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NOTES — Interest of Purchase Money.-The Abstract.—The Doubtful Title

to Part.--Errors in Description.-Custody of Deeds.- Fixtures.-Pur-

chaser's Employment of Vendor's Solicitor.-Profit and Loss accruing

after Contract. ---Policies of Assurance.-Shares.-Shipping.-Conditions

of Sale.—The Contract.-Special Clauses.-Vendor's lien,-Purchaser in

Possession.—Purchase money Invested.-Dower.-Infancy.--Liquidated

Damages, ........

FORMS.-Sale of a Freehold Estate.-Clauses. --Sale by Way of Lease.-

Liquidated Damages. — Agreements; for Building a House; Rebuilding
a Mill; Purchase of Leasehold, Property, &c.—To sell and assigu Bond
and Mortgage.-For Plasterer's and Bricklayer's Work. ---Charter Party.
-Statute respecting Written Promises and Acknowledgments of Lia-

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NOTES, ............................. ...........................

FORMS.-Agreement of Reference in Writing.-Order of Reference to, at

Nisi Prius.- Arbitration Bond.-General Submission to Arbitration.-
Special Submission.- Award.—Award by an Umpire.- Award by Ref-

erees.--Release to be Executed by Party to an Arbitration, when re-

quired in the Award. - Arbitration Clauses, .


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CHAPTER III.-Continned.


Leaseholds.-Untechnical Words.-Wills.-Debts and Legacies.--De-
crees.—The Abstract.—Indemnity.-Right to Demand Completion.-
Specific Performance.—Mis-description.--Evidence of Title.-Deeds Do-
stroyed.-Recitals.-Expense of Prooss.—Prior defect in Title.--Wills.-
Inadequate Price.-Indemnity.-Sales under Decree.-Possession.-
Rents and Profits.--Neglect to Pay.-Release.— Production of Deed.
-Leases of Modern Date.-Of Conveyance to Purchaser.-Execution

and Attestation. Assignment of Leaseholds.-FORMS OF DEEDS OF Cox-

VEYANCE.--Clauses in Deeds of Conveyance.-Statute respecting Short

Forms of Conveyance.--Statute respecting Real Property:-Statute re-

specting the Conveyance of Real Estate by Married Women, ......... 77

NOTES. — Dissolution of Partnership and winding up.— Doeds of Composi-

tion, .............

............................................... 421

FORMS.- Articles of Copartnership.-Of Partnership between three Per-

sons, with unequal Division of Profits.- Between two Farmers, with
equal Division of Profits.- To Renew a Partnership by Indorsement.-
Partnership Deed. -- Assignment of Partnership Property by one Partner
to another, to Determine the Partnership.- Dissolution of Partnership

between two Partners, one continuing the Business.-Agreement of Dis-

solution, to be Indorsed on the Partnership Deed.-Gazette notice of

Dissolution.-Notice of Dissolution.—Notice of Expul-ion from Partner-

ship.—Testatum Clause, ....

........... 427



Notes.-Wills of Chattels.—The Residuary Clause.- Heir.- Death with-

out Issue.-Joint Tenancy.- Estates tail.-Cross Romainders.—Entails.

---Protectors of Settlements.-Long Term.- Annuity.- Accumulation.-

Legacy in Trust.-Conditions as to Marriage.- Residuary Clause.—Mar-

riage with Consent.-In Terrorem.-Election.--Bar of Power.-Condi-

tions.—Restraints.- Provisoes.--Debts.-Charges on Realty.- Rents and

Profits.---Trusts and Powers of Sale.—Leasehold and Personal Securi-

ties. --- Trusts for Accumulation.-- Annuitant.--- Alienation.--Implied

Trusts.—Hotchpot.— Abatement of Legacies and Marshaling of Assets.

The Appointment of Executors.- Probate.-Guardians.-Codicils.-Ex-

ecution and Attestation, ....

FORMS.-- Will of Real and Personal Estate, for the benefit of the Testator's

Wife and Children.-Will of a Person giving all his Property to his Wife.

and appointing her Executrix.-Gifts not in Settlement.- All Testator's

property to wise.--All testator's property to wife, with legacies to chil-

dren.--Legacies and Annuities to testator's brothers and sisters.—Resi-

due to one brother.--Special Devises and Bequests.---- Residue to testator's

nephew.---Realty and Personalty, Trusts of the whole for sister for life,

and afterward for ber adult children absolutely - Will of a married wo-

man appointing an absolute interest in Personalty to her husband, with

legacies to other persons, under the usual Settlement Power in default

of children. Will of a married woman appointing a Life Estate in Per-

sonalty to herhusband.-Will of husband appointing Life Estate in Per-

sonalty to wife.--Will of Personalty, very special.-- Will.-Specific

Devise of Realty.-Specitic Bequest of Books, Furniture to furnish a resi-

dence for Testator's Wife, Pictures, and Articles of Vertu.-- Annuity to

Wife, Deducting her Life Interest under other Settled Property. --- Legacy

of $ in Trust for a Son and Daughter of Testator, not advanced by

him ; Residue, as to One Moiety to Two Advanced Children absolutely;

as to the other Moiety to the Two Children not advanced, the Daugh-

ter's Interest in the Legacy and Residue being settled upon llerself and

her Children.- Appointment by a wife of Personal Estate settled upon

her by a Marriage Contract; to take effect on her decease.--Condition

that the Obligor shall suffer lis intended wife to make a Will. - Provision
for Children born after the execution of a Will.--Devise of an Annuity.
-Will of Real and Personal Estate; Short Form.-Codicil appointing
a new Trustee.-Codicil appointing a Trustec and Executor in the

place of a deceased Trustee and Executor appointed by the testator's

Will.-Codicil appointing a Trustee and Executor in the place of one de-

ceased.-Power to postpone the Sale of Real Estate.-Power to grant

Leases.— Trustees may permit investments to remain unconverted.-

Power to change Securities.- Trustees' Power in winding up the affairs,

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