The History of Kamtschatka, and the Kurilski Islands, with the Countries Adjacent

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Page 204 - ... of life : even the very fmalleft animals they imagine will rife again, and dwell under the earth. They think the earth is flat, and that under it there is a firmament like our's ; and under that firmament another earth like our's, in which when we have fummer they have winter, and when we have winter they have fummer. With regard to future rewards and punifhments, they believe that in the other world the rich will be poor and the poor will be rich.
Page 214 - ... all the women following. When the bride came to the hut, they tied a ftrap round her, by which fhe was let down the ftairs, the old woman who carried the fifh's head going before her.
Page 179 - Jf any one kills another, he is to be killed by the relations of the perfon flain. They burn the hands of people who have been frequently caught in theft, but for the firft offence the thief muft reftore what he hath ftolen, and live alone in folitude, without expecting any afliftance from others.
Page 178 - They reckon ten months in the year, fome of which are longer and fome fhorter ; for they do not divide them by the changes of the moon, but by the order of particular occurrences that happen in thole regions, as may be feen in the following table : ift.
Page 214 - All the women were in the boats, and the men being naked pufhed them along with poles. About one hundred paces from the village to which they were going, they landed, began to fing, and ufed conjurations with tow...
Page 221 - ... fay, that they leave them near the hut, that the evil fpirits, whom they imagine to be the occafion of their death, feeing the dead body, may be fatisfied with the mifchief they have done. However, they frequently remove to fome other place, when any one has died in the hut, leaving the corpfe behind them in it. They throw away all the cloaths of the deceafed, not becaufe they imagine they mall have occafion for them in the other world, but becaufe they believe that whoever С 3 wears wears'...
Page 191 - ... kind of garments, their dress only differing in their under clothing-, which consists of trowsers and waistcoat sewed together, and in the covering of their feet.
Page 179 - They do not diftihguiih the davs by any particular appellation, nor form them into weeks or months, nor yet know how many days are in the month or year. They mark their epochs by fome remarkable thing or other, fuch as the arrival of the Ruffians, the crt rebellion, or the iirll expedition to Camchatca.
Page 136 - Sea in many places, especially among Islands near the Main. This Grass groweth likewise in Creeks, or in great Rivers near the Sides of them, in such places where there is but little Tide or Current. They never come ashore, nor into shallower Water than where they can swim.
Page 179 - ... of the fquare : between the pillars round the walls of their huts they make benches, upon which each family lies feparately ; but on that fide oppofite to the fire, there are no benches, it being defigned for their kitchen furniture, in which they drefs their victuals for themfelves and dogs. In thefe huts where there are no benches, there are balks laid upon the floor, and covered with mats. They adorn the walls of their huts with mats made of grafs. They enter their huts by ladders commonly...

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