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Shakes off the dust, and makes these rocks resound,
For fortune plac'd me in unfertile ground;
Far from the joys that with my


From wit, from learning,-far, oh far from thee !
Here moss-grown trees expand the smallest leaf;
Here half an acre's corn is half a sheaf,
Here hills with naked heads the tempest meet,
Rocks at their fide, and torrents at their feet,
Or lazy lakes unconscious of a flood,
Whose dull brown Naiads ever sleep in mud.

Yet here content can dwell, and learned ease,
A friend delight me, and an author pleafe,
Ev'n here I fing, while Pope supplies the theme,
Show my own love, tho' not increase his fame.

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Part of the first Canto of the RAPE

of the LOCK.


ND now unveil'd, the toilet stands display'd,

Each silver vase in mystic order laid,
First, rob’d in white, the Nymph intent adores
With head uncover'd, the cosmetic pow'rs.
A heav'nly image in the glass appears,
To that she bends, to that her

she rears :
Th’inferior priestess, at her altar's side,
Trembling begins the sacred rites of pride.
Unnumber'd treasures ope at once, and here
The various off’rings of the world appear;
From each she nicely culls with curious toil,
And decks the goddess with the glitt'ring spoil.
This casket India's glowing gems unlocks,
And all Arabia breathes from yonder box.
The tortoise here and elephant unite,
Transform'd to combs, the fpeckled, and the white.



A TRANSLATION of part of the first Canto

of the Rape of the Lock, into Leonine Verse, after the manner of the antient Monks.


T nunc dilectum speculum, pro more re

tectum, Emicat in mensâ, quæ splendet pyxide densâ : Tum primum lymphâ, fe purgat candida nympha ; Jamque fine mendâ, cælestis imago videnda, Nuda caput, bellos retinet, regit, implet, ocellos. Hâc ftupet explorans, seu cultus numen adorans. Inferior claram Pythoniffa apparet ad aram, Fertque tibi cautè, dicatque superbia ! lautè, Dona venufta ; oris, quæ cunctis, plena laboris, Excerpta explorat, dominamque deamque decorat. Pyxide devotâ, se pandit hic India tota, Et tota ex iftâ transpirat Arabia cista ; Testudo hic flectit, dum se mea Lesbia pectit; Atque elephas lentè, te pectit Lesbia dente ; Hunc maculis nôris, nivei jacet ille coloris. F 2


Here files of pins extend their shining rows,
Puffs, powders, patches, bibles, billet-doux.
Now awful beauty puts on all its arms,
The Fair each moment rises in her charms,
Repairs her smiles, awakens ev'ry grace,
And calls forth all the wonders of her face ;

Sees by degrees a purer blush arise,
And keener lightnings quicken in her eyes.
The busy Sylphs surround their darling care ;
These set the head, and those divide the hair,
Some fold the fleeve, while others plait the gown,
And Betty's prais'd for labours not her own.


Hic jacet et mundè, mundus muliebris abundè;
Spinula resplendens æris longo ordine pendens,
Pulvis suavis odore, et epistola suavis amore,
Induit arma ergo, Veneris pulcherrima virgo ;
Pulchrior in præsens tempus de tempore crescens ;
Jam reparat risus, jam surgit gratia visûs,
Jam promit cultu, mirac'la latentia vultu.
Pigmina jam miscet, quo plus fua purpura gliscet,
Et geminans bellis fplendet magè fulgor ocellis.
Stant Lemures muti, Nymphæ intentique saluti,
Hic figit zonam, capiti locat ille coronam,
Hæc manicis formam, plicis dat et altera normam ;
Et tibi vel Betty, tibi vel nitidiffima Letty !
Gloria factorum temerè conceditur horum.

E 3

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