Popular and Complete English Dictionary: Exhibiting the Pronunciation, Etymology, and Explanation of Every Word Usually Employed in Science, Literature, and Art, Volume 2

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William Collins, 1848 - English language

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Page 1017 - A presentment, properly speaking, is the notice taken by a grand jury of any offence from their own knowledge or observation *, without any bill of indictment laid before them at the suit of the king...
Page 1094 - Religion, in a comprehensive sense, includes, he says, a belief in the being and perfections of God — in the revelation of His will to man — in man's obligation to obey His commands — in a state of reward and punishment, and in man's accountableness to God; and also true godliness or piety of life, with the practise of all moral duties. 2. His second definition is, that religion...
Page 1077 - A recognizance is an obligation of record, which a man enters into before some court of record or magistrate duly authorized)', with condition to do some particular act; as to appear at the assizes, to keep the peace, to pay a debt, or the like.
Page 769 - Earth's surface from another part; usually that portion of land or territory which the eye can comprehend in a single view, including all of its natural characteristics.
Page 884 - Their poison is like the poison of a serpent: they are like the deaf adder that stoppeth her ear; 5 Which will not hearken to the voice of charmers, charming never so wisely.
Page 816 - ... and directed to any person, corporation or inferior court, requiring them to do some particular thing therein specified, -which appertains to their office and duty, and which the court has previously determined, or at least supposes, to be consonant to right and justice.
Page 947 - The feast of the Passover was instituted by the Jews " to commemorate the providential escape of the Hebrews, in Egypt, when God, smiting the firstborn of the Egyptians, PASSED OVER the houses of the Israelites, which were marked with the blood of the PASCHAL LAMB.
Page 785 - This natural liberty consists properly in a power of acting as one thinks fit ; without any restraint or control, unless by the law of nature ; being a right inherent in us by birth, and one of the gifts of God to man at his creation, when he endued him with the faculty of free will.
Page 1115 - An estate in reversion is the residue of an estate left in the grantor, to commence in possession after the determination of some particular estate granted out by him.
Page 802 - I'm an object of compassion, because I know nothing about love. Well, what does the book say about it ? ' He found the word, and ran his finger down the paragraphs of explanation which followed. ' Seven meanings to Love,' he remarked. ' First : An affection of the mind excited by beauty and worth of any kind, or by the qualities of an object which communicate pleasure. Second : Courtship. Third : Patriotism, as the love of country. Fourth : Benevolence. Fifth : The object beloved. Sixth : A word...

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