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to reject with impartiality such as have not duly qualified themselves for the important task of religious instruction.-Your Lordship has done still more. -Having observed the inconvenience arising from the want of a proper foundation for Theological acquirements, you devoted your time and thoughts to the composition of a Treatise, from which the student in Divinity may not only gain a general acquaintance with the subject, but also be affifted in extending his inquiries to the collateral branches of that most invaluable science.

I can scarcely flatter myself, my Lord, that an attempt, so humble as mine, can be materially useful in promoting the great ends, which your Lordship has so laudably kept

But I shall not regret the attempt I have made, if it only give me an opportunity of bearing testimony to your Lordship’s exer


tions, and of expressing my ardent hope, that such exertions may induce the co-operation of all, whose station in the Church enables them to pursue measures equally honourable to themselves, and useful to the cause of Christianity.

I am the more anxious to hold up your Lordship’s conduct in these instances to applause and to imitation, because a sort of paradoxical distinction has been sometimes set up between found Divines and useful Ministers-a distinction very convenient, no doubt, for those, who would deprive the Church of it's moft effe&ual defence against the opposite, but equally fatal, extremes of Infidelity and Fanaticism. Well does it behove the appointed Guardians of our national faith to consider, by what better means they can fecure it from the dangers with


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which it is menaced, by an avowed contempt for all religion on the one hand, and a fantastic pretence to excessive san&ity on the other, than by encouraging an accurate and profound knowledge of the holy Scriptures among the Teachers of religion. A learned Clergy, employing their knowledge with zeal, and tempering their zeal with charity, is the best preservative, under Providence, against that ignorance and immorality, which, acting upon different intelleets and different tempers, may frequently be regarded as alike productive of Scepticism and Superstition.

That your Lordship may enjoy a continuance of health and happiness, and be long enabled to distinguish yourself in the cause of true religion ; whether it be openly affailed by the furious zeal of the

UnbeUnbeliever, or secretly undermined by the specious errours of the Enthusiast; is, My Lord, the unfeigned wish of

Your Lordship's

Truly Faithful,

and Obedient Servant,


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