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Mammalia of Berkshire and Buck- CORDEAUX, JOJIN inghamshire, 6:31, 701; Variety of Ornithological notes froin Norih Lin. the blackbird, 633; Ornithological colnshire, 516, 589, 690, 807, 943 ; notes from Buckinghamshire, 637; Notes on the Ornithology of the A large pike, 6:38; Siskin in Buck- English Likes, 865; Notes from inghamshire, Canaries breeding in Flamborough, 1008 January, 705; Varieties of chaf- CORNISH, THOMAS finch's and other British birds' eggs, Scyllarus arctus near Penzance, 563 ; Curious fact connected with the Silvery hair-tail in Mount's Bay, brambling, 706; Goosander in Wilt- 793; Scyllarus arctus on the North shire, 709; Cat and squirrels, 753; Coast of Cornwall, 878; Allice shad Vari-coloured eyes in the dog and in Mount's Bay, 916; Notes of a stay the horse, 788; Early arrival of at Prussia Cove, 961; Redthroated swallows and martins, 827 ; Lam- diver netled at Penzance, 992 ; preys in the Thames near Windsor, Enormous lobster, Gibbs' spider crab 836; Martins“ building-in”

at Penzance, 1018 sparrow, 915; Instinct in the swan, Crewe, Rev., H. HARPUR, M.A. 916; Young lark feeding other young The harvest monse and the cockroaches, ones, 949; Greenshawk and wood 553; Instance of fearlessness in the sandpiper vear Aldeburgh, Curlew blackcap, 558 sandpiper near Aldeburgh, 950; Crichton, ARTHUR W., F.L S. Curious position of vests, 951;

Blackthroated diver at Wickham, Variety of the perch, 954; Early Hants, 608 arrival of fieldfares, 989; Late swift, CROTCH, W. D., M.A. 990; Pigmy curlew at Aldeburgh,

A reindeer hudt, 784 991; Orvithology of Berks and CROWLEY, PHILIP Bucks, 1014; Swallows and martins Young hawfinch at Altou in June, dying from cold, Dates of the de

876 parture of immigrants for 1867, Devis, CHARLES W. 1015; Lesser spotted woodpecker Hybridity in water-fowl, 830 near Windsor, 1016

DoBree, N. F. CLIFTON, Lord

Pied wagtails near

Hornsea in Peregrine falcon in Kent, 631; Red- January, 634 ; Smews from Holland,

headed puchard in Keut, 636; Query 636 respecting gulls in Kent, 637; Savi's Doubleday, HENRY warbler (?), plover and lesser spotted The willow grouse and red grouse, Woodpecker in Bucks, 704; Wood 707 lark in Kent, 705; Hawfinches pest- DRESSER, H. E. ing in Kent, 793; Hobby in Kent, List of birds noticed in East Finmark, 948; Buzzards in Kent, 948, 989; with a few short remarks respecting Whitewinged partridge, 950; Va- some of them, by Ch. Sommerfeldt, rieties of birds, 987; Late green- parish priest of Næsseby (translafinch's nesi, 989; A strange trap tion), 692, 761; Notes on the breedfor swallows, Martins and wagtails, ing of the booled eagle, 803 990


Guillemot and razorbill near EastRemarkable shot, 605; Black redstart bourne, 759; Peregrine falcon breed.

at Looe, 606; Arrival of iminigrants ing at Beachy Head, 791; Snow at Looe, 874; Common buzzard at bunting at Eastbourne, 792; Kitli. Looe, 948; Late yellowbammer's wake at Eastbourne, 793 nest, Great spotted woodpecker FARREN, WILLIAM caught in a trap, 949; Great north- Little owl near Cambridge, 791 ern diver at Luoe, 951

Feilden, Captain H. W. Collingwood, Dr. CUTHBERT, F.L.S. Nesting of the peregrine falcon, 702; The lizards of Labuan, 952 ; Ascension Eggs of ring ouzel and blackbird,

“ Wide-a wake Fair” and the 703; Nesling of the blacklhroated turtle ponds, 979

diver, 710; Dates of oviposition this Cooke, Nicholas

year, 754; Nesting of the dipper, Lapland bunting in Lancashire, 553 755; Early nesting of the kingfisher,

