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death. The idea was, that the sounds produced by the agony of the sufferer confined within, should resemble the roaring of a bull ; and thus, while nothing human struck the ear, the mind should be unimpressed by a eeling of mercy. The king highly applauded the invention, and said, “ Friend, the value of thy industry is yet untried : more cruel even than the people account me, thou thyself shalt be the first victim."-Indeed, there is no lzw more equitable, than that the artificer of death should perish by his own devices, as Quidius has observed. (48)


My beloved, the sufferer is any evil-worker who will finally suffer for the exertion of his iniquitous practices.

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Hungarian soldiers to be abused and mocked; and on the third day, he commanded her to be stabbed, and transfixed from the throat downward, observing, " that a wife who betrayed her country to gratify her evil passions, ought to possess such a husband.”


My beloved, Conan is the devil, who besieged a castle, that is, the human heart. Rosinella is any woman who wanders from the path of rectitude. The children are those virtues which leave the breast when evil enters; and the Hungarian soldiers are the vices into which it falls.



VALERIUS informs us, that the emperor Zelongus made a law, by which, if any one abused a virgin he should lose both his eyes. It happened that his only son trespassed in this manner with the daughter of a certain widow, who immediately hastened into the presence of the emperor, and spoke thus ; " My Lord, you have righteously decreed, that he who defiles a virgin shall lose his sight. Your only son has dishonoured my daughter; command him to be punished.” · These words greatly distressed the emperor, but he gave instant orders respecting the punishment of

On this, two noblemen observed : “ The young man is your only child, and heir

his son.

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My beloved, the grove is the world, wherein are many trees, pleasant indeed to the eye, but putting forth only mortal sins. With these, man loads himself. The three men, who brought assistance, are, the devil, the world, and the flesh : the pit is hell.–Again, the crow is the devil; the nest the heart; which he too frequently inhabits. The pounded glass is the remembrance of our latter end : the tree is the soul, and the bark is the human body.



A DANISH king had the greatest reverence for the three Eastern potentates (45) whom

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