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The V I G I L of V E N U S.


Written in the time of Julius CÆSAR, and

by some ascribed to CATULLUS.




ET those love now, who never lov'd before,

Let those who always lov’d, now love the more.
The spring, the new, the warb'ling spring appears,
The youthful season of reviving years ;
In spring the loves enkindle mutual heats,
The feather'd nation chuse their tuneful mates,
The trees grow fruitful with descending rain,
And drest in diff'ring greens adorn the plain.
She comes; to-morrow beauty's empress roves
Thro' walks that winding run within the groves;
She twines the shooting myrtle into bow'rs,
And ties their meeting tops with wreaths of flow'rs,
Then rais’d sublimely on her easy throne
From nature's powerful dictates draws her own.

Let those love now, who never lov'd before,
Let those who always lov’d, now love the more.


Tunc liquore de superno, spumeo ponti è globo,

Cærulas inter catervas, inter et bipedes equos,

Fecit undantem Dionen de maritis imbribus.

Cras amet, qui numquam amavit; quique amavit,

cras amet.

Ipfa gemmas purpurantem pingit annum floribus,

Ipsa surgentis papillas de favonî spiritu,

Urguet in toros tepentes ; ipsa roris lucidi,

Noctis aura quem relinquit, fpargit umentis aquas,

Et micant lacrymæ trementes decidivo pondere.

Gutta præceps orbe parvo sustinet cafus fuos.

In pudorem forulentæ prodiderunt purpuræ.

Umor ille, quem serenis aftra rorant noctibus.


'Twas on that day which saw the teeming food
Swell round, impregnate with celestial blood;
Wand'ring in circles stood the finny crew,
The midst was left a void expanse of blue,
Their parent ocean work’d with heaving throes.
And dropping wet the fair Dione rose.

Let those love now, who never lov'd before,
Let those who always lov’d, now love the more.

She paints the purpled year with vary'd show,
Tips the green gem, and makes the blossom glow,
She makes the turgid buds receive the breeze,
Expand to leaves, and shade the naked trees.
When gath'ring damps the misty nights diffuse,
She sprinkles all the morn with balmy dews ;
Bright trembling pearls depend at ev'ry spray,
And kept from falling, seem to fall away.
A glossy freshness hence the rose receives,
And blushes sweet thro' all her filken leaves;
(The drops descending thro' the silent night,
While stars serenely roll their golden light)


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Deque gemmis, deque flammis, deque solis purpuris.

Cras ruborem qui latebat veste tectus igneâ,

Unica marito nodo non pudebit solvere.

Cras amet, qui numquam amavit ; quique amavit,

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Ite nimfæ : pofuit arma, feriatus eft amor.


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Close till the morn, her humid veil she holds ;
Then deckt with virgin pomp the flow'r unfolds.
Soon will the morning blush : ye maids ! prepare,
In rofy garlands bind your flowing hair
'Tis Venus' plant: the blood fair Venus shed,
O’er the gay Beauty pour'd immortal red ;
From Love's soft kiss a sweet Ambrofial finell
Was taught for ever on the leaves to dwell;
From gemms, from flames, from orient rays of light
The richest lustre makes her purple bright;
And the to morrow weds; the sporting gale
Unties her zone, she bursts the verdant veil s
Thro' all her sweets the rifling lover flies,
And as he breathes, her glowing fires arise.

Let those love now, who never lov'd before,
Let those who always lov’d, now love the more.

Now fair Dione to the myrtle grove
Sends the gay Nymphs, and sends her tender Love.
And Thall they venture ? Is it safe to go?
While Nymphs have hearts, and Cupid wears a bow?
D 2



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