minister of the Caledonian Wordsworth. 12mo. 5s. 6d. sewed. Church, Hatton Garden, London. Second Recollections of the Peninsula, contain, Edition, 8vo. 12s.

ing Sketches of the Manners and CharacMiscellaneous Works of the late Rev. ters of the Spanish Nation. By the Au, Thomas Harmer; with an Introductory Me thor of Sketches of India, i Vol. 8vo. 8s, moir, by W. Youngman. 8vo. 10s. 6d. Travels, comprising Observations made

Vol. V. of the Preacher ; or, Sketches during a Residence in the Tarentaise, and of Original Sermons, for the Use of Lay various Parts of the Grecian and Pennine Preachers and Young Ministers ; to which Alps, and in Switzerland and Auvergne, is prefixed a Familiar Essay on the Com. in the Years 1820-21-22. By R. Bake, position of a Sermon. 12mo. 45.

Well, Esq, 2 Vols. 8vo. 26s. The Pulpit ; Parts I, II, and III, con. Dr. Whittaker's History of Richmondtainining Reports of upwards of Thirty shire and Lunedale. 2 Vols. Demy Folio, Sermons, by the most eminent and popu- 252 4s. Large Paper, 50% 8s. lar Divines of the Day-Reviews of Reli Mernorable Days in America ; being a gious Literature--and a great variety of Journal of a Tour to the United States. interesting Miscellaneous Matter.

By W. Faux. 8vo. 14$.

ECCLESIASTICAL PREFERMENTS. Rev. M. H. Goodman, MA, to the vicarage of W. Wade; Patrons, the Dean and Chapter of Ely. Bitton, vice Rev. W. Macdonald, resigned.-Rev. -Rev. Charles Atlay, MA. to the rectory of St. W. Knight, BA. to the rectory of Stevington, George with St. Paul,' in Stamford, vacant by the Hant.--Hey. John Hubbard, to the rectory of cession of the Rev. Henry Atlay.-Rev. W. S. Horstead, Sussex.-Rev. W. Slatter, of Christ Preston. AM. of Starforth Vicarage, and of Warcop Church, and Vicar of Cumnor, Berks, to the rec. Hall, Westmoreland, to the rectory of Bowness. tory of Hethe, Oxfordsbire.- Rev. G. P. B. Pollen, Rev. W. Clark, MA. Professor of Anatomy, and of Christ Church, to the rectory of Hemingby, Fellow of Trinity College, to the vicarage of ArLincolnshire.--Rev. H. J. Earle, to the rectory of rington, Cambridgeshire.-Rev. Thos. Musgrave, High Ongar, Essex.-Rev. H. Pearce, MA. late MA. Lord Almoner's Professor of Arabic, and FelConduct of King's College, Cambridge, to the low of Trinity College, to the vicarage of Over, rectory of Hemingby, Lincolnshire. --Rev. Geo. Cambridgeshire.-Rev. N. Orman, of Mildenhall, Knight, MA. Curate of Harwell, Berks, to the to the living of Great Barton, Suffolk.- Rev. Anvicarage of Hagbourn, in the same County.-Rev. drew Barnaby, MA. to the rectory of Asfordly, LeiH. B. W. Hillcoat, MA. of Queen's College, and cestershire.- Rev. Thos. Wyatt, AM. Minister of Minister of St. Mary's Chapel, Bath, to be one of Wroxton, and Balscott, to be one of the Domestic the Chaplains to His Royal Highness the Duke of Chaplains to the Rt. Hon. the Earl of Guilford. Sasser.- Rev. Edmund Smyth, BA. of St. John's The Rev. C. L. Swainson, MA. Fellow of St. John's College, Cambridge, to the vicarage of North El College, to the perpetual Curacy of St. Mary, Edgekington, Lincolnshire, vacant by the resignation hill, in the County of Lancaster.-Rev. H. Farof his brother, the Rev. W. Smyth, MA. of Brase dell, MA. to the rectory of Feltwell, St. Nicholas nose College, Oxford: Patron, Lord Glaston. annexed, Norfolk; Patron, the King.-The Rev. hury.-Rev. T. Beckley, MA. and Fellow of New S. Sheen, MA. to the rectory of Stanstead, Suf. College, Oxford, to the rectory of Stratton All folk.-The Rev. T. B. Newell, AM. of Christ Saints, Norfolk : Patrons, the Warden and Fellows Church, to the perpetual Curacy of Salperton, in of New College.-Rev. L. P. Baker, BD. Fellow of the County of Gloucester.The Rev. Thos, ShrapSt. John's College, to the vichrage of Impington, nel Biddulph, MA. of Worcester College, and of Cambridgeshire, vacant by the death of the Rev. Cleeve Court, County of Somerset, to the rectory

