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A young divine was so terribly infected fabio

whole appearance so wonderfully apprehension of war, the report of the plague, unable to turn his eyes upwards, bolove

of his congregation. I recommended to be miad dog, or of a comet, alternately till every but I fear without effect, a little could

spent in ruminatiny, whether or not the not, indeed, of the melancholy kind, but it is grace, than any of those inculcated by get

The madness which prevails at present, is of holiness would not be a more betaler Graces are there recommended in so forcible with a Bivliophobia, which not oulr

the diseaseid persons from attending inake out the meaning, is induced to affect all porter-like language of Homer's the finical airs of a fine gentleman. Clowns, compels them to couvert their librin pedants, jockeys, country-squires, and fox. dressing-rooms, to be consulting the

gla:s 'when they should be consult čestors, and begin to rival each other in imi. Iesicon, and learning the art of

sore pretty married woman, when the ONET tating the mincing step, and lisping voice of ber eading the art of logic with the

I have given a hint to all the patien disorder, I shall take the liberty, with submisa hav: come from those places to consult

we are roused froin our reverie by beholding sion to the College of Physicians

, to give the name of the gallant Hutchinson, which new name, and call it the Charitomania again also recalls the noble minded Wilson to following is an essay on the cause, spagete Gr our remembrance. The next name brings &

and cure of this alarming disease ;'artige Hees thousand pleasant thoughts into our minds,

hope, will obtain at least equal attention is to and we are surrounded in imagination with the medical cases which are so often pro our friend the Domine, his near relative Ballie to the public by each self-important Ig to live Nicol Jarvie, and a hundred others of the crates. “ north countrie." Possibly some passing

A young man, apprentice to a merceri seaman strengthens our recollection of the city of London, caught the Charitona pathetic author of the Shipwreck–Faulkner; reading in a magazine a few letters of Conte and while pondering with pleasure upon the Chestertield, concerning the art of pled efforts of the pen, we feel equal gratification Before this accident, lie was known to the at the productions of the pencil , and our re- spoken in a manly voice

, and to have den miniscenes end with the name of Northcote.

with a decent plainness. But now be 24 bis Thus, Mr. Editor, you see, though I some- stantly wears his head powdered and perhaps we times run the risk of getting a broken head and his coat cut in the extreme of the file cadru or a dislocated shoulder, hy running “a-head" speaks with a soft wonanish accent, of some uncourteous porter, I return to my gallantry with his female customers dormitory, with a train of pleasant ideas, and farly in:rried women, and assumes 300 ha that these may also be the lot of yourself and maces, attitudes

, and airs, whicle for at la your numerous readers is the wish of,

plete petit maitre. Upon considering Mr. Editor,

I prescribed a grain of common sense recomien

behaviour fure

used in retecting, that Your old Correspondents might become an enroy extraordinary am 18th Sopt., 1820.


court of Dresden, was ridiculus telesa of die counter in Cheapside.

the contagion, that from being perfecta Essay.

in his external parts, on a sudden bist is, the were covered with carbuncles, his haired and a colour, and smelt strongly, his legs ter will com

a dead white, the exterior corering mete i ON THE AFFECTATION OF THE

head mas contracted to a nut-shell Restorey GRACES.

phosed, that he neither knew nor was at hin IT has been remarked by an author of some

by any of his former arqnaintance, humour, that at certain periods there is an

order was attended with an usual it hapepidemical madness which rages through a

an invincible Pauperwphobia, which angere me whole kingdom.

In time of war, ideal victo: day and night seek the company of an vies and defeats alternately clevate andicde and great, and Ny from a poor chrisa, press the spirits of the nation. Yn peace

, the ther as from a plague. In the partie the fear of popery and fainine, the dread of a countenanee with gloom, heart with ror, and every tougue with lamentation and complaint. outrageous and universal. It owes its rise to

less lordling a posthumous publication of Lord Chesterfield, which is generally read and admired. The a manner, that every unlicked cab who can hunters, put off the stern virtue of a French dancing-master.

