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should pursue.

tained of the reality; and straitway command was issued for their return to the palace.

Jovinian, however, having quitted the water, sought in every possible direction for his horse and clothes, and to his utter astonishment, could find neither.

Vexed beyond measure at the circumstance (for he was completely naked, and saw no one near to assist him) he began to reflect upon what course he

• Miserable man that I am," said he, to what a strait am I reduced ! There is, I remember, a knight residing close by; I will go to him, and command his attendance and service. I will then ride on to the palace and strictly investigate the cause of this extraordinary conduct. Some shall smart for it.” Jovinian proceeded, naked and ashamed, to the castle of the aforesaid knight, and beat loudly at the gate. The porter, without unclosing the wicket, enquired the cause of the knocking. “Open the gate," said the enraged emperor, " and you will see whom I am.” The gate was opened; and the porter, struck with the strange appearance he exhibited, replied, “ In the name of all that is marvellous, what are you?” “I am,” said he, “ Jovinian, your emperor; go to your lord, and command him from me to supply the wants of his sovereign. I have lost both horse and clothes." “ Infamous ribald!" shouted the porter, “just before thy approach, the emperor Jovinian, accompanied by the officers of his household, entered the palace. My lord both went and returned with him ; and but even now sat with him at meat. But because thou hast called thyself the emperor, however madly, my lord shall know of thy presumption.” The porter entered, and related what had passed. Jovinian was introduced, but the knight retained not the slightest recollection of his master, although the emperor remembered him. Who are you?” said the former, " and what is your name ?" the emperor Jovinian,” rejoined he; “ canst thou have forgotten me? At such a time I promoted thee to a military command."

Why, thou most audacious scoundrel,” said the knight,“ darest thou call thyself the emperor ? I rode with him myself to the palace, from whence I am this moment returned. But

- I am

thy impudence shall not go without its reward. Flog him," said he, turning to his servants, “ Flog him soundly, and drive him away." This sentence was immediately executed, and the poor emperor, bursting into a convulsion of tears, exclaimed,“ Oh my God, is it possible that one whom I have so much honoured and exalted should do this? Not content with pretending ignorance of my person, he orders these merciless villains to abuse me! However, it will not be long unavenged. There is a certain duke, one of my privy-counsellors, to whom I will make known my calamity. At least, he will enable me to return decently to the palace." To him, therefore, Jovinian proceeded, and the gate was opened at his knock. But the porter, beholding a naked man, exclaimed in the greatest amaze, “ Friend, who are you, and why come you here in such a guise ?". He replied, " I am your emperor; I have accidentally lost my clothes and my horse, and I have come for succour to your lord. Inform the duke, therefore, that I have business with him.” The porter, more and more astonished, entered the hall, and communicated the strange intelligence which he had received. “

Bring him in,” said the duke. He was brought in, but neither did he recognize the person of the emperor.

What art thou?" was again asked, and answered as before. “ Poor mad wretch," said the duke, “a short time since, I returned from the palace, where I left the very emperor thou assumest to be. But ignorant, whether thou art more fool or knave, we will administer such remedy as may suit both. Carry him to prison, and feed him with bread and water." The command was no sooner delivered, than obey

and the following day his naked body was submitted to the lash, and again cast into the dungeon.

Thus afflicted, he gave himself up to the wretchedness of his untoward condition. In the agony of his heart, he said, “ What shall I do? Oh! what will be my destiny ? I am loaded with the coarsest contumely, and exposed to the malicious observation of my people. It were better to hasten immediately to my palace, and there discover myself -my wife will know me; surely, my wife


will know me!” Escaping, therefore, from his confinement, he approached the palace and beat upon the gate. The same questions were repeated, and the same answers returned, “ Who art thou ?" said the porter. “ It is strange," replied the aggrieved emperor, “ It is strange that thou shouldest not know me; thou, who hast served me so long !” “Served thee !" returned the porter indignantly,“ thou liest abominably. I have served none but the emperor." Why,” said the other," thou knowest that I am he. Yet, though you disregard my words, go, I implore you, to the empress; communicate what I will tell thee, and by these signs, bid her send the imperial robes, of which some rogue has deprived me. The signs I tell thee of, are known to none but to ourselves.” “In verity," said the porter," thou art specially mad : at this very moment

lord sits at table with the

empress herself. Nevertheless, out of regard for thy singularmerits, I will intimate thy declaration within ; and rest assured, thou wilt presently find thyself most royally beaten." The porter went accordingly, and related what he had

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