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pense. Fr.

Packings, frauds.

Péculiar, belonging to an indiPayed, beaten, drubbed. Hen. vidual. MEA. FOR MEA. IV. Ist Part. punished.

Peer-out, appear out, or peep out. Pale, sometimes dominions, Peevish, sometimes for foolish. boundaries.

Peize, to weigh, to keep in susPall, to wrap, or invest. Mac. Palled, vapid, decayed.

Pelting, sometimes for paltry. Palmers, pilgrims who visited Pennons, small flags. holy places.

Perdu, one of the forlorn hope. l'almy, victorious.

Fr. Palter, to shuffle.

Perdurable, lasting. Paragoned, peerless, without

peerless, without Perdy, a corruption of the French comparison.

oath par Dieu. Parcell-bawd, half-bawd.

Perfect, sometimes used for cer- . To parcell, sometimes to reckon. tain, or well assured. Parcell-gilt, partly gilt.

Periapts, charms worn about the Paritors, apparitors, officers of neck. the spiritual court.

Peu-fellow, a companion. Parle, dispute by words.

Pheere, a mate, or companion. Parlous, perilous, keen, shrewd. Pheese, to plague, or teaze. Partizan, a pike.

I'll pheese you, I'll comb your l'ash, head.

head. To pash, to butt, or strike with Pia Mater, the membrane that violence.

protects the substance of the l'assed, sometimes for surpassed brain. all expression. Mer. Wiv.

Pick, sometimes for to pitch. Passy-measure, a kind of dance.

l'ickers, hands. Patch, a fool. Mer. OF VEN. Pick-thank, an officious parasite. &c.

Piece, sometimes used as Path, to walk.

epithet of contempt. Palines, round broad plates. Picled, shaved. Pavin, a kind of dance.

Pight, pitched, fixed. Paucas pulabris, few words, cor Pilcher, leathern sheath.

rupted from the Sp. pocas Piled, that which has lost the palabras.

hair. Peat, pet, or darling, a spoiled Pile d-esteemed, probably for vilechild.



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Pilled, pillaged.

Pomewater, a species of apple. Pinfold, a pound.

Poor John, hake, dried and salted. Pink eyne, red eyes.

Popinjay, a parrot. Pinnace, anciently signified a ship Port, show or appearance. Tam. of small burthen.

Shrew. Pir, the box in which consecrated Portage, open space, or safe arwafers were kept.

rival at a port.
Placket, a petticoat.

Portance, carriage.
Plague, for, to punish.

Possess, sometimes for, to make
Plainly, openly, free from con understand.
cealment. COR.

Putch, to push roughly or vioPlanched, made of boards or ·lently. planks.

Potents, potentates. Plantage, plaintain, or any kind Poulter, poulterer. of plants subject to the influ

Pouncet bor, a box cut with open ence of the moon.

work. Fr.
Plants, feet; from the Lat. ANT. Prank, to adorn, to deck out.
AND Cleo.

Precisian, one who pretends to
Plates, silver money. ANT. AND great sanctity.

Preeches, breeched, flogged.
Platforms, plans or schemes. Prenominate, already named.
HEN. VI. 1st Part.

Pricket, a buck of the second
Plausire, gracious, pleasing, year.

Prig, to filch.
Pleached, folded in each other. Prime, sprightliness of youth.
Plot, a piece or portion. Cor. All's Well.

Primer, more important.
Point, or to point, exactly, com Primero, a game at cards.
pletely. TEMP.

Princor, a coxcomb, or pet.
Point-devise, exactly. Fr. Probal, probable.
Poize, weight or moment. Profuce, much good may it do
Polack, an inhabitant of Poland.
Politick regard, a sly look. Profane, sometimes, free of
Pulled, bared or cleared.

speech, talkative.
Pomander, a perfumed ball worn Profession, end and purpose of
in times of infection.


you. Ital.

Prolirious, coy, distant.

Question, sometimes conversation. Prompture, suggestion, instiga- Questrist, one who goes in search tion.

of another. Prone, humble or prompt. MEA. Quiddets, subtleties. FOR Mea.

Quill, in the quill, written. Hen. Properties, the necessaries of a VI. 2d Part. theatre.

Quillets, evasions, chicanery. Provand, provender.

Quintain, a post, or butt set up. Prune, sometimes for to plume. Quips, hasty, passionate reproaches Pugging, cant word for coveting, and scoffs. as a thief or sharper.

Quired, played in concert. Puke, colour between russet and Quit, sometimes, to requite. black.

Quittance, return of injuries or Pun, to pound. TROIL. AND favours. CRESS.

Quiver, nimble, active. Pussel, a low wench.

Quote, sometimes, to observe, or Putter-out, one who puts out his regard.

money on interest, or other advantage. Temp.

R. Puttock, a mean species of hawk.

Rabato, an ornament for the neck.