As this affectation of the Graces is a new

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tiv! every night when he went to be

The two famous universities of the are orer-run with the infection. list

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Insider, that the Graces seldom chuse to re. When I do an alms, lame's trumpot ne'er blows, ain after the Moses are entirely dismissed. What my right hand is doing, my left never A certain honest tradesman who had fol

knows; wed the vocation of a tallow chandler, from All my gifts I bestow in so private a way, age of fourteen to forty, being on a sudden That when, how, or where, no mortal can say." itiched by a large legacy from a distant re

Spintext, it is true, has such arl to conceal 'em, lion, who had not vouchsated to know him

That his parish ne'er see, nor the poor never feel

'em, uile alire, was immediately seized with a And thus he makes sure that none shall reveal'em. ont violent Charitomania. His body no ngor (mitted the odoriferous effluvia of How, but sent forth smells of perfume, which

WOMAN'S LOVE. never happened to hiin before in his life. le covering of his head, which was before a

KIND Peggy kiss'd her husband, with these editable periwig, with a double row of curls words: hised

, suddenly dropt off, and was succeeded " Mine own, sweet Will, how dearly I love a boyish head ot

' hair, with a lail thicker thee !" longer than the thickest and longest If true, quoth Will, the world none sach affords; his candles. He was soon over-run with a

And that 'tis true I dare ber warrant be: be of vermin called dancing masters, French

For ik'er was woman yet, or good or ill, asters , music masters, and peruquiers. His

But loved always best her own sweet Will. gorder was attended with a loss of memory,

he entirely forgot all bis acquaintance to used to incet at the orter club once a

On seeing a young Lady writing Vorses nilh a mek. Instead of these, whom he no longer

hole in her Slocking. ** ww, he sought the company of wits and aus, in the fasbionable coffee houses at the TO see a lady of such grace, est end of the town. But what is ruinark

With so much sense, and such a face, le in his case is, that though the symptoins

So slatternly, is shocking; ir violent and alarming; yet, instead of

Oh! if you would with Venus vie, ing received with condolence and sympathy,

Your pop and poetry lay by, was every where treated with contempt and

And learn to mend your stocking. Wybter. After frequent prescriptions, which pelled on accouns of the inveteracy of the fease, I gave him up as incurable.

Spoken extempore by the Earl of Rochester, lo Were loto enumerate all the cases of this

a Parish Clerk. forder, which have fallen under my notice, - Ferily believe my work would consist of STERNIJOLD and Hopkins had great qualms,

When they translated David's psalms, my volumes, folio. I shall therefore rest fsfied with having given such a short history But bad it been poor David's fate

To make the heart full glad: this terrible pestilence, as may tend in To lear thee sing, and them translato, me measure fu elucidate its cause, nature, It would have made hina wad. Netieets; and I shall, with a public spirit

kwn to my brother quack.s, communi ate le following invaluable nostrum, which, taken ulue, is a sovereign reniedy.

. Let the

THE LAWYERS. Birut administer to himselt å small dose', =-isting ot a few grains of common-sense,

TWO Lawyers, when a knotty case was o'


Shook hands and were as good friends as before. a scruple of modesty, which will not fail

'Zounds!" says the losing client, “bow conio purge away all tumours arising from vanity" for if the patient has not courage enough to To be such friends, who were such foes just his own physician, let his friends apply a now?” lister to the morbid part, made up of caustic

“ 'Thou fool," says one, we Lawyers, though

so keen,

Like sliears, ne'er cut ourselves, but whai's boEpigrams.






RIES Spintext, in spleen, “ this public dona-
Tetlínks savours whách of vain ostentation;

4d bless me! five pounds, why the sum isim-

IIERE lieth one that was born and cried, Ind for pity, mere pity! 'tis show and pre tence; Lir'd several years, and theu—and then he died

And come to this wedding, kind, friends, a deca


Humour 4 Parish Clerk, a good man, and an excellent

back-gammon player, who was succeeded in his
office by a Mr. Trice.

BY the chance of the die,
On his back here doth lie

Writion in Verse, and enlered in the Constiges
Our most audible clerk, Master Hammond;

in 1737.
Tho'he bore many men,
Til three score and ten,

THE fifth day of May,
Yet at length he by death is back-gammon'd.

Being airy and gay,

And to hip not inclin'd,
But hark! neighbogrs, hark!

But of vigorous mind,
Here again comes the clerk!

And my body in health,
By a hit very lucky and nice,

I'll dispose of my wealth,
With death we're now even;

And all I'm to leave,
He just stepp'd to heav'n,

On this side the grave,
And is with us again in a Triee.

