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By several Members of the London UNIVERSAL SOCIETY

for Promotion of the NEW CHURCH.

(To be continued Monthly.)

To the Magazine will be added Monthly,
SIXTEEN PAGES (beautifully and uniformly printed, so as

to bind by itself) OF

A Translation, from the Latin, of that invaluable Work, intituled, the


Printed for the Society, N° 45, UPPER MARY BONE-
STREET, near TitchFIELD-Street.



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HE Editors of this work beg leave to offer a few

obfervations on the nature and tendency of the prefent undertaking.

A Society having been formed on the principles of the New Jerusalem Church, it was thought requisite to publish, monthly, some account of their transactions, together with such occurrences as relate to the state of the church at large, for the information of the respective Societies in Great-Britain and elsewhere; and, on mature consideration, it was deemed a favourable opportunity to extend the plan on a more ample scale.

They were farther encouraged to proceed in this work, on considering that they had in their poffeffion a great number of very valuable manuscripts, on the most interesting and important subjects (never before published); consisting of original letters, essays, anecdotes, lives and memoirs, critical solutions of Scripture difficulties, &c. the circulation of which they thought might prove not only entertaining, but highly useful, to every friend of civil and religious liberty.

Liberty is undoubtedly one of the greatest blessings among mankind; its worth is inestimable; it comprehends all human felicity.-Confidered in a civil light, this pofition will scarcely be disputed; yet, how much is it to be lamented that Spiritual Liberty, though far superior to Natural Liberty, has not been hitherto regarded with the same affection! The Editors, however, are not ashamed to acknowledge, that they verily believe the times are now commencing when internal liberty will again resume its dominion, and the minds of men be emancipated from those chains in which they have been so long held captive, to the great disgrace of Reason and Christianity. Indeed, the very important revolutions, now taking piace in the world, may serve to convince even the careless and incredulous, that many of the great events, predicted in the sacred Records, are absolutely fulfilling at the present period,

Impressed Impreffed with this conviction, and warmed with a bene. volent wish to diffuse a knowledge of the most important truths relating to man's present welfare and eternal felicity, the authors of this performance will unite their best efforts for a periodical publication, on a religious but liberal plan, which they truit, and have good reason to hope, will not prove unworthy of public encouragement.

As many of the sentiments expressed in the following work may, at first sight, appear new and extraordinary, or at least different from common received opinions, the reader is earnestly requested, not to censure or condemn them too hastily, and to wait till the point in question has undergone a serious and impartial investigation. This caution will, very likely, prove not unuseful, when we come to treat more largely on the Science of Correspondences, and the Doctrine of Spheres; which, among other subjects equally important, are peculiar to the New-Jerusalem Difpensation, and will open such a new field for philosophical enquiries, as cannot fail to strike


fincere and intelligent Lover of Truth with admiration and astonish-ment.

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