Rabbet-sucker, a young rabbit. Q.

Race of heaven, something deQuail, to sink, to faint.

scended from heaven, heavenly. Quaint, fantastically dressed. Race, a single root. MER. Wiv.

Rack, the last fleeting vestige of Quaked, thrown into trepidation. the highest clouds. Quarry, the game after it is killed. To rack, to harass by exactions. Quart d'ecu, fourth part of a Ram, for rain. ANT. & CLEO. French crown.

Rampallian, a ramping, low creaQuat, a scab, an angry blockhead. ture.. Qucasy, suspicious, unsettled. Rapt, rapturously affected. Quell, sometimes, to murder. Rated sinew, a strength reckoned Queller, a murderer.

upon. Quests, reports. MEA. FOR MEA. Ravin, to devour voraciously. Quest, pursuit. LEAR.

Raught, reached.

Rawly, without preparation, suda Respect, caution, regard to condenly, hastily,

sequences. Rayed, bewrayed.

Respective, respectful, or respectRuze, a bale.

able. Recheat, a horn, a tune to call the Respectively, respectfully. dogs back.

Rest, what I am resolved on, Reck, to care for.

HEN. V. Reckless, careless.

Retort, to refer back. MEA. Recorders, a kind of flute.

Red-lattice phrases, alehouse con Reverbs, reverberates.

versation, from the form of the Revolt of mein, change of comdoors and windows.

plexion. Red plague, the erysipelas, St. Revolts, revolters. Anthony's fire.

Rheumatic, for capricious, huReechy, discoloured by smoke.

moursome. Reels, probably for wheels. Ant. Rib, to inclose. & CLEO.

Ribald, lewd fellow. Refel, to confute.

Rid, to destroy. TEMP. Regreet, exchange of salutation.

Rift, to split. Reguerdon, recompense, return. Riggish, wanton. Remorse, sometimes used for Rigol, a circle. pity.

Rim, probably a cant word for Remotion, removal from place to

money. Hen. V. place, shifting

Ringed, encircled. Remues, journeys, stages.

Rivage, the bank or shore. Render, sometimes to describe. Rivality, equal rank. Renege, to renounce.

Rivals, equals. Ham. Repair, generally signifies to re Rive, to discharge or burst. novate.

Romage, tumultuous hurry. Repeals, recalls. Oth.

Ronyon, a scab, a despicable perReports, reporters. ANT. & CLE. Reproof, confutation. Hen. IV. Rood, the cross. Ist Part.

Rooky, abounding with rooks. Repugn, to resist.

Ropetricks, roguish tricks, or abuReserre, to guard, to preserve

sive language. carefully. Per.

Ropery, roguery.
Resolte, sometimes for dissolve. Roundel, a circular dance.


Roundure, a circle.

Scandling, measure or proportion. Rouse, a draught of jollity, ca Scarfed, decorated with flags. rousal.

Scath, destruction, harm. Royal, or real, a coin of the value Sconce, the head, or a kind of of ten shillings.

fortification. Royally attorneyed, nobly supplied Scotch, to bruise or crush.

by substitution of embassies. Scrimers, fencers. Fr. Roynish, mangy, scurvy.

Scroyles, scabby fellows. Rudduck, the red-breast.

Scrubbed, stunted, shrub-like, or Rufle, to be noisy, disorderly. short and dirty. Ruthling, bustling, or rustling. Sculls, shoals of fish. Rule, method of life. Twelf. Seam, lard. NIGHT.

Seumels, a bird. Rump-fed, fed with offals.

Seamy side without, inside out. Rush, for rush-ring.

Seur, dry. Ruth, pity, compassion.

Scar, to close up.

Seel, to sew up.

Seeling, blinding.
Sacarson, the name of a bear. Seld for seldom.
Sacring-bell, the bell which gives Semblably, in resemblance, alike.

notice of the host approaching Seniory, seniority. Sad ostent, grave appearance.

Sennet, a flourish on cornets. Sugg, to sink down.

Sense, sometimes for reason and Sallet, a helmet.

natural affection. Sulliers, satyrs.

Septentrion, the North. Sumingo, San Domingo.

Sequence, of degree, methodicalSandied, of a sandy colour, the ly. colour of the true blood-hound.

Sere, dry, withered. Sans, without, from the French. Serpigo, a kind of tetter.

Temp. As YOU LIKE. Sessa, from cesser, be quiet. Saw, discourse. LOVE'S LAB. Sct of wit, a term from tennis. Say, old word for silk. Fr. Sets up his rest, a term from the Scale, to disperse, to spread. military exercise. Scaling, weighing.

Setobos, a kind of god or devil. Scall, a word of reproach, scab. Several, or Severell, a field sepaScamble, to scramble.

rated from others to bear corn Scanned, examined nicely.

and grass.

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