of Brockley, in the same County.The Rev. Mr. Merton College; R. D. Thomson; Rev. J. EgerStrong, Curate of Paluswick, Gloucestershire, to ton; Rev. H. Washington, and the Rev. W. A. be vicar of the same place, by Election.

Shirley, Fellows of New College. OXFORD.--His Majesty's Gold and Silver Me. CAMBRIDGE.-The Rev. Peter Paul Dobree, dals were adjudged as follows: Latin Prose, “ Vi. MA. Fellow of Trinity College, was upanimously rorum illustrium minima quæque vitia statim in elected Regius Professor of Greek, on the resigna. oculos hominum incurrunt." Mr. Henry David. tion of the very Rev. J. H. Monk, DD. Dean of son, a Gold Medal.--English Verse, “ The Death Peterborough, of Lady Jane Grey." Mr. Hugh Seymour Tre The Annual Prizes of 15 Guineas each, given by menheere, a Gold Medal.-" Happibalis ad Sci the Representatives in Parliament of this Univerpionem de pace oratio." Mr. Henry Le Mesurier, sity, for the best Dissertations in Latin Prose, & Silver Medal.-The Speech of “Titus Quinctius were adjudged as follow : to the Romans, when the Equi and Volsci were ran Senior Bachelors. " Quænam sunt Ecclesiæ vaging their territory to the very gates of the city. Legibus Stabilitæ Beneficia et qua ratione maxi. Mr. James Corry Connellan, a Silver Medal, me promovenda? Alfred Ollivant, BA. Trinity

The following Degrees have been conferred : College. No second Prize adjudged. Doctors in Divinity, the Rev. R. Mason, of Queen's Middle Bachelors. “Qui Fructus Historiæ EcCollege; the Rev. H. Card, of Pembroke College. clesiasticæ Studiosis percipiendi sunt?" Charles E. - Bachelors in Divinity: The Rev. W. E. Hony Keonaway, BA. John's College; George Long, and the Rev. P. Johnson, Fellows of Exeter Col. BA. Trinity College. lege.-Bachelors in Civil Law: The Rev. C. H. The Porson Prize for the best Translation of a Ridding, and the Rev. R. Grant, Fellows of New Passage from Shakspeare into Greek Verse, was College.-Masters of Arts : The Rev. W. Kay, adjudged to Benjamin Hall Kennedy, of St. John's Chaplain of Magdalen College; J. Parker, of College. -Subject, Henry VIII. Act. v. Scene 6, Braze-nose College; the Rev. E. Warneford, of beginning with "This royal infant," and ending St. John's College; G. H. Seymour, Fellow of with “ And so stand fix'd,


of the late H. J. Boatflower, Esq. of the Hon.

East India Company's service. June 20.-The lady of the Rev. John Kirby, a son.

24. At the new church of Mary-le-bone, Robert 21. At Packington, Warwickshire, the Countess

Peter Smith, Esq. to Josepha, relict of R. Chamof Aylesford, a son. - At Lochnaw-castle, Lady Agnew, a son.

berlain, Esg. of Mullet.hall. Jamaica.

26. At Mary-le-bune church, by the Rev. Dr. 25. At Bath, the lady of Major Charles de Havll

Ridley, Prebendary of Gloucester, the Rev. land, a son.