To some one or other,
And I think to my brother,
Because I foresaw

That my brothers-in-law,

If I did not take care,

Would come in for their share,
HERE lies the man Richard,

Which I no wise intended,
And Mary his wife;

'Till their manners are mended,
Their surname was Prichard;

And of that, God knows, there's no site 'They liv'd without strife;

I do therefore enjoin,
And the reason was plain-

And do strictly command,
They abounded in riches;

As witness my hand,
They no care had, nor pain,

That nought I bave got
And the wife wore the breeches.

Shall go into hotch-pot;
But I give and devise,
As much as in me lies,

To the son of my mother,

My own dear brother,

To have and to hold Who published some marvellous accounts of his

All my silver and gold, truvels, the truth of all arhich he thought As the affectionate pledges proper to testify by Afidavit.

Of his brother, John HEDGES.
TREAD softly, mortals, o'er the bones
of the world's wonder, Captain Jones !
Who told his glorious deeds to many,

But never was believed by any.

Inviting to a bidden Wedding.
Posterity, let this suffice,
He swore all's true, yet here he lies.

SUSPEND, for one day, your cares and selle kali la


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FOR years upon a mountain's brow,
A hermit liv'dmthe Lord knows how;
A robe of sackcloth he did bear,
And got his food-the Lord knows where;
Hardships and penance were his lot,
He often pray'd--the Lord knows what:
At length this holy man did die,
He left this world the Lord knows why,
He's buried in this gloomy den,
And he shall rise--the Lord knows when.

good neighbours. Notice is hereby given, that the marriag of Isaac Paterson with Frances Alkinson will be solemnized in due form, in the paris litanie church of Lamplugh, Cumberland, on Tue day next, the 30th of May, instant; imme diately af which the bride and bridegroen with their fengánts, will proceed to Loret foot, in the said parish, where the nuptials will be celebrated by a vaiety of rural enter tainments.

Then come, one and all,

At Hymen's soft call,
From Whitehaven, Workington, Harrington

Hail, Ponsonby, Blaing, and all places betweet,
From Egremont, Cockermouth, Parton, S. Becs,
Cint, Kinnyside, Calder, and parts joining these,


(Written by her Husband.) HERE lies my poor Wife, much lamented; She's happy, and I'm contented.



The please.

d the country at large may come in, if they ch sports there will be as have seldom been

seen, ab wrestling, and fencing, and dancing be

OPT UIT tween,

races for prizes, for frolic, and fun, "Tl, ako horses, and asses, and dogs, will be run; A you'll all go home happy--as sure as a gun.

a word, such a wedding can ne'er fail to 3 dark please, Pred the sports of Olympas were trifles to these. itoru ez. Neta bene. You'll please lo observe that the bed with this grand bridal pomp is the thirtieth of May, no to be hea 'tis hop'd that the sun, to enliven the sight, te the mou the flambeau of Hymen, will deiga to burn

To twenty feet and more

These young princesses grew, And Orkney's famous church*

With ease they would leap through, This wondrous female pussy

On Orkney's favour'd ground, With all her valiant offspring

At this day may be found;
The all-consuming monster,

Pale death, will not come near
So strange a race of nobles,
But stands aloof with fear!

M. R. S.

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MOLT I X. day,


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lorear terJE following monstrous production is from pen of one delighting in strange fancies,

way possibly amuse the Juvenise Readers the lickier; it has the merit of being perHly original. be account of an extraordinary Animal, said to hure been discovered in the Orkney Islands, and supposech to have been there bejure the introduction of Christianity, which,

wetery body knows, took place in the yeur gelio Jow, in the reiyn of Eurl Siyurd the Cross,

who mus killed in battle in his expediti034 ainst Briun, King of Ireland.

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THERE is a radiance in the sky,
A flush of gold and purple dye.
Night lingers in the West--the Sun
Floats on the sea--the day's begun.
The wave, slow swelling to the shore,
Gleams, on the sea, like silver ore;
The grove, the cloud, the mountain's brow,
Are burning in the criinson glow :
Yet all is silence, till the gale
Shakes its rich pinions from the vale.

It is a lovely hour—though Heaven
Had ne'er to man his partner given,
That thing of beauty, futile, fair,
Bright, fickle, child of flame and air.
Yet such an hour, such skies above,
Sucii earth below, had taught him--lore.

