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King Henry the Sixth :
Humphrey, Duke of Gloster, his uncle.
Cardinal Beaufort, Bishop of Winchester, great

Uncle to the King.
Richard Plantagenet, Duke of York:
Edward and Richard, his sons.
Duke of Somerset,
Duke of Suffolk,
Duke of Buckingham,

of the King's party. Lord Clifford, Young Clifford, his son.

Earl of Salisbury, } of the York faction.

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Lord Scales, Governor of the Tower, Lord Say. Sir Humphrey Stafford, and his brother. Sir

John Stanley A Sea - captain, Master, and Master's Mate,

and Walter Whitmore. Two Gentlemen, prisoners with Suffolk. A Herald. Vaux. Hume and Southwell, two priests. Bolingbroke, a Conjurer. A spirit raised by

him. Thomas Horner, an Armourer. Peter, his man. Clerk of Chatham. Mayor of Saint Alban's. Simpcox, an Impostor. Two Murderers. Jack Cade, a Rebel:

George, John, Dick, Smith, the Weaver, Mi

chael, &c. his followers. Alexander Iden, a Kentish Gentleman.

Margaret, Queen to King' Henry.
Eleanor, Duchess of Gloster. .
Margery Jourdain, a Witch. Wife to Simpcor.
Lords, dies, and Attendants; Petitioners

Aldermen, a Beadle, Sheriff, and officers ;
Citizens , Prentices, Falconers, Guards,
Soldiers, Messengers, &c.


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SCENE, 'dispersedly in various parts of






London. A Room, of state in the Palace.

Fourish of trumpets: then hauióny's. Enter,

on one side, King HENRY, Duke of GlosTER, SALISBURY, WARWICK, and Cardinal BEAUFORT; on the other, Queen MARGARET, led in by SUFFOLK; YORK, SOMERSET, BuckINGHAM, and Others, following:

Suf. As by your high imperiał Majesty I had in charge at my depart for France, As procurator to your Excellence, To marry Princess Margaret for your Grace ; So , in the famous ancient city, Tours, In presence of the Kings of France and Sicil, The Dukes of Orleans, Calaber, Bretaigne, and

Alençon, Seven Earls, twelve Barons, and twenty reve

rend Bishops, I have perform'd my task, and was, espous'd: And humbly now upon my bended knee, Iu sight of England and her lordly Peers, Deliver up my title in the Queen To your most gracious haods, that are the sub


Of that great shadow I did represent;

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The happiest gift that ever Marquess gave,
The fairest Queen that ever King receiv'd.
K. Hen. Suffolk, arise. Welcome, Queen

Margaret :
I can express no kinder sign of love,
Than this kind kiss., O Lord, that lends me life,
Len:/ me a heart replete with thankfulness!
For thou hast given me, in this beauteous face,
• A vorld of earthly blessings to my soul,
If sympathy of love unite our thoughts.
(. Mar. Great King of England, and my

gracious Lord;
" The mutual conference that my mind hath

had By day, by night; waking, and in my dreams;

In courtly company, or at my beads, ' With you mine alder - liefest Sovereign, "Makes me the bolder to salute my King • With ruder terins, such as my wit affords, And over – joy of heart doch injuister. · K. Hen. Her sight did ravish: but her grace

in speech, * Her words y-clad with wisdom's majesty,

from wondering, fall to weeping

joys • Such is the fulness of iny heart's content. Lords, with one cheerful voice welcome my

love. All. Long live Queen Margaret, Englands hap

Q. Mar. We thank


Suf. My Lord Protector, so it please your Grace,
Here are the articles of contracted peace,
Between our Sovereign and the French King Charles.
For eighteen months conluded by consent.
Glo. (reads.] Imprimis, It is agreed between

« Makes me,

tha Queer

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the French King, Charles, and William de la Poole, Marquess of Suffolk, ambassador for Henry King of England,

that the said Henry
shall espouse the lady Margaret, daughter unto
Reignier King of Naples, Sicilia, and Jeru-
salem; and crown her Queen of England, ere
the thirtieth of May next ensuing. Item,
That the dutchy of Anjou and the county of
Maine, shall be re eased and delivered to the
King her father
K. Hen. Uncle., how now?

Glo. Pardon me, gracious Lord;
Some sudden qualm hath struck me at the heart,
And dimın'd mine eyes, that I can read no further,

K. Hen. Uncle of Winchester, I pray, read ou.

Win. Item, It is further agreed between
them, - that the duchies of Anjou and Maine
shall be released and delivered over to the King
her father ; and she sent over of the King of
England's own proper cost and charges, without
having dowry.
K. Hen. They please us well. Lord Mars

quess, kneel down ;
We here create thee the first Duke of Suffolk,
And girt thee with the sword.
Cousin of York, we here discharge your Grace
From being regent in the parts of France,
Till term of eighteen months be full expir’d.
Thanks, uncle Winchester, Gloster, York, anul

Somerset, Salisbury., and Warwick;
We thank you all for this great favour done,
Ju entertainment to iny princely Queen.
Come, let us in ; and with all speed provide
To see her coronation he perforin'd.

[Ereunt King, Queen, and SUFFOLK,

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