Henry John Ridley, Prebendary of Bristol, to 26. At Poyotzfield-house, North Britain, the lady of

Elizabeth, eldest daughter of Lee Steere Steere, Major General George Gun Monro, a daughter. Esq. of Javes, Surrey, 27. The lady of Sir Thomas Farquhar, Bart. a son. 30. At Hythe, Kent, by the Rev. J. H. Bell, 28. At Camprall-park, near Doncaster, the lady of

Henry Thompson, Esq. BA. Scholar of St. John's Sir Joseph Radcliffe, Bart. a daughter.

College, Cambridge, to Anne Harrison, second - At Torry-hill, Kent, Lady Montresor, a son daughter of the Rev. James Bell, Vicar of 29. At Painswick house, Gloucestershire, the lady July 1.-At Ipsden, Oxon, Lieut. Alan Francis

Lympue, Kent. of W. H. Hyett, Esq. a son.

Gardiner, RN. third son of Samuel Gardiner, July 2.-10 Wimpole-street, the lady of Lieut...

Esq. of Coombe-lodge, Oxon, to Julia Susanna, Col. Bourchier, a son.

second daughter of John Reede, Esq. of Ipsden6. In Cumberland-street, the lady of Lieut.-Col.

house, in the same county. Sir T. Noel Hill, KCB. Grenadier Guards, a 5. By the Rev. Lord John Thynne, the Hon. daughter.

Henry Lascelles, to Lady Lonisa Thynne, dangh- At his house, in Great George-street, Westminster, the lady of the Hon. Edward Cust, MP. 8. At the house of Barrington Price, Esq.of Hasle.

ter of the Marquis and Marchioness of Bath. a daughter.

mere, Robert Price, Esq. MP. for Hereford, and II. At Raymond Arundell's, Esq. Kenilworth,

only son of Uvedale Price, Esq. of Foxley, to Warwickshire, the lady of Edmond de Pentheny Mary Anne Elizabeth, youngest daughter of the O'Kelly, Esq. a daughter.

late Rev. Dr. Price, Prebendary of Durham, and 15. dt her house, on Putney-heath, Lady Cole. Canou Residentiary of Salisbury. brooke, a daughter.

15. At Churston Ferrers, Devonshire, by the Rev. - In Montague-street, Portman-square, the lady J. Dix, Colonel William Wood, to Charlotte of W.J. St. Aubyn, Esq. a son.

Elizabeth, eldest daughter of Capt. Edward Dix, 17. In New-street, Spring-gardens, the lady of

RN. J. H. Tremaync, Esq. a daughter.

- At Speldhurst, Kent, Major Brook Bridges IN IRELAND.

Parlby, of the Madras Army, to Miss Maria

At Douglas-house, near Cork, the lady of John
Callaghan, Esq. a daughter.

16. At Cheltenham, Isaac Hawkins Morrison, Esq.

Post Capt. in the Royal Navy, to Louisa Adams, ABROAD.

daughter of John Powell Smith, Esq. of Upper At Genera, the Indy of Major-Gen. Sir W. Inglis, Berkeley-street, Portman-square. KCB, a son.

- At St. Vieorge's, Hanover-square, by the Rev. At Paris, the l'iscomtesse destacpoole, a daughter. Thomas White, John Jarrett, Esq. of Marelands, At Spanish Town, Jamaica, the lady of the Hon. Hants, and Camerton-hoase, Somersetshire, to W. Burge, a son.

Anna Eliza Waller, youngest daughter of Sir At Gibraltar, the lady of William Filder, Esq. De Matthew Waller, Bart. of Pope's Villa, Twicken. puty Commissary-General to the forces, a son. bam, and

of Hertford-street, May-fair. Ai Calcutta, the lady of Henry Hobhouse, Esq. 17. At St. George's, Hanover-square, Col. Macsecond son of Sir Benjamin Hobhouse, Bart. & kinnon, to Anne Jane, eldest daughter of Joha

Dent, Esq. MP.


At Largs, Ayrshire, by the Right Rev. Bishop Jone 21.-At St. Mary-le.bone church, by the Rev.

Sandford, D. K. Sandford, Esg. Professor of Thomas Fuller, MÁ. J. D. Fitzgerald, Esq. De

Greek in the University of Glasgow, to Henputy Assistant Comunissary General to the forces rietta Cecilia, only daughter of the late Robert to Mary Anne, only danghter of the late R. Ful. Charnock, Esq.

ler, Esq. of York-street, Portman-sqnare. - At Ashbourne, the Rev. H. C. Boutflower,

IN IRELAND. Busy, Lancashire, to Harriet, eldest daughter At Golden, Tipperary, by the Rev. Irwiue Whitty.