757; Nesting of the peregrine in the Norfolk coa-t, 931; Buffon's Stirlingshire, 790; Breeding of the skua on the Norfolk coast, Piebald blackheaded gull at Pilling Moss, variety of the common skua, Storm Lancashire, 832; Discovery of red petrel in Norfolk, 992 ; 1 The gray deer-horns and other animal remains phalarope in Norfolk,,Peacock with in the bed of the River Ribble, with white wings, 1016 some account of the ancient denizens GURNEY, J. H. of the forests of Blackburnsbire and Note on the occurrence of quails near Bowland, 1001 ; Spotted crake on Belfast, 607; Unusual occurrence of Longridge, 1011

the smew, 608; Black redstart at FULFORD, J. L. LANGDON

Dawlish, 703; Note on the voracity Hen swallowing a slow-worm,


of the Bornean crocodile, 878; ReFurseaux, ALAN

paration of a maimed bill in the Sabine's gull in Cornwall, 603

chough, 1015; Little'gull at FlamGARRETT, GARRETT

borough Head, Iceland gull in OrkBohemian waxwing at Witheringselt, ney, and Tithys redstart at MineSuffolk, 633

head, 1018 GOATLEY, Thomas

Guyox, GEORGE Little stint and little gull at Leicester,

Whales off the Isle of Wight, 554 ; 991

Curative powers of the tench, 563 GODERICH, Lord

HADFIELD, Captain HENRY Crossbill at Ripon, 793

Greenland seal near Ryde, 700; OrniGORDON, CHARLES

thological notes froin the Isle of Labrador badger in Kent-Abundance Wighi, 732, 819, 908, 985; Correcof badgers in Kent, 787

tion of an error--the gray seal, 787; GREENWOOD, HERBERT

Fleas in Southern India, 837 Gulls romiting their food, 711; HARTING, James EDMUND, F.L.S Double bird's nest, 789

The birds of Shakespeare, 530, 649; GRIFFITH, J. R.

A review of systems, 584; Goshawk Bluethroated warbler off the Norfolk in Ireland, 632, 703; An inquiry coast, 1014

into the nature and properties of the Gunn, T. E.

swallow-stone and swallow's-herb, Notes on the Mammalia of Norfolk, 744; Stck doves breeding in a

553; Bohemian waxwing in Nor- church, 758; Occurrence of iwo rare folk and Suffolk, 663; Ricbard's land shells in Sussex, 760; Toadpipit, shore lark and wood lark in stones, 835; Occurrence of Sylvia Norfolk, 634; Curious abnormal aquatica for the second time, so far growth of feathers in a woodpecker's as is knowy, in England, 946; The tail, 707; Ferruginous duck in Nor- distinguishing characters of some folk, Rednecked and Sclavonian nearly-allied species of British birds, grebes and great northern diver in 965 Norfolk, 709; The black guillemot, HawkER, FREDERIO A. an addition to the list of Norfolk Purple gallinule in Hampshire, 829; birds, 710; Blue and white varieties Gray phalarope at Shoreham 561 of British bird's eggs, 754; Food of HensMAN, HENRY P. great spotted woodpecker, 757; The Rare birds in Northamptonshire, 555 ; smew, green sandpiper, &c., in Suf- Egyptian goose near Nortbampton, folk, 759; Ichthyology of Norfolk, 831 760; Parasitical

in the Hesse, B. stomachs of ibe common guillemot Creamcoloured sand martin, 561 and cormorant, 795; Osprey in Nor- Hewitson, W. C., F.L.S. Solk, 823; Nesting of the redstart in Siskin ai Oatlands, 705; Breeding of curious situations, 824; Summer mi- the kingfisher, 707 grants, &c., near Norwich, 873;

Puf. HoopER, WILLIAM T. fins on the Norfolk coast, 878; Hob. Tufted pochard on the River Lea, by near Norwich, Varieties of kestrel's 709 eggs, 948; Variation in the plumage HUTCHINSON, Matthew of the green woodpecker, Variely of Arrival of suminer birds at Shooter's the silver pheasant, 950; Puffin on Hill and neighbourhood, 814


Jerfery, J. D., F.R.C.S.

Muller, ALBERT The fate of piebalds and rare birds, Are blue-bottle flies distasteful to bats ? 959

911 JEFFERY, W., jun.

MURTON, JAMES Ornithological notes from West Sussex, Vipers and toads, 836

596, 730, 811; Wood lark in West Newman, EDWARD, F.L S., F.Z.S., &c. Sussex, 756

Visit of the Bohemian waxwing, 560; JENKINSON, Rev. J. H., M.A.

Waxwings, 561; Letters on variation Great gray shrike, 555; Our gray in Lepidoptera, 721, 841; Death of shrikes, 605

the Rev. Hamlet Clark, 840; Star, JESSE, W.

vation of Birds, 911; Cuckoos at Redwinged starling near Liphook, Peckham, 914; Mackerel in the

913; Cuckoo placing ber egg in Boulogne aquarium, 954 the nest by means of her bill, 914; Newton, Prosessor ALFRED Quail Desting in Essex, Green Magpie with a yellow beak, 757, 913 sandpiper near Ingatestone, Essex, NORGATE, Major T. F. 915

Notes of a Naturalist iv India, 993 King, Mrs. S.

