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Or poking at the roses,

LINES sent to Mr. Cosway, while Lady
In midst of which your pose is ;
Or climbing on a table,

C. PAWLET was sitting to him.
No matter how unstable,
And turning up your quaint eye

Cosway, my Cath'rine sits to you:
And half-shut teeth with “ May'nt I ?" And, that the col'ring may be true,
Or else you're off at play, John,


nosegay on your pallet place, Just as you'd be all day, John,

Replete with all the tints that grace
With bat or not, as happens,

The various beauties of her face.
And there you dance, and clap hands, Her skin the snow-drop's whitenese shows,
Or on the grass gow rolling,

Her blushing cheek the op'ning rose;
Or plucking flow'rs, or bowling, Her eyes the modest violet speak,
And getting me expences

Whose silken fringes kiss her cheek; With losing balls o'er fences;

The spicy pink, in morning dew, Or as the constant trade his,

Presents her fragrant lips to view; Are fondled by the ladies,

The glossy curls that crown her head, With “ What a young rogue this is !" Paint from the gilt-cup of the mead. Reforming him with kisses ;

Long may her image fill my eye, Till suddenly you cry out,

When these fair emblems fade and die; As if you had an eye out,

Plac'd on my faithful breast, and prore
So desperately tearful,'

'Tis Cosway paints the Queen of Love.
The sound is really fearful,
When lo, directly after,
It bubbles into laughter.

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Ah rogue! And do you know, John,
Why 'tis we love you so, John?
And how it is they let

Do what you like, and pet ye,
Though all who look upon ye,
Exclaim “ Ah Johnny, Johnny!"
It is because you please 'em
Still more, John, than you teaze 'em ;
Because too, when not present,
The thought of you is pleasant:
Because though such an elf, John,
They think that if yourself, John,
Had something to condemn, too,
You'd be as kind to them too;
In short, because you're very
Good-temper'd, Jack, and merry;
And are as quick at giving,
As easy at receiving;
And in the midst of pleasure,
Are certain to find leisure
To think, my boy, of ours,
And bring us lumps of flowers.

But see, the sun shines brightly,
Come, put your hat on rightly,
And we'll among the bushes,
And hear your friends the thrushes;
And see what flowers the weather
Has render'd fit to gather ;
And when we home must jog, you
Shall ride my back, you rogue you,
Your hat adorn'd with fine leaves,
Horse-chesnut, oak, and vine-leaves;
And so, with green o'er head, John,
Shall whistle home to bed, John.

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No. 8. VOL. III.)


(PRICB 6d.

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impelled by love. Highly as the Queen had cause to resent this speech, she heard it with coolness and moderation;

you are persuaded then," said her Majesty, MARGARET LAMBURN. “ that in this step you have done nothing The death of Mary Queen of Scots so

but what your duty required; what think affected one of her retinue, that he died

you is my duty to you?” “ Is that quessoou after of grief. Margaret Lamburn,

tion put in the character of a Queen or his widow, became so enfuriated in con

of a Judge," enquired Margaret, with sequence, that she resolved to revenge

the same intrepid firmness; Elizabeth the death of both on Queen Elizabeth.

professed to her, it was in the character

of a Queen. Then, continued Lamburn, To accomplish her purpose, she dressed herself in the habit of a man, and assu

“ it is your duty to grant me a pardon;"

“ but what security," demanded the ming the name of Atterly Spark, attended the court of Elizabeth with a pair

Queen, “ can you give me, that you

will not make the like attempt upon some of pistols; with one of which she iniended to kill the Queen, and with the become one, Madam,” replied Marga

future occasion." “ A favour ceases to other, herself. One day, as she was

ret, “ when it is yielded under such repushing through the crowd, in order to

straints; in so doing, your Majesty get to her Majesty, she accidentally dropped one of her pistols. This being

would act against me as a Judge.” Eliobserved by one of her guards, she was

zabeth, turning to her courtiers, exclaiimmediately seized. The Queen inter

med, I have been a Queen thirty fered, and desired to examine the Culo

years, and never had such a lecture read to

me before.” She then immediately granprit; she accidentally demanded her

ted an unconditional pardon to Margaret name; to which Margaret, with undaunted resolution replied, Madam, though