But there are sounds along the gale--
Not murmurs of the grot or vale--
Yet wild, yet sweet, as ever stole
To soothe their twilight-wanderer's soul
It comes from yonder jasmine-bower,
Froin yonder mosque's enamell’d tower,
From yonder haram's roof of gold,
From yonder castle's haughty hold:
Oh! strain of witchery! whoe'er,
That heard thee, felt not joy was near?
My soul shall in the grave be dim,
Ere it forget that bridal hym.
"Twas such a morn-'twas such a tono
That woke me. Visions / are ye gone!--

The futes breathe nigh—the portais now Pour out the train, white-veil'd, like snow Upon its mountain summit spread, In splendour, beyond man's rude tread; Aná o'er their pomp emerging far, The bride, like evening's virgin-star; And soon along the wave may swim The chorus of the bridal hymn, Again the bright procession move, To take the last sweet veil from love : Then speed thee on, thou glorious Sun! Swift rise-swift set---be bright and done.

The little female pussy

Became a powerful queen, She rode a stately palfrey

All drest in gold and green; And then she built a tower

of pearis and sappbire blue, And with her mighty arm,

A thousand men she slew !

The little female pussy

Ilad fisty beauteous sons, Their arms resembled sabres, Tueir legs resembled guns; Their eyes werg Naming torcītes,

gopes was their nose, And hall an mhdy measured Fromd unto the toes.

The little female pussy

Had fifty daughters fair, Their eyes were glitt'ring diamonds,

Aud silver was their hair;

* The Cathedral of St. Magnus, in Kirkwall.

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THE following information, from America whendin price of Newspapers in London, containing te other

the proceedings of the trial of the Queen Thul wi

Henceforth a different method try,~

That may succeed, --who knows?
OH! Thou, who bidst these ocean streams

Be your's the business to transcribe,

And Stella's to compose.
Their primal bounds and limits keep ;
Who lay'st Thy temple's-starry beams
Unshaken on the mighty deep;

On reading an Article in the Morning De Gain Conduct us o'er the trackless waste

signed Common Sense." That spurns the print of human feet, But where Thy presence may be traced

WELL! if such trash as this be called "C. In every wind and wave we meet !

mon Sense,"

To all sense that is common good bye! And as these liquid plains we rore,

To a thing that's so vile I'll make no preberet i abilirati Should stormy winds resistless blow,

But keep a poor food 'till I die.
O save us from the flash above!

O spare us from the gulph below!
And in these soul-appalling hours,

On hearing that the Bath, on board the Polagra abril When death rides high of every wavo,

was nothiny more than a Tub. Assist, oh! Lord, our feeble powers, And sare, when thou alone canst save!

MAJOCCHLS fine story concerning the bath for More

Which caused such a mighty hub-bub, And on those plains of early day,

Turns out (oh relate not the matter in Gath) a D. Mada Where first the star-light was unsurl'd,

Like the rest, all A TALE OF A Tue. That shed salvation from its ray,

And splendour o'er a nighted world ; Oh! shroud us from the scorching beam,

On hearing it previously asserted by a Radiodrag the d That preys on life's diminished spring,

thal the Queen had not a fair Trial. From fover's wild delirious dream, The tiger's wrath, the serpent's sting.

"TIS false:—the trial of the Queen is fair-la be ron

So for another time, please nurse your surprise the But teach us, more than all the rest,

Of common justice she has had her share, To bow submissive to thy will;

Forevery thing brought forward was PER-JUD
In all thy tender mercies blest,

Iu all thy judgments, patient still!
That thou, life's weary voyage past,
By favouring gales or tempests driven,

Our stedfast barks may gain at last
Their wished for port,--their Port in Heaven!


will be new to our cotemporaries:-" I am Impromtus.

were from half-a-crown to a pound note each

and increasing in value each day as the trial Addressed to a Gentleman who had abused the progressed.”

Author in bad Rhyme ; and prevailed upon
a Lady to transcribe his production.

STELLA transcribes what you compose!
A poor contrivance, Ned;

IN the northern district of Airshire, a cooper
It only shows how much her hand

having unfortunately come to blows with his Is better than your head.

wife, the shouts of murder! murder!" roci

forated by her, attracted a nuinber of people Stella can no such virtue boast,

about the house. On forcing opeoithe door, As Midas had of old,

they found the cooper

. chastísings or with a For whatsoe'er that monarch touchd,

piece of iron hoop. One E shem, more boid He turned it into gold.

than the rest, expostulatel

th him upon the

impropriety of his conduct towards her; and Thy leaden lines from Stella's hand

among other arguments used to persuade him sine Will no suc change admit,

to desist from striking, he said, "Yol bught to Nor can the lady's utmost skill,

recollect that she is your wife, and that she is Transcribs them into wit,

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