NORMAN, GEORGE Lale swallow's nest, 606

Curious processes in the tail of the KIRBY, H. T. M.

redwing, 606; The willow grouse Abundance of the cuckoo at Mayfield, and red grouse perching, 607; Red 829

grouse and willow grouse, 758 Legge, W. VINCENT, F.Z.S.

Oological notes from South-East Essex, Swallows at Salford, 1015

599; Ornithology of the Firth of Power, F. D.
Cromarty, 670, 831

Siskins during the first week in March, Mathew, G. F., R.N., F.L.S.

825; Extraordinary flock of wood Snow bunting at Sea, 559; Magpie sandpipers at Rainham, Kent, 991 with yellow beak, 1016

Power, W. H. Mathew, Rev. MURRAY A., M.A.

Redshank in breeding plumage in Bee-eater at Stapleton, near Bristol, January, 708; Gulls in Kent, 710;

561; Gray phalarope at Barnstaple, Early appearance of jack snipe, 562; Capture of swifts by book and 1016 line, 827; Egyptian goose at Barn- Ranson, JOHN staple, 831 ; Sabine's gull at Weston- Pied wagtail wintering in North Yorksuper-Mare, 992; Spoon bill on Nor

shire, 875 tbam Burrows and black redstart at RICHARDSON, MARCUS Barustaple, 1017

Number of eggs laid by the swift, 990 Maw, George

ROBERTS, George Rals on the coast, 822

Anecdote of the borse, Rats and mice, GEORGE

553; Nesting of the song thrush, Hare feeding on hawthorn-berries, Nesting of the flycatcher, 557 ;

604; Beautiful variety of the field- Nesting of the cole tit, 560 ; Toadfare, 633; Badger at Cockermouth, stones and eagle-stones, 707 ; Dates 822

of arrival of the summer migrants May, J. W.

near Wakefield in 1867, 822; GrayLife-histories of sawlies, translated headed wagtail pear Norwich, 824 ;

from the Dutch of M. S. C. Snellen White eggs of the yellowbammer, van Vollenhoven, 639

825 ; Nesting of the peregrine in Moxk, T.J.

Yorksbire, 947: Yorkshire baunts of Great snipe and other rare birds near the pied flycatcher, 949 Brighton, 1017


Merlin in Scilly, The two great .gray Nesting of the nuthatch, 559; Orvi. British shrikes, 555 ; Cornish speci

thological notes from Aldeburgh, mens of the jerfalcon and redfooted 822; Swallows and martins picked falcon, 605 ; The lesser gray shrike, up dead at Aldeburgh, 990; Storm 703 ; Little bittern in Cornwall, pelrel at Aldeburgh, 992

759; Hoopoe near Helston, Cornwall, 793; Golden oriole at Scilly,

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825; Little biltem near the Lizard, Purple crested heron near the Lizard, 829; Squacco beron, 830; Hybrid black grouse on Bodmin Moors, 991 ; Autumnal migration at Scilly, 1014; Surf scoter and firecrested

regulns at Scilly, 1017 ROGERS, HENRY Rock thrush, boopoe and pied fy

catcher in the Isle of Wight, 823 ; Rock thrush al Freshwater, in the Isle of Wight, Ortolan bunting and curlew sandpiper in the Isle of

Wight, 912 ROWLEY, George Dawson, M.A., F.L.S. Shore larks in Suffolk, 560 ; Nesting

of the kingfisher, 827; Hawfincbes'

nests and eggs, 989 SAUNDERS, HOWARD, F.Z.S: A birdsnesting trip to the north of

Ireland, 609 SAIBY, Henry L., M.D. Ornithological notes from Shetland,537,

688; Food of the wood pigeon, 561 SHORTO, JAMES, jun. Great spipe near Dorchester, 608 ;

Pied wagtails in January, 704; Bitterns near Dorchester, 708; The bunting a bird of Shakespeare, 756 ;

Golden and green plovers, 759 SMEE, A, H. Arctic tern near Gravesend, Skua on

the Thames, 1017; Sandwich tern

at Whitby, 1018 Ѕитн, Свсіх

Purple sandpiper, little gull and

Fulmar petrel on the South Coast of
Devon, 562; Redthroated diver and
Norfolk plover in Somerset and
Devon, 760 ; Lesser lern at Taunton,
Sandwich tern and snow bunting at

Exmouth, 832
Ornithological notes from Norfolk, 593,

727,871,1012; Ruck pipit in Norfolk, 876; Whilewinged black tern in

Norfolk, 951 STUBBS, CHARLES E. Little auk, &c., at Henley-on-Thames,

710; A large otter, 8:22; Bramblings at Henley-on-Thames, 825; Lap

wings at Henley-on-Thames, 829 SWEETAPPLE, EDWARD Large sturgeon in the Severn, 836;