Lamburn, though in opposition to the I

advice of her courtiers. appear before you in this garb, yet I am a woman; my name is MARGARET LAMBURN. I was several years in the service of Mary,a Queen whom you MYSTERIOUS BENEFACTOR. have unjustly put to death, and thereby deprived me of one of the best of hus In the year 1721, celebrated for the bands, who could not survive the bloody bursting of the South Sea bubble, a gencatastrophe of his innocent mistress; tleman called, late in the evening, at the his memory is hardly more dear to me banking-house of Hankes & Co.; he was than that of my injured Queen, and re in a coach, but refused to get out, and gardless of consequences, I determined desired to see one of the Firm, into to revenge their death npon you. Many, whose hands he put a parcel, very carebut fruitless, were the attempts made to fully sealed up, and desired it might be divert me from my purpose; I found taken care of till he should call again, myself constrained to prove, by expe

which would be in the course of a few rience, the truth of the maxim, that days. A few days passed away, a few neither reason nor force can hinder a weeks, a few months, but the stranger woman from vengeance, when she is never returned. At the end of the second

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or third year, the partners agreed to open the case ?” “Why, Sir," replied T. " my this mysterious parcel, when they found grand-aunt resided in our family. She it to contain £30,000, with a letter, was as rich as Cræsus, but as imitable a stating it had been obtained by the South a hunted porcupine, and as pugnacious Sea speculation, and directing that it as a persecuted cat. Last Tuesday, she

pedd, should be invested in the hands of three quarrelled with my wife and my youngest

1978 al trustees, whose names were mentioned, daughter, and declared her resolution to and the interest appropriated to the alter her will on Wednesday, and leave relief of the poor; a direction which, it all her property to a remote relation. In is needless to say, has been most faith- the evening, however, she grew qualmfully observed.

ish, and took some of your most precious
cordial to raise her spirits; and ere the

dawn of Wednesday morning, she was CASAUBON, in his Treatise on the the event, and if you will honour us

no more. We are grateful to you for Passions, relates the following Anecdote of Robert, one of the greatest monarchs drink long life to our true friend, the

this day with your company, we will that ever swayed the sceptre of France. Having once surprised a rogue who had learned Dr., and chaunt a requiem cut away half his mantle, he took no

to the perturbed spirit of our departed other notice of the offence than by saying aunt.” The Doctor thus accosted-mildly to him, “Save thyself, sinner, and “Grinn'd horribly a ghastly smile," leave the rest for another who may have and withdrew from Drogheda, for ever, peed of it."

« with blushing honours kindling on his

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late Dr.-, of an empiric R. B. SHERIDAN, Esq. - As this
of great celebrity, visited Drogheda, accomplished Wit was coming up to
about sixteen years ago, in order to es town in one of the public coaches

, tablish there a more extensive sale for

for the purpose of canvassing Westminhis nostrum. A few hours after his arri. ster, at the time when Paull was his val, he was waited upon by a gentleman opponent, he found himself in company named T

who addressed the Doc- with two Westminster electors. In the tor thus,---- I'come, my dear Sir, to course of conversation, one of them return you my sincere thanks for the be asked the other to whom he meant to Defits you have conferred on me and my give his vote? When his friend replied, whole family. Your invaluable medicine “To Paull, certainly; for though I has been of more service to us, than all think him but a shabhy sort of a fellow, the receipes prescribed for us during the I would vote for any one rather than whole course of our lives. I solemnly that rascal Sheridan!" “ Do you know declare that it is of more efficacy than Sheridan?" asked the stranger. “ Not I, the whole materia medica, in common Sir,” answered the Gentleman; use." Joy sparkled in the Doctor's eye should I wish to know him." The conat the intelligence. He shook his visitor's versation dropped here; but when the hand most cordially, and expressed his party alighted to breakfast

