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the final overthrow of Rome should not be at the period when the imperial government ceased. In predicting this, he folemnly appeals to the true God, “to him that liveth for ever and ever, who “ created heaven and the things that therein are, “ the earth and the things that therein are, and “ the sea and the things which are therein."

By the manner of this appeal to God, he intimates the following things. First, that when imperial Rome shall be totally overthrown by the barbarous nations, it shall be exceedingly difficult to convince men, that Rome is not then finally overthrown. Such a solemn asseveration is used only when men will not credit a simple affertion. Second, the certainty and truth of this prediction : for an oath is the last thing to which men resort, to make witnesses tell the truth. Third, however dif- . ficult it may be, and to men it may appear impoflible, that Rome should rise again, after having been buried so long and so deep under her own ruins, and should after all be overthrown with a much more terrible destruction ; yet all these difficulties should neither prevent nor retard the accomplishment of this prediction. For it was made in the name, and shall be accomplished by the power of hiin who is present at all times and in all places, who created the heaven, the earth, the seas and the fullness thereof. Certainly he, who raised Rome from the narrow and rude foundation laid by Romulus and


Remus to the height of her imperial greatness, and who completely overthrew her by the incursions of the barbarous nations, could raise her from these ruins to the summit of Papal magnificence and authority, and as easily overthrow her at the sound of the trumpet of the seventh angel, never to rise more. He who made worlds out of nothing, and can by diffolving their elements make them to rush into their original chaos, can never be at a loss to raise Papal Rome out of the long mouldered duft of imperial Rome, and in his appointed time diffolve Papal Rome, never more to be restored. He who liveth for ever and ever can exert as great power in any future time, and in any place, as he hath exerted in any time that is past.

Let it be observed here, that it is Christ that raised Rome from her ruins, preserves her still from final destruction, and shall preserve her till the days of the voice of the seventh angel. For it was he who sware, “ that the time of her final overthrow should “ not be yet.” If he had not made this declaration, she must have finally perished when overthrown by the barbarous nations. But the fanie interposition of Christ which hath certainly reviva ed, and which still preserves her, shall as certainly overthrow her at the predicted time. Ye votaries of Rome! learn hence no more to rage a. gaind Christ and his true worshippers, for to him you are indebted for all those things in which you


glory, and for your very existence as a hierarchy. If he had not lifted up his hand to heaven, and declared that the time of your destruction should not be yet, all the powers of hell and earth could not have revived or supported you. Learn too to kiss the Son least he be angry, and ye perish when he Thall lift up his rod of iron. Ye Protestant Chris. tians, who have sometimes more zeal than knowledge, think it not strange that Rome still continues. Who can totally overthrow her, so long as that divine Jesus who preserves you preferves her also ? Though you cannot now see all the reasons why Christ preserves Papal Rome so long, you may be certain that they are good ones, for he always acts on the best reasons. Imitate not that church, in attempting to destroy her by fire and sword. You can no more destroy her till the days of the voice of the seventh angel, than she can at any time destroy the church of Chrift; and for the same reason, because Christ hath sworn that the time of her destruction is not yet. Remember too, that the weapons of your warfare are not car. nal but spiritual. While you put on the whole defensive armour of God, of which you have an inventory in Ephesians vi. 14,-17. lift up no other offensive weapon against Rome, or all your other spiritual enemies, than the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God. Indulge not a secret wish that fire may come down from heaven and destroy these men, least Chrift should rebuke you VOL. I. Xx


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as he once did two of his disciples, when they asked permission from him to call down fire from hea. ven to destroy the Samaritan idolaters for rejecting Chrift, and for their aversion to Jerufalem, saying unto them, “Ye know not what man“ ner of spirit ye are of; for the Son of man is “ not come to destroy men's lives, but to save " them.”- Let us now return to the narrative.

When the imperial government was overthrown, Rome ceased for some hundred years to be a seat of government, and for all that time was not ranked among the kingdoms of the world. During that time, the men of the world concluded that it should never more rise to the rank of a kingdom. But Jesus folemnly foretold that it should, and his words cannot fail. Since that time, Rome became again the seat of government, and for a long time under the Papal head, swayed a more extensive and despotic fceptre than ever imperial Rome had done in all her boasted greatness. Rome ftill exists as a kingdom, and is still the seat of government, for the time fixed by Christ for her final overthrow is not yet come. That time, Christ tells us, shall not come till the seventh angel sounds. his trumpet.

What period of time corresponds to the days of the seventh angel, shall be shewn in its proper place in the commentary on chap. xi. 15,---19. Let it be observed only here in general, that it is




yet above 200 years to that time. Hence Rome is not yet overthrown, and shall not be till that time come.

In the days of the seventh angel, the thunders which are now sealed up shall be loosed from their seal. Then the wars which shall finally over, throw Rome shall arise ; and the kings of the east shall cross the Euphrates, to execute the judge. ments of God upon Papal Rome. Accordingly, chap, xi. 19. under the seventh trumpet it is said, “ There were lightenings, and voices, and thun“derings, and an earthquake, and great hail.”

It is said, that “when the seventh angel shall be. gin to sound, the mystery of God shall be finished." In 1 Corinthians ii. 7, 16. that true religion of Jefus, which the Spirit of God only effectually teaches to the mind, and the true nature and excellency of which those only perceive who are renewed in the {pirit of their minds, by the Spirit of God, is stiled a mystery. In Rom. xi. 25,–36. the infidelity of the Jews, the bringing in of the fullness of the Gentiles, and the conversion of the Jews, are stiled a myftery. In 2 Theff. ii. 7. all that ambition, fuperstition, and tyranny, which characterise the Papal hierarchy, ar e ftiled a mystery. All these are comprehended under the mystery of God; as is evident from those things which are actually unfolded under the seventh trumpet, chap. xi. 15,–19. All these are great mysteries. They X x 2


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