Charles Colins, Esq. BA. FC. PS. of St. John's July 6.-The Rev. David Williams, MA. Principal College, Cambridge, eldest son of the late Chas. of Ysliadmeyric College, Cardiganshire, and for Collins, Esg. of Ashbourne Grove, Derbyshire, merly Fellow of Wadham College, Oxford. to Anna Matilda, second daughter of Richard - At his house, at St. Bernard's, Stockbridge, Sir Creaghe, Esq. of Castle-park, Golden, and cousin Henry Raeburn. He had for a long period octo the Right Hon. the Earl of Rosse.

cupied the first place among the portrait paintAt Glasnevin church, county of Dublin, by the ers of Scotland. Sir Henry was a Member of

Rev. Archdeacon Bishopp, Chaplain to his Ex the Royal Society of Edinburgh, of the late Imcellency the Lord Lieutenant, Capt. Martin G. perial Academy of Florence, of the Academy of T. Lindsay, of the 78th Highland Regiment, to New York, and a few days before his death reHarriet Anne, eldest daughter of Lieut.-Col. ceived a Commission, appointing him portrait Robert Bull, CB. &c.

painter in Scotland to the King. At Portumna, county

of Galway, by the Rev. John 7. In Seymour-street, Bath, John Warner, Esq. Armstrong, Capt. Humfrey, of the 86th regt. formerly of Beaulieu, Hants, aged 81. to Mary, only daughter of the late William Keys, 8. At Clough Hall, in the County of Stafford, Esq. of Cavanacorn, county of Donegal.

Wm. Shepherd Kinnersley, Esg. MP.

At Otley, suddenly, Miss Mary Ward. She had IN WALES.

been so terrified by the thunder storm, as to be At Llanbadarn Vaivr, by the Rev. R. Evans, F.T. thrown into strong convulsion fits, which defied Gibb, Esq. to Elizabeth, only child of the late all aid, and termiuated in her death the same. Thomas Hughes, Esq. of Hendrefelen, in the evening. county of Cardigan.

9. At Exeter, on his return homewards from India,

in the 40th year of his age, Major Chas. Hall, of ABROAD.

the 16th Regt. of Madras Light Infantry, eldest IR Granville, Nova Scotia, by the Rev. B.C. Gray, son of David Hall, Esg. of Macclesfield, in the Thomas Ritchie, Esq. Barrister, and Member County of Chester. for the county of Annapolis, to Elizabeth, second 11. At Brighton, Sam. Rolleston, Esq. aged 80. daughter of the late George Best, of Pershore, - At his father's house,

at Stifkey, Norfolk, Col. Worcester, Esq.

Henry Loftus, of the Coldstream Guards. At her mother's house, by the Vicar General of - At Shrewsbury, a female of the name of Bax

Naples, Amelia, eldest daughter of the late ter, having attained the age of 104 years. Matthew Higgins, of Bennown, Ireland, Esq. - At Wain-Wern Cottage, near Pontypool, Monto Gaetano Pannola, Esq. of Lauro. The cere mouthshire, Robt. Smith, Esq. mony was afterwards performed at the honse of 15. At Bosworth Park, Leicestershire,

Mrs. PoMr. Hamilton, Envoy Extraordinary, and Minis chin, relict of the late Col. George Pochin, of

ter Plenipotentiary froin his Britannic Majesty. Bourn Abbey, Lincolnshire, and eldest danghIn the Cathedral Church, at Quebec, by the Ve ter, and ultimately sole heiress of Sir Wolstan nerable the Archdeacon of Quebec, assisted by Dixie, Bart. of Bosworth Park. the Rev. Dr. Mills, Chaplain to His Majesty's - In bis 76th year, Mr. Bent, of Paternoster Forces, Capt. Frederick Arabin, RA. fourth son Row, Bookseller. of Henry Arabin, Esg. of Maglare, County of 16. At Walthamstow House, Essex, Harriet, Meath, Ireland, to Miss Eliza Mountain, eldest daughter of Sir Robt. Wigram, Bart. daughter of the Lord Bishop of Quebec. 17. Iu Bermondsey-street, Southwark, aged 67, the

Abbé Auge Denis Macquin,

formerly Professor DEATHS.

of Rhetoric in the College of Meaux en Brie.

