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"A handsome and artistic series." -Vide Press.


An Eastern Romance. By William Beckford. Edited, with an Introduction, by Justin Hannaford. Full-page Illustrations by W. S. Rogers. Crown 8vo, cloth gilt, gilt edges, 3/6.


A Romance by Alexandre Dumas. Newly done into English, with an Introduction, by S. J. Adair Fitz-Gerald. Full-page Illustrations by John Hassall. Crown 8vo, cloth gilt, gilt edges, 3/6.


A Tale of the Covenanters. By John Galt. Edited, with an Introduction, by Sir George Douglas. Crown 8vo, cloth gilt, gilt edges, 5


A Tale of Adventure. By Dr. Johnson. Edited, with an In. troduction, by Justin Hannaford. Full-page Illustrations by W. S. Rogers. Crown 8vo, cloth gilt, gilt edges, 3/6.


An Illustrated Edition of the Celebrated Novel by Le Sage, Author of "Gil Blas.” Edited by Justin Hannaford. Crown 8vo, cloth gilt, gilt edges, 5/

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A Tale of Mystery and Adventure. By Thomas Moore. Edited, with an Introduction, by Justin Hannaford. Illustrated by Will Smart. 8vo, cloth gilt, gilt edges, 3/6.

Several well-known and popular works by great writers are in

active preparation for this artistic series of masterpieces.


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A Few Memories and Recollections (de omnibus rebus). With
Portrait of the Author from the celebrated Painting by J.
Mordecai. Third Edition. Crown Svo, crimson buckram, gilt

lettered, gilt top, 2/-
Weekly Sun (T. P. O'CONNOR) says :- A Book of the Week_"I have found
this slight and unpretentious little volume bright, interesting reading. I have read
nearly every line with pleasure."

Illustrated London News.-"The story Mr. Scott has to tell is full of varied interest, and is presented with warmth and buoyancy."

Punch.--"What pleasant memories does not Clement Scott's little book, 'The Wheel of Life,' revive! The writer's memory is good, his style easy, and above all, which is a great thing for reminiscences, chatty.'

Referee:-GEORGE R. Sims (Dagonet) says :-"Deeply interesting are these last memories and recollections of the last days of Bohemia. . I picked up 'The Wheel of Life'at one in the morning, after a hard night's work, and Aung myself, weary and worn, into an easy-chair to glance at it while ! smoked my last pipe. As I read all my weariness departed, for I was young and light-hearted once again, and the friends of my young man had come trooping back from the shadows to make a merry night of it once more in London town. And when I put the book down, having read it from cover to cover, it was 'past three o'clock and a windy morning. "SISTERS BY THE SEA.”

Seaside and Country Sketches. Frontispiece and Vignette de. signed by Geo. Pownall. Long 12mo, attractively bound in

cloth, 1/Observer.—"The little book is bright and readable, and will come like a breath of country air to many unfortunates who are tied by the leg to chair, stool, or counter."

Sheffield Telegraph.-"Bright, breezy, and altogether readable. : : East Anglia, Nelson's Land, etc., etc., are all dealt with, and touched lightly and daintily, as becomes a booklet meant to be slipped in the pocket and read easily to the pleasing accompaniment of the waves lazily lapping on the ingle by the shore."

Dundee Advertiser.-"It is all delightful, and almost as good as a holiday.
The city clerk, the jaded shopman, the weary milliner, the pessimistic dyspeptic,
should each read the book. It will bring a suggestion of sea breczes, the plash of
waves, and all the accessories of a holiday by the sea."

And other Stories. Crown 8vo, cloth gilt, 3/6. Cover designed

by W. S. Rogers. Weekly Dispatch.-"The book is characteristic of the work of its authorbright,

brilliant, informing, and entertaining, and without a dull sentence in it." St. James's Gazette. -"Full of grace and sentiment. The tales have each their individuality and interest, and we can recommend the whole as healthy refreshment for the idle or weary brain."

Pelican.-"Full of living, breathing, human interest. Few writers possess the gift of bringing actual existence to their characters as does Mr. Scott, and in the pages of his newest book you shall find tears and smiles, and all the emotions skilfully arranged and put in true literary fashion."

World.--"Clement Scott is nothing if not sympathetic, and every one of the ten stories is not only thoroughly readable, but is instinct with sentiment; for Mr. Scott still retains a wonderful enthusiasm, usually the attribute of youth. 'Drifting! is a very fresh and convincing narrative, founded, we understand, upon truth, and containing within a small compass the materials for a very stirring drama. 'A Cross of Heather,' too, is a charming romance, told with real pathos and feeling."


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