Large salmon in the Severn and

Wye, 916 Thomson, WILLIAM Helix obvoluta and Clausilia Rolphii,

Clausilia biplicata, 837; Rudevisch,

916 TRISTRAM, Rev. H. B., M.A.

Bergylt Dear Hartlepool, 638 Weir, J. Jenner Lapland bunting at Lewisham, Snow

bunling on Blackheath, 705 ; Scarlet

bullfinch in Sussex, 877 West, EDWARD Does the yellow wagtail always mi

grate; Black sky lark, 705 WHARTON, CHARLES B. Rock pipit inland, 558; Ring ouzel in

Middlesex in March, 755

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Ascension, Island of, 979

Bunting a bird of Shakespeare, 756 Astur palumbarius, 762

Bunting, Lapland, in Lancashire, 558; Auk, little, 675, 690, 738, 906, 1013; in at Lewisham, 705; snow, at sea, 559;

the West of England, 637; at Henley- at Hunstanton, id.; near the Humber, on-Thames, 710

591; in North Lincolnshire, 691; on Avocet in the County Cork, 635; near Blackheath, 705 ; at Eastbourne, 792 ; Weymouth, 759

at Exmouth, 832; in Stirlingshire, Badger, 631, 668; at Cockermouth, 822; 892; blackheaded, id.; ortolan, in the Labrador, in Kent, 787

Isle of Wight, 912 Badgers, abundance of in Kent, 787 Bustard, great, at Horsey, Norfolk, 635 Bat, 667, 881; longea red, 667

Buteo lagopus, 761 Bals, are blue-botile flies distasteful to ? Buzzard, honey, 545,908,912; in Aber911

deenshire, 554: common, 589, 597, Bear, sea, death of, 701 ; brown, 883 866, 886, 909; at Looe, 948; roughBee-eater at Stapleton, near Bristol, 561 legged, in Dumfriesshire, 604 Bergylt near Hartlepool, 638

Buzzards in Kent, 948, 989
Bird-breeders, a day among at the Puint Calidris arenaria, 769
of Air, 924

Calosoma Curtisii, 646
Bird, British, what gires a claim to be Canaries breeding in January, 705

classed as a ? 755, 789; blue, the Canine secundity, 910
bonny wee, 823

Capercallie, 897 Bird's nest, double, 789

Cai and squirrels, 753 • Birds of Norfolk,' 747

Cat, wild, 921 Birds of Shakespeare, 529, 649

Calile, wild white, 669 Birds, rare, in Northamptonshire, 555; Cera plerus Macleayii, 646

power of imitation in, 598; list of, Cetacea and seals, 923 noticed in East Finmark, 692, 761; Chaffincb, 591, 686, 892 British, blue and white varieties of Charadrius helveticus, 769 eggs of, 754; summer, arrival of at Chiffchaff, 890, 968 Shooter's Hill and neighbourhood, Chough, Cornish, 678; reparation of a 814; list of noticed in West Suther- mained beak in the, 1015 land, 860; varieties of eggs of, 875, Chrysalides, remarks on the coloration of, 911; of Stirlingshire, collected observations on the, 884,989; starvation of, Ciconia nigra, 872 911; of Scandinavia, 951; piebald and Cimbex lateralis, 639 rare, fate of, 959; British, distinguish- Cinclus aquaticus, 765 ing characters of some nearly-allied Cirl and yellow bunting, 971 species of, 965; varieties of, 987 Clark, Rev. Hamlet. M,A., F.L.S., Dirdsnesting trip to the North of Ireland, · Letters Home from Spain, Algeria 609

and Brazil, during past Entomological Littern, 595, 732, 820, 900;

Rambles,' 997; death of, 840 Ipswich, 634; in Yorkshire, 635; litile, Clausilia biplicata, 837 in Cornwall, 759; near the Lizard,

Rolphii, id. 829; near Henley, id.

Colunuba livia, 535 Bitterns near Dorchester, 708

turtur, 768 Blackbird, variety of, 633; migration of, Colymbus arcticus, 775

683; pied, 686; dest and eggs of, 889 Coot, 603, 902 Blackcap, instance of fearlessness in the, Cormorant, 540, 594, 666, 676, 871, 906, 558

1014; has not the wbite leg at ChristBoar, wild, 979

mas, 688; parasitical worms in the Boat, India-rubber, 2014

stomach of, 795 Bombycilla garrula, 761

Corvus pica, 763 Brambling, curious fact connected with Crab, Gibbs' spider, at Penzance, 1018 the, 706

Crake, spotted, 597; curn, migration and Bramblings near Eccleshall, 634; at hybernation of, 678; in North Lincoln

Henley-on-Thames, 825; near Nor- shire, 943; little, and Baillon's, 974; wich, 871

sputted, in Lancashire, 1017 Bullfinch, abundance of in Dublin in Creeper, 895

1866, 685; scarlet () in Sussex, 877 Crocodile, Bornean, voracity of the, 878



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