18. At Southampton, Susan, only daughter of Dr. Jane 23.-At Lamas, Norfolk, in the 77th year Borland, of Teddington..

of his age, Wm. Lubbock, Esq. father of Sir - At Ramsgate, after lingering three years in a John Wm. Lubbock, Bart.

decline, Miles James Beevor, in his 18th year, 26. At Kentish Town, Geo. Jackson, Esq. in the eldest son of Colonel Beevor, of the Royal Ar76th year of his age--the last, except one of the

tillery. original Directors named in the Act of Parlia 19. At Westbourn Green, after a long and severe ment for that truly great national work, the illness, Francis, second son of the late John Grand Junction Canal. 27. Of a fever, Dr. O'Leary, Principal Medical

Braithwait; Ese of the New Road, Fitzroya Officer at Albany Barracks, Isle of Wight. 21. At the house of her

mother, Mrs. Walton, in 30. At Eltham, Kent, John Bowdler, Esq. in the Gower-street, Bedford Square, Elizabeth, widow 78th year of his age.

of the late John Hall Harris, Esq, of Stanwell, At his house, at Stamford, Lincolnshire, Octa Middlesex. vius Graham Gilchrist, Esq. Mr. Gilchrist was

ABROAD. originally intended for the church, and with that view was entered of Magdalen College, Oxford ;

On board His Majesty's Ship, Leven, on the Coast but after a residence of two years he quitted

of Africa, Mr.

James Favell, Admiralty Clerk, it for a lucrative business, which was left him

and son of Mrs. Favell, of Cambridge, widow. by his uncle. This made no change, however,

This lady, at ove time, could boast of having in his character: he added high literary acquire

five sons in His Majesty's Service; viz. three in ments to a mind upusually vigorous and dis.

the Army, and two in the Navy: the three in the criminating, and became the author of several Army, one a Captain, the second a Lieutenant, interesting publications; among which bis Vin.

and the third an Ensign, were killed, whilst dications of Ben Jonson and of Pope will not

serving under his Grace the Duke of Wellingsoon be forgotten. He was one of the earliest

ton, in the Peninsular War; the fourth met his contributors to the London Magazine, and an

death as related above; the fifth and only reoccasional writer in the Quarterly Review.

maining one, is a Lieutenant in the Navy, and, July 1.- At Shrewsbury, after a short illness, Ad

till lately, commanded His Majesty's schooner, miral Geo. Bowen.

Pioneer. 2. In London, Major Stewart, son of Alexander

At Madeira, Engenia, the wife of John Keir, Esq. Stewart, Esq. of Huntfield, Lanarkshire.

At Etterbeck, near Brussells, of a decline, the - In Brook-street, Chas. Freeman, Esq. formerly

lady of Morgan Waters, Esq. Secretary to the Government at Madras, aged 68.

At Cologne, on his return to England, from Italy, - At his house, in the Kent Road, aged 60, Chas.

George Halliday, Esq. of St. James's-street, Brewer, Esq. late of the Royal Navy Asylum at

Banker, aged 31. Greenwich, and formerly Secretary to Admiral

At Calcutta, in his 65th year, Robt. Gibson, Esq. Sir Richard King, Bart.

of Denmark Hill. 3. T. H. Cutbush, Esq. 45 years of His Majesty's

In Persia, Lieut. Herman Joseph Milford, of the Office of Ordnance.

5th Regt. of Infantry, Madras Presidency, aged - In Devonshire-street, Maria Emilia, wife of

22, second son of S. F. Milford, Esq. of Exeter,

Devon. Henry Nassau, Esq. of Oporto. 6. In Jermyn-street, Major Gen. the Hon, Arthur

At Sea, Henry Barry, Esq. Purser of the London, St. Leger.

East Indiaman, aged 25.

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