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I do not think that Congress ever meant
That Clause to construe to such base intent;
It must be a mistake, the careless work
Of careless Printers, or more careless Clerk.
I only meant a gentle hint, or so;
For, to the wise, a hint's enough you know;
I only wish'd such measures to prevent,
As might, in time, grow up to precedent,
To raise constructive power, as high as steeple,
On the tir'd shoulders of the grumbling people.

ECHO.....NO. X.

From the Virginia Gazette.


.6 MR. CAREY, “ The following impromptu was written on the report that the Electors of this State in consequence of their having unanimously voted for Governor Clinton as Vice-President, were contumeliously called Jacobins.

“ Having remarked and admired the freedom of your press, I have submitted it through your medium to the public.

“ If any one shall suppose it personal as to himself, with him you are at liberty to effect an interview with the author.


EJOICE! Republicans rejoice! your inestimable privi. leges are secure. The genius of America is awake. The tute. lary saint of Virginia is roused. The electors of this state have unanimously given their suffrages to Governor Clinton, as VicePresident. Governor Clinton is a republican both in principle and practice. The principles of Mr. Adams, the late Vice-Pre. sident, are reprobated his book--his writings his sentimentshis late conduct his love of, and his having recommended hereditary monarchy, and hereditary aristocracy, are all, all, reprobated. Tne monocrats, aristocrats, highflyers, mushrooms, all hang their heads; and while the friends of men sing psalms, hallelujas, and anthems, to the tune of regenerating freedom, they W.10 were conspiring to dethrone the sacred majesty of the peo

ple may perform the last funeral obsequy and sing the last melancholy dirge to Adamitical principles.

6 Yes ! ye men of Belial, regeneration is at your heels, and ere long she will hold you up hated and avoided, as you are now suspected and despised. Your chariots, your pomp, your galadays, your court etiquette, your cries of sedition, and your reproaches against tried republican characters, will not avail. All eyes will be opened; the fatal issue of your abominable schemes will be developed ; then you will hate and execrate each other, yourselves, as you now deserve it, from all the race of man.

“ You call the electors Jacobins, as a mark of contumely; in that view they despise you and ask, that a man shall avow himself. But why say, Jacobins ? Are they not the authors of the greatest and most glorious revolution of which the annals of history can boast ? Have they not loosed the shackles of slavery from thirty millions of people? Have they not fanned the sacred blaze of liberty, in every region of the earth ? Have they not dethroned tyranny, monarchy, aristocracy, priestcraft, and all their satellites? Have they not set up and crowned the mighty majesty of human kind over the punyism of individuals? Yes! the Jacobins of France have done all this. The French have no longer a king ; they are no longer slaves ; they are free ; and therefore you despise them.

“ But future ages, when they trace the history of man, when they contemplate the catalogue of woes, which blacken the pages of antiquity, will at this eventful epoch make a complacent pause, and drop the tear of gratitude to the memory of those who so much contributed to emancipate the human race.

« The revolution has blasted your hopes ; the kings or tyrants of Europe have leagued against them; and why do you not go ? The duke of Brunswick will receive you ; he will embrace you, and you will shew the ne plus ultra of human depravity ; Americans aiding and abetting kings and tyrants to reduce to bondage thirty millions of people, whose blood and treasure were exhausted to purchase your country's freedom. Go hence and take with you

the last seed, the last shoot, the last scion of your stock ; and let that bold essayist, as your crusading champion, whose head, heart, and hand have been employed to sap the imprescriptible and defined rights of his countrymen be announced to kings and their cut-throats, by his herald as a voluntary fugitive from a country where men will cease to be, or live free. “ Thanks to you, electors; all the friends of human liberty will


ages will revere and venerate your names : Heaven and your own consciences will reward you.


thank you ;


« Echo with transport turns her eyes
6. Where Old Virginia's realms arise ;
Bright POKAHONTAS'* noble name
66 Shall consecrate the lay to fame.

With love of freedom, Mr. Carey ! smitten,
In ancient realm was this Impromptu written,
Where POKAHONTAS left a noble breed
All other men in science to exceed ;
On the report as Jacobins denoted,
Were our Electors who for Clinton voted.

Having oft seen the offspring of the brain
Drop from your press, with small parturient pain,
Through your pure medium I have thought it right
To let my strange ideas see the light.
If any one a personal meaning sinell,
I'll pack him off, or he shall me, to hell.

REJOICE, ye Democrats !

Democrats ! I say rejoice! See fix'd secure your privileges choice ! Columbia's Genius has our cause espous'd, Virginia's tutelary Saintt is rous'd,

* POKAHONTAS, a celebrated Squaw, who married one of the first sel: tlers of Virginia ; and from whom the Virginians are proud to derive some of their most considerable families. It has not a little puzzled many Amer. ican Politicians, in considering the political situation of Virginia, where the manners of the Planters are naturally and habitually Aristocratic, to ac

f Saint Tammany

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