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understanding, did bid the persons present, or some of them, bear witness that such was his will, or to that ef. fect: And that six months after the testator's speaking the pretended testamentary words, no testimony shall be received to prove any nuncupative will,' except the said testamentary words, or the substance thereof, were committed to writing, within ten days after the making and publishing of the said will; and that no letters testamentary, or probate of any nuncupative will, shall be granted by the court, till fourteen days at the least af. ter the decease of the testator be fully expired. Nor shall any will whatever be at any time received, unless notice has been given to call in the widow, relict, or next of kinured, to the end that they may object, if they please : nor shall any will in writing, concerning any goods or chattels, real or personal, be revoked or altered, in the whole, or in part, by any nuncupative will, except the same be, in the lifetime of the testator, committed to writing, and read to him, or her, and allowed or approved of; and so proved by the oaths of two witnesses at the least *.

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If any vessel or ship, or other goods, be imbayed within the heads of Man, above water, or under water, they are the lord's by his prerogative.

* A. T. 1777.

A Confirmation of the Churches, Lands, and Liber

ties, given, granted, and made, by the most noble Lord, Thomas, Earl of Derby, Lord Stanley, and King and Lord of the Island of Mann, and of the Islands, to Huan, Bishop of Sodor, and to his Successors.

THOMAS, by the grace of God King of Mann and of the islands, Earl Derby and Lord Stanley, wishes eternal salvation in the Lord to all the sons of our Holy Mother the Church, who shall read or hear these letters. We make known to your community, that we, for the salvation of our own soul, and of the souls of our predecessors, and of all the faithful departed, have given and granted to our beloved in Christ, the Reverend Fa. ther and Lord in Christ, Lord Huan, by divine permission now Bishop of Sodor, as a free and perpetual provision for his episcopal table, all the churches, lands, tithes, and possessions, which our predecessors, the Kings and Lords of Mann, have given, granted and confirmed to the church and bishoprick of Sodor; to wit, the cathedral church of St German, in Holme, called Sodcr or Pile, and the church of St Patrick, as also the forementioned place, in which the forementioned churches are situate, as also the church of St Bradan; and the churches of St Patrick of Jurby, with the church of St Croce, with all and every the tithes, first fruits, fruits, emoluments, revenues, liberties, commodities, and every thing thereunto apper. taining; and a third part of the tithes of all the churches of Mann, confirming besides to them the third of the whole town of Kirkby, near the church of St Bradan, with the lands of St Bradan; and a third of the whole town of Kirk Marown, the lands of Cutherty, of Glanfaba, of Folysdeyn, of Balla, of Mary, of the Staff of St Patrick, and of Holinetown, with the fisheries,

braciniis, customs, anchorages, and (vertenariis ;] the third of the bailiwick of Knockcroke, and of Ballibrusle, of Jurby, of Balicane, of Bretby, and of Ramsey : Also the lands of the church of the Holy Trinity, in Leazre, of St Mary of Ballaugh, of St Maughald, and of St Michael adjacent, and the whole of the land of St Collumba, called Here: As also the liberties of every kind formerly granted to the same church, their own jurisdiction of life and limb, theft, murder, and all crimes; and that they may have power of imprisoning, and of releasing the imprisoned, and of a cross or gibbet on their own lands: And that both the clergy and laity, who reside upon episcopal farms or tenements, plead and answer suits in the court of the Lord Bishop, at the ecclesiastical bar; and that they be free from all services, secular exaction, and demand and forfeiture, or fine: And if any cause be decided betwixt our men and the men of the forementioned bishop, or of our successors, let the person fined for the offence follow the decision of the court. We have also given, and do confirm to the same bishop, all manner of sea-wreck and land, accruing to the bishop and his successors, through Mann, together with the village of Kircriest, near Ramsay, entirely, with the clerical and lay [braciniis, and other appurtenances, without any reserve, with one moiety of the fishery in Mirescogh. And that the same bishop, his successors, the clergy, and farmers of the episcopal revenues, have free power to sell and dispose of their tithes, and other property of the clergy and laity, dwelling on eccesiastical lands, whenever they shall deem proper, both in and out of our land of Mann, without our gainsaying, or that of our heirs or successors. As also the mines of lead or iron, which he may discover in any of his lands in Mann, so to be had, held, and possessed by the aforesaid Huan, and his successors, the bishops of

Mann, for ever, as freely, quietly, and honourably as any es.


other provision that has ever been conferred and appro. priated to any episcopal table, by any kings or lords whatsoever, to continue to the end of time. In witness whereof, 'we have caused these presents to be sealed with our seal. Given at Lathom, on the twenty-eighth day of March, and in the year of our Lord one thou. sand five hundred and five.


Of the Money, Weights, Measures, fc. of the Isle

of vian. The currency of the island varies from that of Great Britain. - The Manks pound, which is the money integer, consists of the same subdivisions into shillings, pence, and farthings, as the pound sterling. A British shilling is equal to fourteenpeace Manks currency, and one pound three shillings and four pence of this currency is equivalent to one pound sterling, therefore all negociations for money, if intended to be like the Bri. tish niust be so expressed, otherwise Manks currency is understood. : The Manks WEIGHTS and MEASURES of every denomination (it has already been observed, page 228 et seq.) are precisely the same as those of England.

The LEGAL RATE OF INTEREST in the isle of Man, (as has been noticed under the title Usury, page 226,) is six per centum per annum. ; D? VASTUONO' '.

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Arbitration, 59
Abbots, and abbey tenants, 28 Archbishop of York, 92
Absolute power of the kings Archdeacon, and his court, 91,

and lords of Man, 15, 16 et seq.
Act of Tynwald, what, and Arms, 125
where made, 20

Arraignment, 62
Act of settlement, 101, et seq. Arthur, King, 6
Act explanatory thereof, 112, Arrest of persons, 58, et seq.
et seq.

126, et seq.
Action common, 56, 57

Arrest of goods, 57, 165
Actions, limitations of, 67, 116, Artificers, 221
et seq.

Assault, 131
Action real, 119, et seq. Assets, 127
Administration, 91, 122 Atholí, Duke of, 5, 8, 13, 16,
Adultery, 122

24, 42, 46, 51, 83, et seq.
Advocate, 53, 127, et seq. Attachment, 56
Affidavit of debt, 58, 126 Attestation of deed, 40 )
Alehouse, 123.

Attorney-General, 25, et seq.
Alexander, King of Scotland, Attorney, 127, et seq. . .
10, 32

-- , letters of, 40
Alfred, King, 7

Aydan, King, 6
Alimony, 96 -
Allowance to debtors, 187

Ancestor, 35

Bail to the action, 59
Ancient Manx tenures, 27, et for the principal, 75 '

Bunkruptcy, 58 -
Animals, stealing, 168

Bargain and sale of lands, 40
,, feræ naturæ, 85

goods, 75
Answer in chancery, 57

Barons and baronies, 28, et seq.
Appeals, 53, 74, 124

Baron and feme, 41, et seq. 95,
Appearance to actions, 56

et seq. 129
Apprentice, 195

Baron Court, 37"

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