, Sheridan delight thus---" My dear Sir, I am highly called aside the other Gentleman, and gratified with this intelligence. To be said " Pray, who is that very agreeable serviceable to mankind is the chief study friend of your's? he is one of the pleaof my life. I hope, Sir, you will do mé santest fellows I ever met with, and 1 the justice to certify the facts in the should be glad to know his name?" public prints. This may be of some “ His name is Mr. T-; he is an emiservice to me, but more to your town nent lawyer, and resides in Loncoln'sand country

"' “ My dear Doctor," said inn fields.” Breakfast over, the party T, " it will give me pleasure to resumed their seats in the coach; soon comply with your request, and I would after which Sheridan turned the disbe gratified if the whole world knew both course to the law. “It is," said he, your merits, and the service you render- fine profession. Men may rise from it ed me." “ And pray, Sir,” said the

to the highest eminence in :: State; Doctor, « what are the particulars of and

it gives vast scope to the display of

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talent: : many of the most virtuous and make it coe from her packside, pecause
noble characters recorded in our history Evan Davies was always kiff her so
have been lawyers. I am sorry, however, much met as was fill her pelly, which
to add, that some of the greatest rascals was make Evan Davies to think that
have also been lawyers; but of all the some ferry pad meaning person was
rascals of lawyers I ever heard of, the stoled hur. And who theife will pring
greatest is one T-, who lives in Lin- him Cush pack again, shall haff so mueh
coln's Inn Fields." "I am Mr. T - pread and cheese as hur can put in hur
said the Gentleman. “ And I am Mr. pelly, without paying nothing for it. Cot
Sheridan," was the reply. The jest was save the King; and hear, Cush has only
instantly seen, they shook hands, and

cot one eye.
instead of voting against the facetious
orator, the lawyer exerted himself warmly
in promoting his election.

Bon plots.

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BAR ANECDOTE--" What have you got to say, old Bacon-face ?" said a Counsellor to a farmer, at a late Cambridge

assizes. “ Why," answered the farmer, FRENCHMAN'S BLUNDER.

“ I am thinking that my bacon-face, and A Frenchman having frequently heard your calf's head, would make a very the word press made use of to imply good dish." persuade, as press

that gentleman to take some refreshments,-press him to stay to night;" thought he would display Dr. GRAHAM'S WANT.--Dr. Grahis talents by using, what he imagined, han, being on his stage at Chelmsford, a synonimous term; and therefore made in Essex, in order to promote the sale of no scruple, one evening, to cry out in his medicines, told the country people, company, pray squeeze that lady to

that he came there for the good of the sing." (a laugh.)

public, not for want. Then speaking to his merry andrew, said he,^« Do we

come here for want?" “ No, faith, sir,". From a late CLONMELL JOURNAL. said Andrew, there is enough of that at

Ron away, last night, my wife, Brid- home.
get Coole; she is a tight neat body, and
has one leg; she was seen riding behind
the Priest of the Parish througe Fernoy, A physician at Bath told Mr. Foote that
and as we never were married, I will pay he had a mind to publish his poems;
no debt she does not contract; she lisps “ for," said he,“ I have so many irons in
with one tooth, and is always talking the fire, I do not know what to do."
about fairies, and is of no use but to the “ Then take my advice," said Foote;

" and put your poems into the fire, with
the rest of your irons.”

