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Instead of being bias, I'll write an objective review of this book. But, granted, I am a theist so perhaps not so bias at all. In any case, whether you are Atheist or Theist, this book does a great job representing the theist understanding within a more scientific framework. Swinburne believes the Earth to be billions of years old too, no big deal guys and gals. The point of this book is not to make you hate theism more, or convert you (though I'm sure Swinburne would like that). The sole purpose of this book is to show that theism may be a more rational approach to understanding the world, even within the Neo-Darwinian framework (or more so, Swinburne's revision of that system [See Thomas Nagel's new book, "Mind and Cosmos"]). For anyone who wants to get both sides of the issue, and get an evolutionary theists perspective on this matter, this book is the place to go. If you are looking for arguments to be made against Swinburne, the lovely world of philosophy leads you to read this book and freely (or not freely) do so. So this book serves a great purpose for everyone. 

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