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flowed with water, shall make application to the governor; upon hearing the parties and good cause shewn, he may order the said commissioners, at the expence of the party so applying, to view the premises ; and they, or a majority of them, shall, by order in writing, direct from a proper level, a sufficient and effectual channel, drain, or outlet, according to the nature and situation of the ground, to be made, for the effectually draining such fens, and carrying off the stágnated waters. And after the commissioners have made their order, the party so applying shall duly serve the persons through whose grounds the said channel is directed to be made, or who may be affected thereby, with a true copy of the said order. And in case any such persons shall find them. selves aggrieved thereby, they shall be at liberty to bring their complaint against the same to the governor, within eight days after such service; who shall thereupon, ju. dicially and finally hear and determine the merits of the said complaint and order. And in case no such com. plaint be preferred within the time aforesaid, the governor, upon certificate of such notice being given as aforesaid, shall direct the said order of the commissioners to be carried into execution : and the proprietors of the lands through which such channel is directed to pass, shall, at their own costs and charges, make such chan. nel in such manner as directed by the said order. 73

And in case any person neglect or refuse to comply with the said order, the commissioners shall, by writing under their hands, appoint a proper overseer, ef. fectually to carry on and complete the said channel, through the lands of such person so refusing or neglecting; which overseer upon producing his account of the expences of the work, upon oath, before the governor, shall have judgment and execution granted against such person or persons, for the full amount thereof, with an allowance of one shilling and sixpence per day, for overseeing the said work : And in case any person shall wilfully obstruct the said commissioners and overseers, or other persons by them employed in the discharge of their duty, under this act; the governor shall, upon certificate made thereof, by the said commissioners or overseers, order the offender to be committed to pri. son, until he give in good and sufficient security to of. fer no further obstruction : And the work to proceed in the mean time, as if no obstruction had been given *. .


LEGACIES are to be paid within ten 'or fourteen days after the probate of the will t.


It is enacted, that the ancient laws, with respect to forfeiting vessels and goods, for carrying persons off the island without a licence, be repealed; and that any ship, vessel, or boat, which shall carry any person or persons off the island, without the governor's licence, shall forfeit any sum, not exceeding ten pounds, to the - lord, to which forfeiture the master of the vessel shall - be liable in the first instance, over and besides paying the debts which such persons did owe in the island, at the time of their departure, as mentioned with respect to assisting debtors to escape off the island, [See Debtor.] But if the master be absent or insolvent, the vessel to be then subject to the said fine and debts in - manner aforesaid ; but not to be so liable longer than

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for the term of two years, unless she continues to be the real property of the same owner *.


LORD'S CLOSES. All persons whose tenements or grounds soever, abutt or adjoin the Lord's pastures or closes, shall make the ditch and ditches of the said closes, so far as their grounds extend, at their own pro. per costs and charges, and shall keep the same in sufficient repair, both winter and summer, on pain to for. feit, for every time the keeper of such closes shall make true presentment of the default in any court by his solemn oath, three shillings and four pence to the lord t.


No market to be kept on the Sabbath day, on pain of fine and imprisonment.

All the inhabitants of Kirk Christ Rushen, Arbory, Malew, Santan, Marown, Patrick, German, Ballaugh, and Michael, shall keep the ordinary market days appointed within those limits, and bring thither all such victuals, corn, wares, and merchandize, which they have to spare or sell, on pain of imprisonment and fine to the lord ; and if they cannot sell there, then to be at liberty to take them elsewhere.

And none shall sell any corn to the strangers, but first they shall tender the same, or a sufficient part there. of to the market, that the country may be first serva

ed I..

* A, T. 1737.

+ Ordinance 1583.

Ord. 1694.

As often as the Feast of St John the Baptist falls upon the Sabbath day, the Tynwald and the fair shall then be kept on the following day: And in like manner all other fairs and markets shall be transferred to Monday, as often as the fair days fall out upon the Lord's day *. .

No person shall, by himself, his agents, or servants, by way of engrossing, or forestalling, or regrating, buy any corn or grain, or other merchandize or provisions to sell the same again, on pain to forfeit the goods so bought, or the value thereof, to the lord.

And if any persons, by themselves or their servants, or agents, ingross, or buy out of market, any corn or other goods, and sell the same again, they shall forfeit such goods, or the value of them to the lord : And it is declared, that any person who shall buy, or cause to be bought, any merchandize or other thing, coming by land or water, to any fair or market, to be sold therein; or coming towards any town, village, port, haven, creek, or road, of this island, from beyond sea, to be sold; or make any bargain for the buying thereof, before the same shall be in such market, fair, town, &c. ready to be sold, or shall make any motion, by message, or otherwise, to any person for changing the price, or dear selling of any of the things aforesaid, or move or stir any person coming to the market or fair, to forbear to bring any of the things aforesaid, to any fair or market, town, port, haven; or creek, to be sold, shall be judged a forestaller t.

Whoever shall engross, or get into his hands, by buying, contract, or promise, (other than by demise, grant, or lease of land, or tithe) any corn growing in the fields, or any other corn or grain, butter, cheese, fish, or other dead victuals, within the said isle, to the intent to sell the same again, shall be deemed an ingrosser 1.

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It is enacted, that in case any person shall bring to market, veal before it has come to the age of three weeks at the least, and be fit and wholesome to eat, the constable and clerk of the market shall seize upon such victuals; to wit, veal under three weeks old, and also such lambs, kids, and pigs, as shall appear unmarketable, in respect of their leanness and tenderness of age, and distribute the same to the poor of the town, or otherwise to burn the flesh in some convenient place, and the owner not to have any recompense: and if the owner give any opposition thereto, such constable and clerk of the market to make presentment against him, and he shall be fined and punished at the court's dis. cretion *.


None to be married until they have received the communion of the Lord's Supper, unless being an orphan, there be occassion for his speedy marriage; and this to be approved and dispensed with by the ordinary, for a limited time, to fit himself for the sacrament: and where any of them are of another parish, they are to bring a certificate from their proper pastor t.

Marriage Act.

All banns of matrimony shall be published in an audible manner, in the parish church to which the persons to be married belong, according to the form of words prescribed by the rubrick, in the book of com. mon-prayer, upon three several Sundays, during the

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