History of Friedrich II of Prussia, Called Frederick the Great, Volume 4

Front Cover
Chapman and Hall, 1864 - Prussia (Germany) - 631 pages

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Page 643 - DANTE'S DIVINE COMEDY, THE INFERNO. A Literal Prose Translation, with the Text of the Original Collated with the best Editions, and Explanatory Notes. By JOHN A. CARLYLE, MD Post 8vo., with a Portrait, doth.
Page 637 - and Telegraphs, accurately laid down. SHARPE'S ATLAS. Constructed upon a System of Scale and Proportion, from the more recent Authorities. With a Copious Index. Fifty-four Maps. Large folio, half morocco, plain, 36s.; coloured, 42s. SHARPE'S STUDENT'S ATLAS. With a Copious Index. Twenty-six Coloured Maps, selected from the above. Folio, half-bound.
Page 643 - DIAGRAMS, A SERIES OF, ILLUSTRATIVE OF THE PRINCIPLES OF MECHANICAL PHILOSOPHY AND THEIR APPLICATION. Twenty-one large Plates, drawn on Stone. With descriptive Letterpress. Published under the Superintendence of the Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge. One large folio Volume, cloth. 21. 12;. 6d.
Page 472 - the Valleys of the Ohio and of the St. Lawrence, as far as 1750-1755. ' Detroit/ That officer ' buries plates of lead,' up and down the Country, with inscriptions signifying that ' from the farthest ridge, ' whence water trickled towards the Ohio, the Country belonged to ' France; and nails the Bourbon Lilies to the forest-trees; forbidding
Page 404 - Well, your Majesty, in former time, the notion being that mankind were naturally inclined to evil, a system of severity prevailed in schools: but now, when we recognise that the inborn inclination of men is rather to good than to evil schoolmasters have adopted a more generous procedure.
Page 643 - OUTLINES OF THE HISTORY OF THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE. For the Use of the Junior Classes in Colleges, and the Higher Classes in Schools. By GEORGE L. CRAIK. Fourth Edition, revised and improved.
Page 478 - Cork,—that this had happened, and also that;—and, in short, that Chaos had been very considerably prevalent in this Adventure of his ; and did still, in all that now lay round it, much prevail Poor man : very brave, they say; but without knowledge, except of fielddrill; a heart of iron, but brain mostly of pipeclay quality. A
Page 308 - eight weeks,'—an uncommonly frugal rate of board, for a man skilled in Hermeneutics, Hebraics, Polemics, Thetics, Exegetics, Pastorale, Morale (and Practical Christianity and the Philosophy of Zeno, carried to perfection, or nearly so)! ' And herewith this ' troubled History had its desired finish.' And our gray-whiskered, raw-boned, great-hearted Candidatus lay down to sleep, at the
Page 87 - back his offers, however, if he find the people indisposed. Which ' he did, to an extreme degree; nothing but vague talk, procras' tination, hesitation on the part of Briihl. This wretched little ' Briihl has twelve tailors always sewing for him, and three hundred ' and sixty-five suits of clothes: so many suits, all pictured in a
Page 578 - i. 848. Lloyd, ut suprd, i. 2-11 (who has solid information at first hand, having been an actor in these Wars. A man of great natural sagacity and insight; decidedly luminous and original, though of somewhat crabbed temper now and then; a man well worth hearing on this and on whatever else he handles). Tempelhof, Geschichte

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