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A baby was sleeping
A choir of bright beauties
Adieu ! my native land adieu !
Ah! Evan by thy winding stream
Ah, bright Belinda hither fly
Ah Chloris ! that I now could sit
Ah, ope, Lord Gregory, thy door
All in the Downs the fleet was moor'd
All the materials are the same
A lass there lives upon the green
Are other eyes beguiling, Love ?
As at noon Dulcina rested
As beautiful Kitty one morning was tripping
As I walk'd forth one summer's day
As near a fountain's cooling side
As o'er Asterias fields I rove
Ask me no more where Jove bestows
Ask me why I send you here
Ask not why sorrow shades my brow
Ask not the gause why sullen spring
A wandering gypsy, Sir, am I
Awake thee, my lady love!
Awake! the starry midnight hour
Away; let nought to love displeasing
Away with these self.loving lads
A woman's face is full of wiles



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Bacchus must now his power resign
Be hush'd, be hush'd, ye bitter winds
Bid me to live, and I will live
Blest as the immortal gods is he
Bright Cynthia's power divinely great



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Canadia, boast no more the toils
Care, thou canker of all joys
Cease, rude Boreas, blustering railer
Celia, let not pride undo you
Chloe found Amyntas lying
Chloris ! farewell; I now must go
Choose me your Valentine
Come again ! come again!
Come all ye youths whose hearts e'er bled
Come all you jolly sailors bold
Come, Anna, come! the morning dawns
Come Chloris hie we to the bower
Come, Cynthia to thy shepherd's vale
Come, follow, follow me
Come, let us now resolve at last
Come live with me and be my love (Marlowe)
Come live with me and be my dear (Raleigh)
Come live with me and be my love (Donne)
Come, my Celia, let us prove
Come on, come on! and where you go
Crabbed age and youth
Cruel Creature can you leave me
Cupid no more shall give me grief






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Dear Colin prevent my warm blashes
Dear, do not you fair beauty wrong
Dear is my little native vale
Dearest, do not you delay me
Despairing beside a clear stream
Do not conceal thy radiant eyes
Drink, and fill the night with mirth
Drink to day and drown all sorrow
Drink to me only with thine eyes

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Fair, and soft, and gay and young
Fairest isle, all isles excelling
False though she be to me and love
Fluttering spread thy purple pinion
Follow a shadow, it still flies you
For Love's sake kiss me once again
For me my fair a wreath has wove
From all uneasy Passions free
From Oberon, in fairye land
From the court to the cottage convey me away

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Had I a heart for falsehood fram’d
Happy and free, securely blest
Hark, hark ! the lark at Heaven's gate sings
Hence away, thou syren, leave me
Here's a bank with rich cowslips and cuckoo bads strewn
Her eyes are like the morning bright
He that loves a rosy cheek

happy is be born or taught
How hardly I conceal'd my tears
How pleas'd within my native bowers

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I cannot change as others do
I cannot eat but little meat
If all the world and love were young
If love be life, I long to die
Jf wine and music have the power
I have been in love, in debt, and in drink

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I in these flowery meads would be
I'll range around the shady bowers
I lik'd but never lov'd before
I lov'd a lass, a fair one
I never saw her face till now
In vain you tell your parting lover
Invest my head with fragrant rose
In Time we see the silver drops
In the merrie month of May
I prythee send me back my heart
I prythee leave this peevish fashion
I rise from dreams of thee
I sail'd from the Downs in the Nancy
Is my lover on the sea
I smile at love and all his arts
I speak not, I trace not, I breathe not thy name
It is not that I love you less
It is not beauty I demand
I told my nymph, I told her true
I've pluck'd the woodbine and lilac so pale

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Jolly mortals, fill your glasses



Keep on your mask and hide your eye
Kind relief in all my pain
Know Celia since thou art so proud
Know ye the land where the cypress and myrtle


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Lay a garland on my hearse
Let bards elate
Let fools great Cupid's yoke disdain
Let me wander where I will
Let perjur'd, fair Amynta know
Let soldiers fight for prey or praise
Let the waiter bring clean glasses
Like May in all her youthful dress
Love in fantastic triumph sat

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Of all the girls that are so smart
Of all the torments all the pains
O for a bowl of fat Canary
O forbear to bid me slight her
Oh ! do not wanton with those eyes
O had my love ne'er smiled on me
Oh let me grow unto those lips
Oh I the sweet contentment
Oh never talk again to me
Oh! the moment was sad when my love and I parted
Oh! what a plague is love
On the waves the wind was sleeping
O Mary, I love thee with purest devotion
O Nancy, wilt thou go with me
On a bank beside a willow .
On Belvidera's bosom lying
Once more Love's mighty charms are broke
One kind kiss before we part
On Richmond Hill there lives a lass
Once more, enchanting maid, adieu !
Opening buds began to shew
Orpheus, with his lute made trees
Over the mountains


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