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Illa cantat : nos tacemus : quando ver venit


Quando faciam ut celidon, ut tacere definam?

Perdidi musam tacendo, nec me Phoebus refpicit..

Sic Amyclas, cum tacerent, perdidit filentium.

Cras amet, qui numquam amavit; quique amavit,

cras ameha

How long in coming is my lovely spring ?
And when shall I, and when the swallow sing?
Sweet Philomela cease, Or here I fit,
And filent lose my rapt'rous hour of wit :
'Tis gone, the fit retires, the flames decay,
My tuneful Phæbus flies averse away.
His own Amycle thus, as stories run,
But once was filent, and that once undone.

Let those love now, who never lov'd before,
Let those who always lov'd, now love the more.


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into pots.

Names of the Mice. Names of the Frogs. PSYCARPAI. One who PHYSIGNATHUS One

cheeks Troxartas, Ă bread-eater. Pelus, A name from mud. Lychomile, A licker of Hydromeduse, A ruler in meal.

the waters. Pternotractas, Abacon- Hypfiboas, A loud bawler. eater.

Pelion, From mud. Lychopinax, A licker of Scutlæus, Called from the dies.

bees. Embafichytros, A creeper Polyphonus, A great bab

ler. Lychenor, A name for Lymnocharis, One whe licking

loves the lake. Troglodytes, One who runs Crambophagus, Cabbageinto holes.

eater. Artophagus, Who feeds on Lymnifius, bread.

the lake. Tyroglyphus, A cheefe- Calaminthias, From the fcooper.

berb. Pternoglyphus, A bacon. Hydrocharis, Who loves Scooper.

the water, Pternophagus, Abacon. Borborocates, pho hies in eater.

the mud, Cniffiodortes, One who fol- Praffophagus, As eater of

lows the stean of kitchens. garlick. Sitophagus, An eater of Pelufius, From mud. wbeat.

Pelobates, Who walks in Meridarpax, One who plun- the dirt. ders his phare.

Presfæus, Called from gar

lick. Craugasides, From croakinga

Called from

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