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But ne'er in Pennsylvania's unkind soil
Will those rank weeds reward the planter's toil,
But fix'd in Hartford, with attentive care
Rear'd in her hot-bed, nurtured by her air,
With rapid growth their towering heads shall rise,
Above the dwarfish plants of southern skies,
And in wide-spreading majesty expand
A grateful shade o'er each congenial land:
While HARTFORD COURANT, like a pedlar's cart,
Shall lug their goodly fruits to every part.
Hartford! curst corner of the spacious earth!
Where each dire mischief ripens into birth,
Whence dark cabals against our statesmen rise
And spread a black’ning cloud o'er eastern skies:
Whose impious sons, by decency unsway'd,
Nor check'd by prudence, nor by fear dismay'd,
Each solemn thing have turn'd to constant jest,
From John Monier to Boston's civic feast,
From Pokahontas' breed, prime lords of all,
To Hancock glorious at his Negro ball :
For still proud Echo wakes the tuneful strain,
And ****** pun and C****** prints in vain.
Hartford detested more by faction's race
Than harden'd sinner hates the call of grace,
Not more the owl abhors meridian light,
Not more the generous steed the camel's sight,
Not more the skulking thief the fatal tree,
Than Faction's brood abhor thy sons and thee!



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See where in black yon champion takes his stand, The firm file-leader of the daring band ! His early youth with fairest prospect shone, Exulting Genius claim'd him as her own, With rapid step through learning's realms he ran, And Science gazed delighted at the man: Awhile with seeming zeal inspired he stood, And preach'd the Gospels of the Son of God; Bade round his native land the trumpet blow, Swell'd with the clangor of eternal woe; "Till sacred peace her olive wand display'd, Removed Columbia's foes and spoild his trade: Then dropp'd the veil, the pious mask he drew, His real character shone forth to view, Self stood confess'd, through every varying plan, The sole unchanging object of the man.

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From the Norwich Packet, of June 20, 1793.

MONDAY the 27th inst. being very warm, there appeared in the N. W. several small clouds, which indicated what the earth greatly stood in need of, viz. showers of rain, which afterwardscollected and directed their course to the northward of this place, till about three o'clock when a cloud clothed in sable black gathered in the west, arose and passed in a direct line over this city ; wafted with uncommon violence by the wind fluctuating in various directions, presented to the human mind a spectacle alarming to behold; it was highly charged with the electric fluid, and almost incessantly burst in streams of crimson fire, which streaked the heavens with astonishing lustre ; several of which, from the near connection between the blaze and report must have reached the earth not fur distant, though we do not learn of any consequential damages sustained. It continued to disburden itself of its contents with unremitted ardour and violence until the shades of evening had spread around us the curtains of the night, when it gradually disappeared ; and the horizon shone again clear and bright. Gay Luna who in majestic sway was 'now travelling the downward skies shone with unusual splendor, and the star bespangled canopy of Heaven furnished a scene at once beautiful to the eye of the beholder. The feathered tribe who during the storm were hushed in silence now erected their plumy wings, asone, attuned to the God of nature their feeble songs of praise, and the neighboring groves amidst creation's smiles harmonized music echoed through the skies! the earth has received a good

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