Sketches of Ireland sixty years ago [signed W.].

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James McGlashan, ... William S. Orr and Company, ... London., 1849 - Ireland - 180 pages

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Page 60 - ... still. Dear Harp of my Country ! farewell to thy numbers, This sweet wreath of song is the last we shall twine ! Go, sleep with the sunshine of Fame on thy slumbers, Till touch'd by some hand less unworthy than mine ; If the pulse of the patriot, soldier, or lover, Have throbb'd at our lay, 'tis thy glory alone ; I was but as the wind, passing heedlessly over, And all the wild sweetness I wak'd was thy own.
Page 7 - ERIN ! the tear and the smile in thine eyes Blend like the rainbow that hangs in thy skies ! Shining through sorrow's stream, Saddening through pleasure's beam, Thy suns with doubtful gleam Weep while they rise.
Page 65 - em,' says he. — ' You lie,' says I. — With that he ups with a lump of a two year old, and lets drive at me. I outs with my bread-earner, and gives it him up to Lamprey in the bread-basket.
Page 5 - Wert thou all that I wish thee, great, glorious, and free, First flower of the earth, and first gem of the sea, I might hail thee with prouder, with happier brow, But oh ! could I love thee more deeply than now ? No, thy chains as they rankle, thy blood as it runs.
Page 17 - The doctor, who had long been secluded from the world, and whose observation was beginning to fail, immediately reverted to the time when he had been himself a young barrister ; and his advice was : " My young friend, practise four hours a day at Rigby's Pistol Gallery, and it will advance you to the woolsack faster than all the Fearnes and Chittys in the library.
Page 135 - Bondstreet; so he immediately crossed over, and with outstretched hand declared how delighted he was to see him again. The gentleman was walking with a group of others of a high aristocratic cast, and dressed in the utmost propriety of costume ; and when he saw a wildlooking man, with soiled leather breeches, dirty topboots, not over clean linen, nor very close shaven beard, striding up to him, with a whip in his hand and the lash twisted under his arm, he started back, and with a look of cold surprise...
Page 86 - Mayor of the bull-ring," had a singular jurisdiction allowed to him. He was the guardian of bachelors, and it was a duty of his office to take cognizance of their conduct. After the marriage ceremony, the bridal party * Statute, 19, 20, George III., c. 36. were commonly conducted to the ring by
Page 152 - The book was presented to him. He shook his head and declined to take it. It was thrust into his right hand. He hastily withdrew the hand, as if he was afraid of its being infected by the touch, and placed it out of the way behind his back. It was then presented to his left hand, which he also withdrew, and held behind his back with his right. Still the persevering book was thrust upon him, and still he refused, bowing and retreating, with his hands behind him, until he was stopped by the wall.
Page 25 - Domini est salus, Domini est salus, Christi est salus. Salus tua, Domine, sit semper nobiscum.
Page 20 - So general was the practice, and so all-pervading was the duel mania, that the peaceful shades of our university could not escape it. Not only students adopted the practice, but the principal and fellows set the example. The Honourable J. Hely Hutchinson, the Provost, introduced, among other innovations on the quiet retreats of study, dancing and the fashionable arts. Among them was the noble science of defence, for which he wished to endow a professorship. He is represented in Pranceriana as a fencing-master,...

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