Veritas Victrix

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W. Ridgway, 1878 - India - 109 pages

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Page 58 - I have complied with all the judiciary forms : I have demanded, as the last of the creditors, that which is due to me. My services are treated as fables, my demand is denounced as ridiculous, I am treated as. the vilest of mankind.
Page 17 - owing to sundry causes, the minds of the people in these districts are at present in a very restless and disaffected state, and they have generally conceived the idea that there is an intention on the part of Government to commence and carry through a systematic interference with their religion, their caste, and their social customs.
Page 62 - Magistrate reported1 that the rebel sect were upon the increase in that city. Sedition was openly preached by the principal inhabitants of this capital of a British Province. The police had leagued themselves with the fanatics ; and one of their...
Page 2 - The centre of this truly bitter and formidable political conspiracy was Patna. You lived there and knew what was going on. You acted on your knowledge and paralysed the whole of the Wahabee sect, by seizing their leaders at the very moment when they could and would have struck a heavy blow against us. The Bengal Government was determined not to believe in the Wahabee conspiracy, and punished you for your vigour. Time has done you justice, shown that yon were right, and hanged or transported the enemies...
Page 22 - Government afterwards ; but sometimes, in the hurry and crush of overwhelming business, did it without reporting it at all ; and this irritated superior authority. The same thing was being done on a larger scale elsewhere ; but Patna was comparatively near to Calcutta, and Calcutta had not yet released itself from the coils of the Red Tape. Those were days when men — the best of our...
Page 62 - the rebel sect was on the increase in the city; sedition was openly preached by the principal inhabitants of this capital.
Page 41 - Government they served ; and that voice ordered them to remain in honorary confinement so long as the crisis might last. They were subjected to no humiliation : to no disgrace. Simply the power of endangering the lives of others was taken away from them. This act occurred on the 19th of June. It was followed up by the arrest of Miilvi Medhi, the patrolling magistrate of the city, strongly suspected of connivance with the disaffected. The next day, the 20th, the rank and file having been overawed...
Page 62 - It appears from a letter just received from Mr. Tayler, that, whilst apparently under the influence of a panic, he has ordered the officials at all the stations in his division to abandon their posts and fall back on Dinapore. * * * * Under these circumstances I have determined at once to remove Mr. Tayler from his appointment of Commissioner of Patna.
Page 44 - ... fanaticism, on the other, the longedfor opportunity to repay many a covert insult. It can well be imagined what followed. There was not a moment of parley. The rival parties instantaneously clashed, and in a few seconds the discipline and bayonets of the Sikhs suppressed the long-threatened Patna rising." — " The Indian Mutiny,

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