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An honest Cambrian having lost his Cow,

as the most effectual meuns of recovering THE bench of justices having denied the same, circulated a printed hand-bill, licences to every publican who had J. of which the following is a literal Copy. Wilkes, Esq. for his sign ; a spirited per

This was to giff notice publick, that son who was a sufferer on this occasion, Evan Davies loosed her Cush out of her said, “That he was no friend either to packside, at Llandeglo. Her Cush was J. Wilkes or his cause, and therefore had have four plack legs and a plack tail, and him hung up in effigy to shew his real was loosed one teeth out of her mouth; principles; but that if he had given them and her Cush was ferry fond to kick peo- any offence, he was ready to pull down ple's, who was come nigh her. Evan J. Wilkes, and hang up the whole bench Davies was thought ferry of what was of justices in his stead.

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A gentleman speaking of the marriage of Such intelligence is, to my dear one,
à nobleman with a celebrated actress, the Syren's song. No engagement, no
described the lady as handsome, and of duty, no interest, can withhold her from
a most elegant form, and the gentleman a sale, from which she always returns
as remarkably good natured. Then, said congratulating herself upon her dexterity
a wit in company, the worst thing they at a bargain; the porter lays down his
could do was to marry; it will spoil the burden in the hall, she displays her new
shape of one, and the temper of the acquisitions, and spends the rest of the

'day in contriving where they shall be

As she cannot bear to have any thing

not complete, one purchase necessitates
another; she has twenty feather beds
more than she can use, and lately another

sale has supplied her with a propor-
tionate number of Witney blankets

, a
large roll of linen for sheets, and five

quilts for every bed, which she bought SIB–Without troubling you with pre because the seller told her that he would lude, you must know that I am the un let her have a bargain. fortunate husband of a buyer of bargains. Thus, hy hourly encroachments, my My wife has somewhere heard, that a habitation is made narrower and nargood housewife never has any thing to rower; the dining room is so crowded purchase when it is wanted. This maxim with tables, that dinner scarcely can be is often in her mouth, and always in her served; the parlour is decorated with so head. She is not one of those philoso- many piles of china, that I dare not come phical talkers, that speculate without within the door, and at every turn of the practice, and learn sentences of wisdom stairs I have a clock. only to repeat them; she is always This, however, might be borne, if she making additions to her stock; she would gratify her own inclinations withnever passes by a broker's shop, but she out opposing mine. But I who am idke, spies something that may be wanted am luxurious, and she condemns me to some time ; and it is impossible to make live upon salt provision. She knows the her pass the door of a house where she loss of buying in small quantities ; we hears goods selling by auction.

have therefore whole hogs, and quarters Whatever she thinks cheap, she holds of oxen-part of our meat is tainted beit the duty of an economist to purchase; fore it is eaten, and part is thrown away in consequence of this maxim, we are because it is spoiled; but she persists in encumbered on every side with useless her system. lumber. The servants can scarcely creep The common vice of those who are to the beds through the

chests and boxes still grasping at more, is to neglect that that surround them. The carpenter is which they already possess; but from always employed in building closets, this failing my wife is free. It is the fixing cupboards, and fastening shelves, great care of her life, that the pieces of and my house has the appearance of a beef should be boiled in the order in ship stored for a voyage to the colonies. which they are bought; that every feather

I had often observed that advertise- bed shall be laid on in its turn; that the ments set her on fire, and, therefore, carpets should be taken out of the chests pretending tu emulate her laudable fru

once a month and brushed; and the rolls gality, I forbade any newspaper to of linen opened now and then before the be taken any longer; but my pre-fire. She employs workmen from time to caution is vain ; I know not by what time, to adjust six clocks that never go, fatality, or by what confederacy, every and clean five jacks that rust in the catalogue of genuine furiture comes garret. to her hand, every advertisement of a She is always imagining some distant warehouse newly opened is in her pocket time in which she shall use whatever she book, and she knows, before any of her accumulates; she has fourteen lookingneighbours, when the stock of any man glasses which she cannot hang up in her legying off trade is to be sold cheap for house, but which will be handsome in ready money.

more lofty rooms; and pays rent for the


Then ict

To the


Tui But

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