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earnestly pressed her to detail the story. This was what the old hag wanted ; and, assuming a hypocritical whine, she said, “ That little dog was my daughter--too good and excellent for this world. She was beloved by a young man, who, thrown into despair by her eruelty, perished for her love. My daughter, as a punishment for her hard-hearted conduct, was suddenly changed into the little dog, respecting which you inquire.” Saying these words, a few crocodile tears started into her eyes; and she continued, “ Alas! how often does this mute memorial recall my lost daughter, once so beautiful and virtuous : now-oh, what is she now? degraded from the state of humanity, she exists only to pine away in wretchedness, and waste her life in tears. She can receive no comfort; and they who would administer it, can but weep for her distresses, which surely are without a parallel.” The lady, astonished and terrified at what she heard, secretly exclaimed" Alas! I too am beloved; and he who loves me is in like manner at the point of death”-and then, instigated by her fears, discovered the whole

in the heat of the contest, he was transfixed by an arrow, which occasioned his death. The lady aware of this, did as she promised : the staff and scrip were suspended in her chamber. Now, when it was known that she had recovered all her lost possessions, three kings made large preparations to address, and, as they hoped, incline her to become the wife of one of them. The lady, forewarned of the intended honour, adorned herself with great care, and walked forth to meet them. They were received according to their dignity; and whilst they remained with her, she fell into some perplexity, and said to herself, “ If these three kings enter my chamber, it will disgrace'me to suffer the pilgrim's staff and scrip to remain there." She commanded them to be taken away; and thus forgot her vows, and plainly evinced her ingratitude.


: My beloved, the lady is the human soul, and the tyrant is the devil, who spoils us of our heavenly inheritance. The pilgrim is Christ, who fights for and redeems us; but, forgetful of his services, we receive the devil, the world, and the flesh, into the chamber of our souls, and put away the memorials of our Saviour's love.




THERE was a queen who dishonoured herself with a servant, and bore him a son. This son, on arriving at years of maturity, practised every description of wickedness, and conducted himself with the greatest insolence toward the prince, his reputed father. The prince, unable to account for such perversion of mind, interrogated the mother as to the legitimacy of her child; and finding, by her reluctant confession, that he was not his son, though

loth to deprive him of the kingdom, he ordained that his dress, for the time to come, should be of a different texture and colour; one side to be composed of the most ordinary materials, and the other of the most valuable; so that when he looked upon the baser portion, his pride might be abated, and the vicious propensities, in which he had indulged, relinquished; on the other hand, when he surveyed the more gorgeous part, his hopes might be raised, and his spirit animated to goodness. By this judicious device, he became remarkable for humility, and ever after abandoned his dishonest life.


My beloved, the queen is any one who commits a mortal sin. The worthless side of the garment is our fleshly substance; the other is the soul by which man is classed with the beings of heaven, and aspires to an im. mortal existence.



A VERY rich and powerful emperor had an only daughter of uncommon beauty. She was consigned to the care of five soldiers, who were commanded to be constantly in arms; and every day a stated sum was paid them out of the king's treasury. This emperor had a seneschal whom he greatly favoured; and a valuable but ferocious dog, which it was necessary to confine with triple chains. It happened, that as the emperor lay in bed, he formed a resolution to proceed to the Holy Land; and in the morning, when he arose, sent for the seneschal, and said, “I am about to undertake an expedition to Palestine; to your vigilance I commit my only daughter with the soldiers of her guard. The

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